Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tourist Sites that Make Flights to Australia Popular

Australia is a huge country with huger attractions! There are very few countries around the world that blend the contemporary glamour with exquisite natural beauty without leaving behind any jarring and obvious transitional notes. But Australia does it and does it style!

Flights to Australia are hugely popular all over the globe. Britons form a substantial chunk of tourists visiting this country every year and book cheap flights to Australia well in advance. Take a look at different tourist attractions and charms that make this country such a popular holiday destination.

Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef is guilty! It is guilty of making cheap airfares on flights to Australia such a rarity. This particular Australian attraction is highly popular all over the world with all kinds of travellers and especially with adventurous kinds. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system and is home to some 1,500 species of fish.

Sydney Opera House

World’s busiest performing arts centre, Sydney Opera House is the iconic landmark of the wonderful country of Australia. It is an architectural masterpiece that entices people from all corners of the world. Millions of visitors travel to Australia every year to enjoy the performances that are staged at the Sydney Opera House.

National Gallery of Australia

The National Gallery of Australia, located in Canberra, is an immensely popular attraction among cultural freaks, enticing them to look for cheap airline tickets to Australia. It maintains a massive collection of 100,000 artefacts spanning across Australian Art, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art and International Art.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Amazing Deals by Jet Airways

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Monday, June 20, 2011

Get Familiar with the Hurghada International Airport!

Does it startle you to know that Hurghada International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Egypt? If No, you surely must have heard of the massive popularity of this stunning tourist destination and if yes, then well…get over it and read on!

Millions use the services and amenities of the Hurghada International Airport and any information regarding the airport is valuable. The internet features some useful Hurghada International Airport guides that one can check out to garner tips, information and instructions. However, it is the website of the Hurghada Airport that truly acts as a guide for the visitors of the airport.

Log onto, for relevant Hurghada airport information on issues like its history, services, amenities etc. Gauging the popularity of the airport among tourists, it really is a very useful tool. The popularity of the airport is also evident from the fact that a number of airlines serve the airport. For people who prefer luxury there are award winning full-service carriers, for those who would rather prefer cheap tickets there are low-cost carriers and for passengers who are concerned about their air miles and stuff there are number of airlines having code share alliance with other carriers!

For individuals interested in a quick summary of services offered at the Hurghada International Airport – here it goes! The airport is modern structure that features all contemporary amenities like shopping stores, eating joints, lounges, banking and money exchange. The airport is more or less accessible by the disabled and the airlines must to be informed beforehand if certain travellers need special services at arrival or departure.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Luxor International Airport: A Brief Overview

It is not surprising to know that the Luxor International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Egypt! After all, the wonderful city of Luxor is one of the top holiday destinations around the world. Millions travel to Luxor and millions visit the Luxor International Airport!

Luxor Airport is a modern facility that features information signage at appropriate points offering tips and instructions to the travellers and thus making navigation around the airport pretty convenient. Especially, individuals with special abilities would do well to follow signs at the Luxor Airport that will guide them towards appropriate facilities and amenities.

Talking about information, the official website of the Luxor Airport is another helpful guide for passengers looking for some useful information. The website,, is an attractive tool that is laden with Luxor Airport information.

The Luxor International Airport is replete with all kinds of services for travellers. Be it food, duty free shopping, money exchange and other business services – almost every kind of amenity is provided at the airport! The airport also features a VIP Lounge, a mosque and a missing baggage office for the convenience of the travellers. The Luxor International Airport additionally maintains a first-aid unit that offers emergency health services to the passengers at the airport.

Luxor International is served by airlines from all over the world - be it an award winning full-service carrier, a low-cost budget airline or a private charter. A number of airlines that have code share alliance with various carriers across different continents also use the airport for destinations in the Middle East and African continent.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Handy Visa Information on Travel to Egypt

Getting a visa to Egypt is probably the dream of every traveller worth his salt. After all, almost no other country in the world can boast destinations like Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada. It goes without saying spending on visa fee and airfares to Egypt are worth every penny. Check out some quick visa facts on Egypt for a hassle free experience.

British passport holders planning to take flights to Egypt should obtain a visa before travelling. However, if you are travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Nuweiba, Dahab, and Taba resorts, you do not need a visa in advance and can confidently book cheap flights to Egypt. However, this is subject to the condition that the trip stays confined within the boundaries of these destinations and does not exceed beyond 14 days.

Acquiring a visa to Egypt and managing to get your hands on tickets with cheap flights to Egypt does not guarantee your entry into the country. The Egyptian Immigration authorities take the final decision on whether to allow or refuse entry to visitors.

Travellers should ensure that their visas are not out of date before their return. In fact, Egyptian authorities usually detain travellers whose visas are out of date by over 14 days.

Someone who has already taken one of the flights to Egypt, and wants a visa extension, needs to make an application at the Egyptian Passport and Immigration Offices.

