Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SpiceJet to Introduce Madurai-KL Flight Soon

Indian no-frills airline, SpiceJet is all geared up to start offering tickets aboard its international flights between popular South Indian city of Madurai and Malaysia’s colourful capital city of Kuala Lumpur. The airline is expected to start operating its operations by the year-end.

The recent development has come as good news for budget holidaymakers planning to book tickets on international flights for twin centre holidays to southern India and Malaysia.

The report in the online media reveals that popular Indian low-cost carrier SpiceJet is still waiting for necessary approvals from both Malaysian and Indian authorities. Madurai Airport in India was also recently upgraded as an international airport.

Presently, only Air India Express offers tickets aboard direct flights bound to Malaysia from India. India’s premier carrier, Jet Airways stopped its operations into Malaysia but continued with offering tickets on its code-share flights on the popular Kuala Lumpur-Chennai sector with Malaysia Airlines.

Apart from serving locals of the two countries, the new services between the two destinations will surely be beneficial for foreign vacationers in India looking for tickets aboard flights to Malaysia and vice versa.

Chennai-based, SpiceJet is a renowned name in India’s domestic aviation sector and offers tickets on its cheap flights deployed on its extensive network within the country. The carrier also offers tickets for few international flights from India.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

British Airways Introduces Sixth Direct Hyderabad Service

The United Kingdom’s national airline, British Airways recently started offering tickets on its sixth direct flights on its route connecting South India’s popular city of Hyderabad and English capital city of London. The airline started operating its sixth direct service on the route with effect from 5 April 2013.

Various sources on the Internet reveal that the direct services operate six-days-a-week except for Mondays. BA 276 flight departs Hyderabad in India at 0640 (local time) hrs arriving in London Heathrow at 1250 hrs (local time).

British Airways’ new flights will offer convenient connections to the rest of the United Kingdom, Europe and destinations in North America. This is sure to delight international flyers who are often to be seen scrambling for tickets aboard BA’s flights departing from India to travel to different worldwide destinations via London.

The airline is offering tickets for three cabin classes, Club World business class, World Traveller plus premium economy and World Traveller economy, to passengers booking flights to travel to the capital city of the UK from South India’s popular destination of Hyderabad.

Fans and patrons booking tickets aboard British Airways’ flights departing from India will be able to enjoy ergonomically designed seats, unlimited in-flight entertainment and a variety of delectable refreshments.

With its increased services on the route, the airline endeavours to tap the segment of increasingly higher number of passengers looking for tickets options on India-London flights. Besides, increased number of seats on the route may also spell relatively cheap deals for budget vacationers planning to book tickets to travel on the route.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top Markets to Visit in Hong Kong

The vibrant marketplaces in Hong Kong are best for true-blue shoppers! Air heavenly drenched with intoxicating consumerist culture and lanes brimming with avalanche of vendors, these ever bustling marts are more than capable of offering satiety. The wonderful open-air marketplaces are visited by tons of tourists seeking a destination to make the most of their money spent on tickets for flights and holiday deals. Have a look at some of the glorious ones!

Mongkok Ladies Market
Located on famed Tung Choi Street, it is an apt destination for enjoying the best of retail therapy and Chinese culture. With shops inundated with tats, handbags, toys and souvenirs, Mongkok catches the fancy of almost every women tourist. Despite its name, it offers a vast collection of clothing for men as well. Haggling is the name of the game and the most foolproof way to get a great deal. No wonder, spending some time at this enchanting place is well worth the bucks invested on buying tickets aboard flights and taking Hong Kong holidays

Temple Street 
This is another irresistible bait that tickles the fancy of global shopaholics grabbing tickets for flights and taking Hong Kong vacations. As the sun fades away, the place transmutes into a happy hunting ground for epicureans and shoppers. It is packed with stores and shops selling vast range of gadgets and electronic items including mobile phones.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Malindo Air to Operate Flights between India and Kuala Lumpur

British holidaymakers and other foreign holidaymakers who are often to be seen in a look out for tickets on cheap flights between Malaysia and India now have a reason to wear a smile on their faces. The newly-established Malindo Air is all set to offer tickets on international flights between Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi with effect from June 2013.

The new joint Malaysia-Indonesia low cost airline, Malindo Air started its operations beginning March 22, 2013. The new kid on the block has already mapped out its strategy to offer tickets on flights to as many as 12 destinations in 2013. Delhi, India’s capital city will be Malindo Air’s maiden international destination. In addition, the route map available on Malindo Air’s official website hints that India’s prominent destinations like Cochin, Trichy, Chennai, Mumbai, Ahmadabad and Kolkata are some of the other proposed destinations for the carrier in India apart from Delhi. So budget conscious visitors may hope to get low cost airline tickets on international flights to these popular destinations in India in the near future.

