Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Chaos Continues To Hit UK Airports

Christmas season this year is turning out to be a nightmare for travellers stuck in the different UK airport as snowfall disrupted flight movement across Britain.

London Heathrow turned out to be the worst-affected with the airport cancelling all of its incoming flights on Sunday. The chaos continues to pervade the airport with fresh flight cancellations on Monday and Tuesday.

Airport officials cautioned that it could take as long as next week before the backlog of flights can be cleared and normal operations can resume.

Travellers’ Trouble
Travellers who got their tickets and were hoping to spend some quality time with their families during the holiday season got a reality check with thousands of them still at the Heathrow waiting for the flights to take off. Passengers who were lucky enough to book early and grab cheap tickets on flights proved to be not so lucky after all as LHR was inundated with stranded holiday travellers.

Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond promised an inquiry into the matter and acknowledged the public indignation as travel plans of thousands went for a toss.

Airlines Grounded

British Airways, the national airline of the United Kingdom, grounded 70 of 130 departures at Heathrow, and 89 of its 133 arrivals on Monday. The airline expects more cancellations for Tuesday.

"Severe weather continues to cause significant disruption to our operation and will do so in the run up to Christmas," the airline said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Budget airline Ryanair, popular for cheap flight tickets, was among those which were grounded at different airports.

News Source: Southall Travel News

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