Visa applications can be made both through post and directly. The fee for a postal application has to be sent via a postal order, while those who apply directly need to make cash payment.

More visa related information can be obtained by approaching ‘The Egyptian Embassy in London’.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Southall Travel have special offers of Atlantis, The Palm with Emirates Airline.

You can book these special offers for travel from 9 June 2011 to 30 September 2011 from 9 june 2011 to 13 june 2011 by calling the customer care at

The offer is only available in conjunction with Emirates Airline.

Booking Period: 09 June – 13 June 2011

Market validity: Residents of UK & Ireland Only

The offer is Valid only on new bookings from 09 June – 13 June 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia Enter Partnership

Effective August 2011, frequent travellers on Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia are going to benefit immensely with the partnership agreement that the two airlines entered into. The alliance is subject to the approval from relevant authorities.

Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia entered into a long term alliance with each other by signing an agreement today. The alliance which aims at combining the network of Singapore Airlines’ international destinations and Virgin Australia’s routes within Australia and pacific will not only result in mutual benefits for the two carriers but it will also benefit their customers in a big way. From throwing open a number of new destinations to these customers, the alliance will allow them to use the resources and facilities of these airlines in a reciprocal way.

News Release

As per a news release published by Singapore Airlines jointly with Virgin Australia, with effect from 1st August when the alliance takes effect,

  • Singapore Airlines customers will be able to interline on Virgin Australia’s domestic network, allowing them to travel through to a range of destinations with one ticket, through-checked baggage, terminal transfers and inclusive meals; and
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Gold members and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold members will have reciprocal access to each airline’s airport lounges.
The alliance is subject to approval from the relevant regulatory authorities and the airlines say that the customers will be able to get the full advantage of the partnership from late 2011.

Passenger's Benefits

As a result of the alliance, both the airlines will be able to sell tickets and seats on each other’s international and domestic flights. The codeshare arrangement has always spelled added advantages for the passengers when it comes to the facilities, benefits and the resources of any airlines. Although, the two carriers may not show up amongst airlines selling cheap flight tickets, the valuation of the benefits resulting from their alliance may cheer a number of cheap flight lovers.

Frequent Flyer Programme: The members of Singapore Airlines’ KrisFlyer will be able to earn and redeem miles when they book on flights operated by Virgin Australia. Conversely, the members of Virgin Australia’s frequent flyer program ‘Velocity’ will be able to earn and redeem the points for miles flown on the flights operated by Singapore Airline.

New Destinations: Through the joining of the networks of two airlines, a number of new destinations have become accessible for the passengers of both the airlines. The network of Singapore Airline has added 70 more destinations in the route map of Virgin Australia and 30 new routes have fallen in the kitty of Singapore Airlines using the network of Virgin Australia. Not just this, the passengers will be able to take up their travel to these destinations on a single ticket while benefiting from through-checked baggage, terminal transfers and inclusive meals.

Reciprocal Lounge Access: The passengers of both the airlines will be able to access each other’s airport lounges.

Immigration Related Info for Travellers to New Zealand

New Zealand is a splendid tourist destination that boasts of some incredible cities like Auckland, Queenstown and Christchurch.

The beauty of New Zealand ensures that it remains a top holiday spot. Information regarding different travel aspects related to the country remains much sought after by tourists who are all over the place looking for cheap airfares to New Zealand. Below listed pointers will get you ready to grab flights to New Zealand.


British Nationals who are on a visit of up to six months to New Zealand do not require a visa for the country. They can just book their tickets on flights to New Zealand and land up in the country! British nationals might be asked to produce evidence of their right to reside permanently in the UK by an Immigration Officer. Possession of an onward journey ticket might also be asked to furnish.


British travellers who are keen to book tickets on cheap flights to New Zealand and visit this charming country must ensure that their passport is valid for at least one month beyond the date of their visa-free stay in New Zealand.


Before grabbing their cheap tickets on flights to New Zealand, travellers are advised to seek medical advice to make certain that all their vaccinations are up to date.

Britain and New Zealand have a reciprocal agreement that enables the nationals of both countries to enjoy the benefits of the National Health Services of the other country (subject to conditions).

Friday, June 3, 2011

Emirates Connects Dubai with Geneva

Emirates has commenced daily direct flights between the international hubs of Dubai and Geneva.

Passengers on Wednesday’s inaugural flight out of Dubai to the Swiss city came from varied origins including Australia, India, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kuwait, Iran and Mauritius.

In a ceremony to commemorate the first flight, a traditional Swiss dance couple performed inside Emirates' exclusive Terminal 3, before flight EK089 left for Geneva.

"This launch, in particular, has a strong international feel about it - linking Dubai, as a global aviation hub and centre for business and tourism with Geneva, a home to so many international organisations and an important financial and banking centre," said Tim Clark, president, Emirates Airline.

