Friday, December 31, 2010

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is certainly amongst the leading airlines in the world with 20000 flights travelling to over 178 countries in the world. The airlines has set higher hospitability standards than ever before.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
Address: Air New Zealand Ltd, 26-28 Hammersmith Grove London W6 7EN.
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius is a luxurious three star airline which is based out of the Mauritian Capital. The airline is famous for providing an array of entertainment facilities on board like movies and interactive games.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Air India

Air India was incepted in the year 1932 and since then it has attained a number of milestones. The word extravagant seems to be an understatement when one talks about the indulgent dining and wining experience aboard.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
Address: 1st Floor Great West House, Great West Road. Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9DF.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year 2011 in Goa: The Ultimate Party Destination

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Air France

Air France is certainly one of the leading airlines in Europe. The airline has scaled global footprints in a very short span of time by establishing operational partnerships and with a number of international carriers. 
Special Feature: Air France leaves no stone unturned in helping travellers save precious time. Guests travelling with Air France can save precious time before the scheduled departure time. One can easily use the online check in facility provided on the airline’s website. 

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
Address: Air France, Heathrow - London Airport, Terminal 4
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year 2011! Say It in Thailand This Time

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Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest full service airline in Canada and undoubtedly the most luxurious as well. The airline travels to 178 destinations at different corners of the globe. Air Canada is quite famous for Maple Leaf Lounges which are spread across various airports in Canada and abroad.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Etihad Airways Flights

Etihad Airways absolutely lives up to the standards that one can expect of an Arabian airline. The carrier has a lot to offer in terms of luxury, convenience, competitive airfares, and an overall stunning ambience.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.

Address: The ticket office is located in Terminal 4, Zone C, London Heathrow Airport.

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New Year is here. USA is calling. Go, Go, Go!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snow briefly dampened holidaymaker’s Xmas plans – Thinks looking Bright Now

The heavens opened up last week and it snowed and snowed. So much so that many of the UK airports got frozen up, especially London Heathrow Airport. Many people’s Christmas plans went for a toss as flights got cancelled. However, air ticket holders can take comfort in the fact that services are slowly but steadily being resumed. Here is a little light on the scene so far.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow that operates quite a few cheap flights to different destinations and its closure became a major dampener. However, with the clearance of snow from both of its runways, the airport gradually resumed flights. In fact, numerous flights of different airlines that had been diverted to other airports were rescheduled to fly from London Heathrow as per original schedule. Similarly, with improved conditions in other airports such as Gatwick, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, passengers can look forward to smoother travel.

British Airways Suffers Millions in Losses

British Airways is one of the most adversely affected airlines. Analysts speculate that the airline lost about £8m to £10m everyday due to cancellation of flights. Passengers who had booked early tickets to get cheap flights with the airlines had to face a lot of disappointment. However, things have started to look better. In fact, the airline is hopeful of operating its full long haul departure schedule from Heathrow on 23rd January (today) and 24th January (tomorrow), besides operating usual schedules at Gatwick and London City airports.

According to latest media inputs, British Airways has even commented that it had to unnecessarily axe many flights because British Airports Authority failed to provide timely information on the progress of clearance work at the runway.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

USA Christmas Holidays: Symbolised Best by Florida

Christmas holidays in the United States of America offer you a chance to experience the convergence of customs that merge together to form a distinctive Christmas tradition that symbolise the true Christmas spirit.

Christmas in USA is a magical time for people of all ages, groups and interests. People from all across the globe catch flights to USA to find out how the most powerful country in the world celebrates the most popular festival of the world.

Plan your Christmas holidays as 2010 drifts away in the oblivion of time and 2011 dawns on the horizon just like the early morning Sun. Witness the glorious American traditions and celebration in person and in detail. Christmas holidays is perhaps the most ideal time to spend some special moments of life with your loved ones and there are very few places better than the US to do that in.

American cities offer a wonderful opportunity to the holiday makers to experience excellent shopping options, rich architecture and heritage, wonderful beaches and splendid mountain ranges.

