Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Turkish Airlines Looks to Boost Frequency of Flights to India

Turkish Airlines is likely to increase its frequency of flights on Turkey-India route, provided the airline manages to get the nod from the Indian aviation ministry for expanding the bilateral limits.

As of now, the airline is allowed to run 14 passenger flights to India each week, with seven each from Delhi and Mumbai. Turkish Airlines is also authorised to operate 14 cargo flights.

Turkish Airlines’ Adnan Aykac, General Manager (northern and eastern India) said the airline is trying, through the Turkish government, to negotiate with Indian authorities to permit them to run more flights.

The carrier has plans to add more destinations in its India network. Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are likely to be included in the carrier’s network, in case it gets all essential approval from Indian aviation ministry.

India is a top holiday destination and also an important business hub for travellers on corporate tour. Moreover, airports like Delhi International Airport are blossoming into popular regional aviation hubs. All such factors have contributed towards the increasing traffic between the two countries.

However there is some concern regarding the recent hike in the airport charges in India. The availability of tickets on inbound and outbound cheap flights to India would definitely be affected in case the airport charges are increased steeply, something observed by Adnan Aykac.

Aykac is also of the opinion that airport charge hike is likely to affect the Delhi International Airport’s (DIAL) plans to establish the airport as an air travel hub.


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