The Dubai-Geneva flight operations will be managed by a combination of Boeing 777-200LR and Boeing 777-300ERs. The aircraft will be arranged in a three-class configuration and will serve all kinds of passengers – be it the ones who love luxury on travel or the ones who prefer cheap flight tickets.

There will be First Class Private Suites, lie-flat seats in Business Class, and a spacious cabin in Economy Class. Travellers hoping to grab those elusive cheap flight tickets would do well to make their ticket bookings as soon as possible.

Geneva is Emirates' second gateway into Switzerland. The premier airline started its Zurich operations in 1992 and currently offers two daily flights.

The carrier’s EK 089 will leave Dubai airport each day at 0855hrs and arrive in Geneva at 1345hrs. From Geneva, EK 090 will take off at 1515hrs, arriving in Dubai at 2330hrs.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three Strong Areas of Indian Medical Tourism

Medical tourism in India is growing at a rollercoaster pace. According to a study conducted by Confederation of Indian Industry, some 150,000 people came to India for medical treatment and official information suggests that the figure is rising at an annual rate of about 15%. Medical facilities in India offer numerous benefits prompting thousands of people into spending on airfares to the country. It has also been analysed that medical tourism can become worth $2.3 billion by 2012. Take a quick look at three of the most potent medical treatments that prompt people into buying tickets to the country.

Heart Treatments

Heart diseases cause many patients to book flights to India. The country has legendary heart surgeons as well as excellent hospitals. Some of these are located in Delhi including Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and Apollo. Travel to the country on cheap flights to India along with the cost of treatment in these hospitals works out to be far cheaper than the cost of treatment alone in western countries. For instance, a heart surgery costing £18,500 in London may be available for as low as £5,000 in Delhi.

Liver Replacement

Undergoing the complex procedure of a liver replacement treatment under expert hands at cheap costs also prompts many people to take flights to India. In fact, many of the specialists carrying out such surgeries have had years of experience in reputed overseas hospitals. With treatment costs being almost half to those of hospitals located in developed countries, patients find that booking cheap flights to India emerges the natural choice.

Orthopaedic Solutions

Different Indian destinations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata have also earned their reputation for providing a wide range of orthopaedic treatments spanning areas as diverse as fractures, arthritis, and bone tumours at very economic costs. In fact, complex treatments like Cord Blood Transplant and Mismatched Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant have been conducted at almost 1/10th of the cost it entails in the West.

A Little Contemplation on Australian Visas

Famed for its spectacular destinations like Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Cairns, the Land of Oz is a globally popular holiday spot. Countless Britons also form part of the numerous travellers who painstakingly save up for financing their airfares to this fabled country. Like any other overseas holiday destination, Australia has its own set of visa rules and regulations. Get apprised with some of these.

Visa Types

  • Travellers booking flights to Australia need to procure a visa. The visas are of different categories such as Electronic Visitor Visas, Maritime Crew Visas, Student Visas, and Working Holiday Visas. The Australian High Commission in London and the Department of Immigration & Citizenship provides somewhat in depth information on the different visas.
  • Electronic visitor visas are pretty popular with many of the visitors buying tickets for their flights to Australia. Two categories of electronic visitor visas are Electronic Travel Authority and eVisitor visas.
  • The Electronic Travel Authority can be obtained from travel agents, airlines, and Australian visa offices outside Australia for a service fee of A$20. There is no application charge. Check with your travel agent while booking cheap flights to Australia.
  • Quite a few travellers bagging their cheap flights to Australia also opt for the eVisitor visas. These electronic visitor visas come free of any service fee or visa application charge. Such visas are available directly from the Department of Immigration & Citizenship.
Australian High Commission

High Commissioner:

HE Mr John Dauth LVO

Address: Australian High Commission
Australia House
London WC2B 4LA

Information on consular matters is available at the office from Mondays to Fridays

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mexico City International Airport: Facilities for the Disabled

Mexico City International Airport, also known as Benito Juárez International Airport, is the busiest airport in Mexico and serves its capital, Mexico City. It is also the busiest airport in the whole of Latin America in terms of airline aircraft movement. All in all, this one is a pretty significant airport on the world stage!

You must have gone through different Mexico City International Airport Guides or a number of write-ups featuring detailed Mexico City airport information, but what clearly stand out in all such Mexico City airport guides is the highest level of services and amenities offered to the physically disabled.

Facilities for Disabled People

Mexico City International Airport offers services and facilities designed for individuals with varied capacities. The airport offers dedicated services to pregnant women, elderly people and passengers with special needs in order to offer them greater comfort of movement during their stay at the airport.

Some of the special features for the disabled at the airport include elevators, moving walkways, electric ramps and public toilets. Preferential parking is also offered to specially-able individuals at the airport’s parking lots.

The Mexico City Airport’s website is an ideal source of information on these facilities and once a reader is through the website, he will surely need no other Mexico City Airport guide to get him acquainted with this particular facet of the airport.

The website can also be referred for information regarding flight schedules, awards won by the airport and tips for travellers.