USA is a huge nation with extreme geographical diversity and it is indeed difficult to list down top Christmas holiday attractions. However to state that Florida is one of the most sought after Christmas holiday destination among families might not be something that may raise many eyebrows.

Christmas in Florida
If North Pole is engulfed by the phenomenon of the Global Warming, then Florida will be perhaps the top contender for being Santa Clause’s new home. Ask your kid to name different American states, chances are Florida will be on the top of their list! Amazingly popular among kids, Florida and especially Orlando is the ideal place to be with your family on these Christmas holidays just as 2011 peeps in.

Let your kids enjoy the Mickey’s Very Merry Disney Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, regarded by many as the ultimate Christmas party. The celebration feature live entertainment, remarkable fireworks and wonderful holiday parade.

The SeaWorld at Orlando allows you to enjoy the season and create festive memories that will be with you all throughout your life. The festive decorations at the park surpass all expectations as it turns into a mesmeric holiday wonderland. A fantastic holiday fountain, exceptional yuletide shows and enchanting live holiday music make this place a must visit for all holiday travellers to USA.

Hop onto the Polar Express Experience to enjoy once in a lifetime journey that will definitely transport you to the vivacious spirit of the season.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Chaos Continues To Hit UK Airports

Christmas season this year is turning out to be a nightmare for travellers stuck in the different UK airport as snowfall disrupted flight movement across Britain.

London Heathrow turned out to be the worst-affected with the airport cancelling all of its incoming flights on Sunday. The chaos continues to pervade the airport with fresh flight cancellations on Monday and Tuesday.

Airport officials cautioned that it could take as long as next week before the backlog of flights can be cleared and normal operations can resume.

Travellers’ Trouble
Travellers who got their tickets and were hoping to spend some quality time with their families during the holiday season got a reality check with thousands of them still at the Heathrow waiting for the flights to take off. Passengers who were lucky enough to book early and grab cheap tickets on flights proved to be not so lucky after all as LHR was inundated with stranded holiday travellers.

Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond promised an inquiry into the matter and acknowledged the public indignation as travel plans of thousands went for a toss.

Airlines Grounded

British Airways, the national airline of the United Kingdom, grounded 70 of 130 departures at Heathrow, and 89 of its 133 arrivals on Monday. The airline expects more cancellations for Tuesday.

"Severe weather continues to cause significant disruption to our operation and will do so in the run up to Christmas," the airline said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Budget airline Ryanair, popular for cheap flight tickets, was among those which were grounded at different airports.

News Source: Southall Travel News

Monday, December 20, 2010

It’s Time for Thailand Style Christmas

At last, Christmas is here! Or at least it will be here in another week or so! People of all ages in different parts of the world have been waiting for perhaps the most famous date in the world, the 25th December. Christmas has to be the most popular festival around the globe with almost half of world’s population immersing themselves each year in the intoxicatingly wonderful seasonal spirit. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! But how about experiencing the magic of Christmas holidays in some foreign far-off land? What about exploring the festival’s excitement and thrill in a different manner against an equally different backdrop?

Christmas in Thailand

Welcome to Thailand! If crazy celebration is what you seek; then my friends, that is what you will get at this wonderfully unusual place.

No one parties like the Thais and celebrations for Christmas in Thailand are no exceptions. Being a Buddhist-dominated nation, it is indeed pleasantly surprising to see Thailand ‘forested’ with beautiful Christmas trees and echoing with clanging of jingle bells.

You will notice while on holidays during Christmas in Thailand that the festival has almost nothing to do with religion. It’s more about fun and excitement. Tickets on flights to Thailand are tickets to a land of perennial thrill and excitement, an incredible place that brims with celebratory fervour and zeal. With Christmas along with the fast approaching New Year 2011, the celebratory mood in the nation surely knows no bounds.

Shopping malls in the nation celebrate the blissful occasion by playing Christmas songs and having individuals dress up as Santa Claus. Brilliant festival decorations will greet you everywhere you go!

A visit to Thailand’s jazziest city, Bangkok is a must on your Christmas holidays in the country! With Christmas and New Year 2011 coming up, one might find Bangkok packed with tourists and locals but the city is never over loaded and is still capable of dazzling and delighting visitors with its incredible array of shopping attractions and mesmerising decorations.

