Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Diving in South Africa: Top Picks!

South Africa is one of the renowned diving destinations in the world. There are myriads of enchanting destinations scattered across the nation that catch the fancy of both learners and veterans and induces them to look for cheap deals for tickets on flights and holiday packages. Here is a glance to top two locations that rank high on the travel circuit of global divers who visit the rainbow nation.

False Bay
It is located near the prominent city of Cape Town and enjoys immense popularity among hordes of divers who get hands on tickets on flights and South Africa holiday packages. It is known as one of the finest spots where you can feast eyes on awe-inspiring numbers of sharks in their natural habitat. With tiger sharks, ragged-tooth and hammerheads, the site ticks all the right boxes of brave-hearts seeking an adventure spree and offers myriads of opportunities for taking delights at safe swimming and heavenly views of white sandy beaches and picturesque valleys.

Sodwana Bay
Dubbed as “Sordies”, it boasts a year-round fine weather and provides marvellous chances of making the most of your money spent on tickets aboard flights and vacations in the country. There is an array of remarkable reefs where you can delve into the depths and ravel out the multi-coloured sites. Home to some of the most southerly reefs, tropical fish, moray eels, pelagic fish and soft coral, it is a fitting place to make the most of overwhelming underwater sport.

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