Presently, the airline offers tickets aboard its new B787-900 extended range aircraft on its regional routes. Additionally, the airline offers 15kg of free baggage, snacks and free in-flight entertainment.

Furthermore, carrier has come out with a unique business class offering which is likely to impress both mid-range and business passengers who are apprehensive of spending on expensive tickets with full service airlines for little extra comfort on-board and are remain desirous of affordable business class flights.

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Glance at Renowned Garden Route, South Africa

Garden Route is one of the beguiling delights of South Africa that tickle the fancy of global tourists and sets them on a mad scramble for tickets on cheap flights and holiday packages. Located in Western Cape, it is like a star-spangled necklace graced with verdant wine lands, marvellous cities like Hermanus and Swellendam and much more. Garden Route is more than capable of offering beyond surfeit!

It overwhelms with myriads of tourist trappings for taking delights at sightseeing and endless gambols like whale watching, hiking and more. Certainly, tourists do a world of good to themselves by grabbing those tickets aboard South Africa flights and country holiday packages.

They enjoy the rare opportunity of feasting eyes on magnificent Albertinia, a calm town located at the foot of Langeberg Mountain Range. It boasts the prolific range of indigenous Aloe ferox, or Cape Aloe and has everything what vacationers seek to make the most of their money spent on tickets for South Africa bound flights and holiday deals.  Then there is Brenton on Sea, skirted by remarkable Goukamma Nature Reserve, featuring the riches of fynbos (heath vegetation) and Brenton blue butterfly. You can calm eyes looking at the beautiful butterfly and can also enjoy sunbathing, fishing and strolling along the remarkable shores.

Birds of Eden Bird Sanctuary, the town of Knysna and George are some other fascinating destinations that catch the fancy of swarms of holidaymakers who invest on tickets for flights and tour this beguiling place.

Friday, April 12, 2013

SriLankan Airlines Offers More Flights on Sri Lanka-Oman Route

Fliers who frequently look for tickets on the Sri Lanka-Oman route have more alternatives for travel tickets made available to them by SriLankan Airlines. The flag carrier of Sri Lanka has already launched a new flight service between Colombo and Muscat and has plans in place to launch another one in June. The addition of two more flights on the popular sector will bring the carrier’s total number of flights to 6 weekly.

SriLankan added the fifth service from April 5 and the sixth flight on the route would be launched on June 18. Earlier, the airline operated four weekly flights between the two capital cities that ran on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The two new flights are scheduled to run on Fridays (the fifth) and Tuesdays (the sixth). Surely, the rise in the number of weekly flights between Sri Lanka and Oman is going to be good news for travellers seeking tickets to fly between the countries. Even those European tourists would be benefited who wish to get their hands around tickets for a travel to Sri Lanka with a stopover in the Middle East.

The airline has encouraged the fliers to make use of the excellent connectivity to Sri Lanka, an island nation that’s considered the ideal holiday destination!

Also, travellers who seek tickets to fly to India would be offered the alternative of first taking a side trip to any of the Far Eastern destinations by the carrier.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Popular Day Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is a splendid holiday destination that compels water sports enthusiasts to seek tickets on flights that take them to this glittering Egypt town. While the diverse and multi-fold attractions that bedeck this Red Sea Resort makes tourists vie for cheap deals when it comes to airline tickets, it is not wrong to say a good percentage of tourists also plan excursions from paradisiacal resort to other parts of Egypt. For such keen vacationers, there are couple of options to consider after landing in Sharm El Sheikh from Egypt bound flights.

To Cairo
Vacationers can either opt to take flights to the Egyptian capital from the resort town or can either opt for bus tickets. Contrary to the seaside splendours of Sharm El Sheikh, Cairo is fascinating city that brings in a carpet of lures draped in the warmth of desert! Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx and Cairo Bazaars are some of the attractions that must be checked out by tourists who are spending money on Egypt flight tickets. A day excursion to the capital is possible from Sharm El Sheikh.

To Luxor
Beach buffs landing in the resort after booking flights for travelling to Egypt must take some time out to explore the riveting historical marvels of Luxor. A day journey can be planned to Luxor and tickets can be booked for city bound domestic flights from Sharm El Sheikh. Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut are couple of gems that wait to be explored here!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Etihad Airways’ Non-Stop Link for Abu Dhabi & Washington, D.C

Providing direct connection to those looking for tickets on USA-UAE route, Etihad Airways has launched non-stop daily flights between Abu Dhabi and Washington, D.C. Strong demand for flight tickets among government and business travellers is considered the reason for the initiation of these new flights to the USA. Even among leisure vacationers, a surge in the demand for air tickets for flights on the route has been witnessed.

