Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Best Time to Explore Finest Kiwi Delights in New Zealand

With its exuberant panoply of sun-kissed beaches, fine spread of fresh virgin snow and exquisite natural beauty, New Zealand remains one of the most exotic holiday hotspots across the globe. With country’s staggering diversity, the best time to book tickets aboard flights to the nation largely depends on what one wants to do! Here is a little smattering on the different aspects of the best time to visit the country to indulge in the finest of kiwi delights.

For skiing adventures
The months of June to September remain the best time to book tickets on flights for skiing adventures in New Zealand. New Zealand ski fields teem with novice and adventurous skiers who book tickets on flights to the country to glide through open bowls and gentle slopes or indulge in off-piste skiing. But it is important to book for air tickets and accommodations well in advance as a large number of skiers from across the globe flock to the nation for skiing on the fresh virgin snow during this period in the year. 

For spotting penguins and whales
Fascinating creatures such as penguins, whales and seals make for a major attraction in New Zealand and tempt many family vacationers to look for tickets on scheduled direct/indirect flights to the country. Though these creatures may be spotted during any month of the year, it is pretty easy to spot them during the winter months of June to September. These months remain the most ideal to enjoy whale watching, swim with dolphins and spot the exotic yellow-eyed penguin. 

For budget tourists 
For budget vacationers looking for tickets on cheap flights arriving in the nation, the most ideal to explore New Zealand remains the low tourist season that comprises the months of June to October. However, prices for accommodation at the popular ski resorts in New Zealand remain higher due the huge influx of skiers. Besides, the shoulder season that spans from March to May and September to November also makes for a good time to grab cheap deals on flights and accommodations to the country.

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