Check out the magnificent palm trees in front of the Siam Paragon – a huge mall boasting superb decorations. The Peninsula Plaza also features some of finest decorations and displays that are surely capable of delighting and amusing the child that is inside every one of us.

Lumpini Park is another place which screams Christmas at top its voice through jazzy decorations and preparations.

For those of you who are looking to try and capture some traditional Christmas spirit, Bangkok features a number of Churches, like Christ Church Bangkok, Evangelical Church of Bangkok and International Church of Bangkok.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

BA Cancelled long haul and short haul flights

Due to bad weather conditions in whole of the UK and specifically in London, British Airways has cancelled certain long haul as well as short haul flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports which were scheduled to depart between 10 am and 5 pm GMT.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Egypt Beaches

Egypt Resort Beaches Open with New Security Measures‎

Egypt authorities lifted the ban that they imposed upon the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh that has been beleaguered by a series of shark attacks over the last two weeks.

The beaches were closed after several attacks over the past week that culminated in the death of a German woman.

"We have allowed the beaches to reopen on condition hotel owners adhere to new controls to ensure the safety of foreign tourists while diving or swimming," South Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha told reporters.

Regular sea patrols along with rigorous beach shoreline monitoring are few measures that the authorities hope to implement. Tourists are also advised to remain within designated areas.

Tourists who landed up with cheap tickets on flights to Sharm El Sheikh faced disappointment after loosing out on the opportunity to enjoy the region’s popular diving spots. The ban relaxation will surely bring a smile to the faces of such tourists as well as local shop keepers.

Attacks spell downturn for Sharm El Sheikh’s Tourism
Sharm El Sheikh is a popular tourist destination that attracts travellers and entices them to book cheap flights and travel to the region. A number of airlines operate regular flights from UK to Sharm El Sheikh, and cheap tickets on such airlines are big in demand.

The Sharm El Sheikh International Airport has witnessed less frantic activity as opposed to the normal times. Tourists are willing to wait and get more information before actually grabbing tickets on flights to Sharm El Sheikh.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Reasons to Book Indirect Flights

Many travellers make dedicated online searches for indirect flights owing to some unique benefits available with such flights. Other than being cheap, indirect flights have certain exciting trappings of their own. Here are some of the advantages one gets to enjoy by booking these flights.

Economic Air Travel

The most common reason compelling people to book indirect flights or more specifically connecting flights is the fact that such flights are cheaper than direct ones. Travellers split up their journey into different legs and make their own choices for selecting the different carriers serving that particular sector. This allows them to compare the fares of different airlines and narrowing down the search for cheap tickets.

Chance to Experience Different Airlines

Making indirect flight bookings is a wonderful way to fly with different airlines during the course of one’s journey as opposed to direct flight, which restricts you to just one particular airline. For instance, if you take a direct Emirates plane from London to India, you will only get to see what Emirates has to offer. On the other hand, someone who flies with different airline from London to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and thereafter boarding a connecting flight to Delhi will get to experience two airlines.

Exploring Different Countries

Most people love to travel to foreign lands and booking long haul indirect flights goes a long way towards satisfying this wish. For instance, travellers who fly from London to Sydney get the chance to take stopovers in alluring Far East destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. However, you would need a long stopover to explore such destinations and also comply with the entry requirements of that country.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Etihad Adds Sheen to Manchester Airport with New Premium Lounge

UAE’s national airline, Etihad Airways has offered a Christmas gift to its premium class passengers by inaugurating a luxury lounge at the Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1.

The opening ceremony of the lounge was hosted by Manchester City Football Club’s Manager, Roberto Mancini; Garry Cook, MCFC Chief Executive; and Mike Summerbee, MCFC ambassador. Manchester Airport’s lounge also features a specially designed gallery that showcases memorabilia of the Manchester City Football Club.
It must be noted that Manchester City Football Club has been sponsored by Etihad Airways since 2009.

