Monday, December 13, 2010

Reasons to Book Indirect Flights

Many travellers make dedicated online searches for indirect flights owing to some unique benefits available with such flights. Other than being cheap, indirect flights have certain exciting trappings of their own. Here are some of the advantages one gets to enjoy by booking these flights.

Economic Air Travel

The most common reason compelling people to book indirect flights or more specifically connecting flights is the fact that such flights are cheaper than direct ones. Travellers split up their journey into different legs and make their own choices for selecting the different carriers serving that particular sector. This allows them to compare the fares of different airlines and narrowing down the search for cheap tickets.

Chance to Experience Different Airlines

Making indirect flight bookings is a wonderful way to fly with different airlines during the course of one’s journey as opposed to direct flight, which restricts you to just one particular airline. For instance, if you take a direct Emirates plane from London to India, you will only get to see what Emirates has to offer. On the other hand, someone who flies with different airline from London to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and thereafter boarding a connecting flight to Delhi will get to experience two airlines.

Exploring Different Countries

Most people love to travel to foreign lands and booking long haul indirect flights goes a long way towards satisfying this wish. For instance, travellers who fly from London to Sydney get the chance to take stopovers in alluring Far East destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. However, you would need a long stopover to explore such destinations and also comply with the entry requirements of that country.

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