Friday, October 18, 2013

Two of the Top beach Resorts in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, is renowned for its awe-inspiring culture, deep-rooted history and spectacular seaside gems, and hence remains a port of call among globetrotters booking tickets onboard Colombo flights. Beaches around Colombo are splendid and so are the luxury hotels and resorts. They bestow upon an array of contemporary comforts along with pleasing hospitality and myriads exciting excursions. Quite naturally, a good number of international tourists who book tickets on Sri Lanka bound flights choose to stay in such properties. Here are two of the best known beach resorts in Colombo. 

Ranveli Resort
Sitting besides the azure waters and swaying palms at Mount Lavinia beach, Ranveli is apt choice to get indulged in the lap of nature and luxury, and make the most of the monies spent on flights and holiday deals for visiting Colombo. This well-maintained property has around 25 rooms; all offering a broad range of modern comforts and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean. Then there is pleasing ambience at its sea-facing huts and many recreation activities that leave the guests beguiled. The friendly staff and delicious cuisines make the experience more cherishing and truly well worth the cost of travel tickets and holidays to the destination. 

Berjaya Hotel
Another fascinating property facing the picturesque Mount Lavinia beach is Berjaya Hotel that serves the guests an ultimate retreat on the seashore. From Wi-Fi internet to multi-ethnic eateries and from swimming pool to spa; the hotel offers all that a leisure traveller may ask for. The breathtaking scenery, the spectacular beaches and the lush foliage nearby offers a mesmeric experience to the guests who decide to stay in Berjaya during their Sri Lanka holidays. Adventure seekers spending on flights tickets for sojourning Colombo have a great opportunity here to indulge in plenty of water activities like jet-skiing, banana rides and windsurfing.

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