Monday, December 20, 2010

It’s Time for Thailand Style Christmas

At last, Christmas is here! Or at least it will be here in another week or so! People of all ages in different parts of the world have been waiting for perhaps the most famous date in the world, the 25th December. Christmas has to be the most popular festival around the globe with almost half of world’s population immersing themselves each year in the intoxicatingly wonderful seasonal spirit. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! But how about experiencing the magic of Christmas holidays in some foreign far-off land? What about exploring the festival’s excitement and thrill in a different manner against an equally different backdrop?

Christmas in Thailand

Welcome to Thailand! If crazy celebration is what you seek; then my friends, that is what you will get at this wonderfully unusual place.

No one parties like the Thais and celebrations for Christmas in Thailand are no exceptions. Being a Buddhist-dominated nation, it is indeed pleasantly surprising to see Thailand ‘forested’ with beautiful Christmas trees and echoing with clanging of jingle bells.

You will notice while on holidays during Christmas in Thailand that the festival has almost nothing to do with religion. It’s more about fun and excitement. Tickets on flights to Thailand are tickets to a land of perennial thrill and excitement, an incredible place that brims with celebratory fervour and zeal. With Christmas along with the fast approaching New Year 2011, the celebratory mood in the nation surely knows no bounds.

Shopping malls in the nation celebrate the blissful occasion by playing Christmas songs and having individuals dress up as Santa Claus. Brilliant festival decorations will greet you everywhere you go!

A visit to Thailand’s jazziest city, Bangkok is a must on your Christmas holidays in the country! With Christmas and New Year 2011 coming up, one might find Bangkok packed with tourists and locals but the city is never over loaded and is still capable of dazzling and delighting visitors with its incredible array of shopping attractions and mesmerising decorations.

Check out the magnificent palm trees in front of the Siam Paragon – a huge mall boasting superb decorations. The Peninsula Plaza also features some of finest decorations and displays that are surely capable of delighting and amusing the child that is inside every one of us.

Lumpini Park is another place which screams Christmas at top its voice through jazzy decorations and preparations.

For those of you who are looking to try and capture some traditional Christmas spirit, Bangkok features a number of Churches, like Christ Church Bangkok, Evangelical Church of Bangkok and International Church of Bangkok.

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