Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mexico City International Airport: Facilities for the Disabled

Mexico City International Airport, also known as Benito Juárez International Airport, is the busiest airport in Mexico and serves its capital, Mexico City. It is also the busiest airport in the whole of Latin America in terms of airline aircraft movement. All in all, this one is a pretty significant airport on the world stage!

You must have gone through different Mexico City International Airport Guides or a number of write-ups featuring detailed Mexico City airport information, but what clearly stand out in all such Mexico City airport guides is the highest level of services and amenities offered to the physically disabled.

Facilities for Disabled People

Mexico City International Airport offers services and facilities designed for individuals with varied capacities. The airport offers dedicated services to pregnant women, elderly people and passengers with special needs in order to offer them greater comfort of movement during their stay at the airport.

Some of the special features for the disabled at the airport include elevators, moving walkways, electric ramps and public toilets. Preferential parking is also offered to specially-able individuals at the airport’s parking lots.

The Mexico City Airport’s website is an ideal source of information on these facilities and once a reader is through the website, he will surely need no other Mexico City Airport guide to get him acquainted with this particular facet of the airport.

The website can also be referred for information regarding flight schedules, awards won by the airport and tips for travellers.

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