Earlier this year, Etihad Airways increased its operations in North West England leading to an availability of 2,100 additional seats per week on the route. The increased number of seats has benefited holiday travellers looking for tickets on cheap flights as well as for business travellers who seek premium class tickets.

With world class facilities at the Manchester Airport lounge, the airline is making sure that premium class ticket holders are comfortable throughout their travel.

Etihad Airways has been operational in the city since 2006 and provides connecting cheap flights from Manchester to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow through BMI. The airline also offers flights from Manchester to Isle of Man, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Southampton and Inverness via Flybe.

The Lounge - Amenities & Facilities
The ultra-stylish lounge at the Manchester Airport boasts of several incredible business services and amenities. The lounge features wonderful dining facilities, a highly advanced business centre, a family room and luxurious bathrooms and shower facilities for passengers boarding flights from the airport.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Explore the Royal City of Lucknow

If you are embarking on a trip to India then Lucknow is one heart warming destination, which has often been sidelined by some of the more talked about tourist spots of India. With a rich legacy of the Raj days and Nawabi traditions, the city hides charming architectural wonders.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of Lucknow is the Bada Imambara complex famed for its magnificent ceiling, without a single supporting pillar. This hall is supposed to be the largest such oddity in the world.

A graceful mosque called the Asfi mosque straddles the Bada Imambara’s courtyard. Definitely worth checking out is the Bhool Bhulaiya maze atop the Imambara. One is extremely unlikely to find the way out without a guide’s assistance. The Bada Imambara complex also boasts a magnificent 5 storied step well known as the Shahi Bawli. Three of the stories lie submerged in water.

In fact, Lucknow is full of architectural jewels like Rumi Darwaza, Moti Mahal, the Jama Masjid, and Chhattar Manzil.

The revolt of 1857 seems to come alive as one visits the Residency, a stately colonial construction. Almost every wall bears evidence of heavy artillery attack. Other dazzling colonial reminders are the 221 feet tall clock tower, the hauntingly beautiful La Martiniere School.

For bargain hunters, the Aminabad market proves to be a happy hunting ground offering goodies like chikan garments and silver jewellery. Lucknow is also the gourmet’s paradise with kingly delicacies. This magical city definitely merits a consideration for everyone who books flights to India. Although, direct flights to India for Lucknow airport are not available presently, the city is well connected with local flights, railways, and cabs.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kerala Appropriately Crowned the Best Asian Holiday Destination

Kerala holidays is an enchanting experience with eye-catching landscapes, brain drifting backwaters, incredible mounds, wonderful wildlife parks and sanctuaries and dazzling sun-kissed beaches. The region offers a host of opportunities for the travellers who are looking for adventurous getaway along with serene natural beauty.

A mesmerising blend of multiple cultures, traditions and notions, Kerala is a holiday destination of a lifetime. The place incorporates everything that charms and appeals to the most astute of travellers. Be it the wonderful beaches, misty hill stations, spiritual pilgrim centres or grand historic monuments – just one visit to the God’s own country and you will know why Kerala has all the lovely epithets associated.

The capital of the state, Trivandrum is a popular destination with palm fringed beaches, virginal lagoons, undulating mountains, verdant tropical greenery and captivating sunsets. Trivandrum flights continue to transport an ever increasing number of tourists to Kerala as the state has made an indelible mark on the world tourism map.

In a poll carried out by an independent online travel magazine ‘Smart Travel Asia’, Kerala has been voted by travellers as the best Asian holiday destination beating the likes of Bali, Phuket and the Maldives. Nearly 60 percent of voters who took part in the poll are based in Asia, while 20 per cent live in UK/Europe and 20 per cent in North America.

Last month, Trivandrum also hosted the first Indian edition of the British Hay on Wye Literature Festival which saw a number of literary enthusiasts of international fame heading towards the God’s Own Country.

Most international travellers booking flights to India for the first time pick Kerala for their holidays. Flights to Trivandrum are available from many UK airports however Heathrow is a preferred airport to depart from for a great choice of flights and timings.

Despite many accolades and natural grandeur that is not to be found anywhere else, the state is considered as a pocket friendly destination with a number of cheap flights and some of the best hotels in India.