Etihad Airways’ management is confident of the government and corporate clientele on the sector. The airline has showcased its confidence by committing 3,360 seats per week on this new USA service and is seemingly encouraged by the forward bookings on the flights.

Also, the carrier announced the launch of a premium lounge at the Terminal A of the Washington Dulles International Airport. The lounge is aimed to offer better services and amenities to those booking tickets with the carrier for Diamond First and Pearl Business Class.

Flight EY131 will take off from the Abu Dhabi International Airport at 10:00 am each day for USA’s capital. After New York and Chicago, Washington, D.C. will be third USA destination that would be served by Etihad Airways. The carrier is deploying Airbus A340-500 aircraft for the new flights. It would a three class configured aircraft that will offer tickets for 240 seats.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Behold the Best of Art in the USA

There is no better place than USA to pamper you with the best of galleries and museums. It glistens with many awe-inspiring repositories that take pride in displaying panoply of beguiling masterpieces created by glorious polymaths like Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and more. Wealth of enchanting galleries is perhaps one of the many reasons why tourists gravitate towards USA like moths to a flame and remain on a constant lookout for tickets aboard flights and holiday deals. Here is into glimpse of two crowd-pullers that make for happy hunting grounds for all these keen travellers.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City
Located in proximity to popular Central Park of NYC, the Met is the largest depository in America where you can feast eyes on whopping set of over two million works. It is one of the wonderful places in America that justly rewards for all your endeavours and money invested on buying tickets aboard flights and planning holidays. Here you will enjoy the rare prerogative of beholding the Hokusai's "The Great Wave off Kanagawa and experiencing the grandeur of Temple of Dendur in the flesh.

National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC
The NGA, boasting country’s national collection, is a rite of passage for almost everyone who reserves tickets on flights for holidaying in this wonderful capital. Split into West and East Buildings, it features a unique range of contemporary and modern works of America and Europe. The sight of portrait of Ginevra de' Benci by Leonardo da Vinci is sure to leave you bubbling over the right decision of booking tickets for the USA bound flights and visiting this marvellous place.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Authorities in Maharashtra to Set up Kiosks for Tourist Info

While few can dispute the India’s matchless bounty in terms of culture, history and nature, it is also a fact that the country still hasn’t gotten a place in the world of tourism it should. When compared to global tourism, only a fraction of foreign tourists grab hold of tickets on flights to the country. However, authorities in India are slowly and gradually working to turn around its fortune as a tourist hub. Latest stab at the same is from the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, which is planning to set up 300 electronic kiosks at different tourist venues across Maharashtra, the western Indian state that’s popular among tourists bagging India flights.

As per reports, the MTDC will launch these informational booths at government offices, railway stations and airports, much to the convenience of out-of state visitors booking flights landing at the province. Those who are indeed planning on booking tickets for flying to India would soon find that these are useful tools that offer reliable information about attractions of the state in English as well as the local language. In addition, these booths will facilitate the booking of MTDC resorts and railway tickets, much to the delight of leisure vacationers on India bound flights!

The MTDC also operates the Deccan Odyssey luxury train service. Recently, the body organised a special 7-day tour that offered discount on the tickets of this luxury train journey.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Diving in South Africa: Top Picks!

South Africa is one of the renowned diving destinations in the world. There are myriads of enchanting destinations scattered across the nation that catch the fancy of both learners and veterans and induces them to look for cheap deals for tickets on flights and holiday packages. Here is a glance to top two locations that rank high on the travel circuit of global divers who visit the rainbow nation.

False Bay
It is located near the prominent city of Cape Town and enjoys immense popularity among hordes of divers who get hands on tickets on flights and South Africa holiday packages. It is known as one of the finest spots where you can feast eyes on awe-inspiring numbers of sharks in their natural habitat. With tiger sharks, ragged-tooth and hammerheads, the site ticks all the right boxes of brave-hearts seeking an adventure spree and offers myriads of opportunities for taking delights at safe swimming and heavenly views of white sandy beaches and picturesque valleys.

Sodwana Bay
Dubbed as “Sordies”, it boasts a year-round fine weather and provides marvellous chances of making the most of your money spent on tickets aboard flights and vacations in the country. There is an array of remarkable reefs where you can delve into the depths and ravel out the multi-coloured sites. Home to some of the most southerly reefs, tropical fish, moray eels, pelagic fish and soft coral, it is a fitting place to make the most of overwhelming underwater sport.