Friday, July 29, 2011

Cheap Flights to Bangkok – What Makes them Sell Like Hot Cakes

Bangkok – the city of dazzling sights and attractions – is a big favourite with holiday makers all over the world. It is the city’s mesmeric blend of traditional and contemporary that has ensured that vacationers make a mad scramble for cheap flight tickets to Bangkok.

Bangkok is really a top class holiday destination! Be it the beautiful temples, yummy food, incredible nightlife or remarkable shopping options – holidays to Bangkok surely lack nothing and this is the reason flights to Bangkok are in demand all over the globe. There is still to be heard of a tourist who is not allured by airlines selling cheap flight tickets to Bangkok!

Let us a take brief look at the attractions that make flights to Bangkok so popular.

Grand Palace is one of the most charming tourist attractions and cannot be missed by vacationers. It is a stunning spectacle that was once a home for Thai royals. The complex of the palace features a range of impressive structures with Wat Phra Kaew being the most attractive one.

Bangkok’s National Museum is another dazzling charm that enchants holiday makers in Bangkok. The museum offers insights into the Thai history, culture and the relevance of Buddhist teachings. Wat Arun, with its soaring 82-metre spire, is yet another tourist delight that beckons people to grab cheap flights to Bangkok.

Bangkok can be visited anytime of the year, but the period between November and March appeals highly to tourists because the climate is cooler. Travellers looking for cheap airfares during this period must book early.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flights to Amritsar from UK

British midland International (bmi)

Flights to Amritsar from Heathrow, Belfast, Edinburgh, Manchester, Aberdeen

Friday, July 22, 2011

Flights to Singapore -What makes them so popular

Rightly considered as one of the world’s most iconic travel destinations, Singapore manages to be many things – a vision of breathtaking skyscrapers, picturesque islands, a repository of blended cultures, and a perfect haven for shopping. Popularly known as Lion City, Singapore enraptures millions of hearts with its mesmerizing stock of flamboyant skylines, lip smacking food, pulsating culture and soothing environs.

Over the period of time, the city has emerged as a big tourist hot spot which has led to an increase in the number of flights to Singapore from around the world. There are countless travel agencies who offer best deals by way of cheap tickets on flights to this marvellous city of Asia.

One big thing that makes Singapore so popular is the vibrant melange of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Peranakans and Eurasian culture. Its multi-faceted society wins the heart of many as it helps in immersing in the cultures, languages, customs and festivals of different lands, merely in one single land. The intriguing multicultural kaleidoscope has for long prompted many cultural enthusiasts to rummage through websites of different airlines who offer low airfares and cheap flights to Singapore.

Singapore is truly a dream-come-true destination that helps you in realising your dream of exploring a pleasant place. This bustling cosmopolitan city is flooded with world’s most renowned tourist attractions like Merlion, Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Esplanade - Theatre on the Bays or Asian Civilisations Museum - the choices of must-see gems of Singapore are endless. One can explore a suitcase full of fun in this great metropolis of Asia.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reasons Aplenty to Grab Flights to Malaysia

The wonders and splendours of Malaysia baffled me! This country is truly a holiday maker’s delight because it offers a wonderful blend of traditional and modernity. Millions book flights on airlines to explore the various gems of the country.

The charming traditions of Malays, Chinese, Indians and the Europeans merge to bring out a culture that is absolutely unique and charming. If the effervescent culture doesn’t get you, you will be taken in by the splendid display of luxury and opulence at many of the region’s resorts and hotels. And if even that is not enough to satiate you, then it is time to bring out the ace – the beaches! Beaches in this part of the world are extremely beautiful and are one of the reasons that make flight tickets to Malaysia sell out fast!

While it has be said that it is Kuala Lumpur that triggers a kind of frenzy among vacationers looking for cheap airfares on flights to Malaysia, it is also true that Penang and Langkawi have their own set of ardent admirers.

Penang might just be one of the world’s most beautiful spots. Attractions like Penang Hill and Fort Cornwallis accentuate the beauty of Penang and make it more alluring. Penang Butterfly Farm and Tropical Spice Garden are two other popular tourist haunts.

Langkawi is popular as a beach holiday destination. Apart from the beaches, it offers incredible range of other options for leisure holiday makers, such as superb historical attractions, first-rate diving opportunities, energetic nightlife and duty-free shopping.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Manila International Airport Information: Where to Find It

Serving more than 25 million passengers annually, the Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport is the busiest and largest airport in the Philippines. The airport is served by a number of airlines and connects to destinations all over the world.

The international airport is a hub for Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Zest Airways and South East Asian Airlines. Other major global airlines that serve the airport are Gulf Air, Jetstar Airways, Continental Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways and Singapore Airlines. Several of these carriers maintain code share alliances with other airlines and thus enabling the travellers to conveniently gather air miles.

Manila is a hugely popular tourist destination – an observation that is verified from the fact that a number of travellers look for Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport information.

Undoubtedly, the internet is the most preferred tool for individuals looking for Manila airport information. One can find a number of useful Manila International Airport guides on the web that offer information and tips regarding every aspect of the airport’s infrastructure and one’s travel. The Manila International Airport’s official website is an ideal guide for the travellers to the airport, acquainting them with all kinds of facilities and amenities that are waiting for them.

The services and facilities offered at the airport are truly world class. There are full-service restaurants, shops and stores, duty-free shopping arcades, medical clinics and lounges. The Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport also maintains banks, ATMs and money exchange facilities for all sorts of financial needs.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Grab Flights to Singapore & Explore Different Hotel Options

Singapore has all the trappings of a world class tourist attraction – be it mesmerising attractions, wonderful climate, great hospitality, incredible food or stunning shopping alternatives. But one thing that really makes Singapore such a highly loved holiday destination among all is its wide variety of accommodation options!

Millions of tourists book flights tickets to Singapore every year and almost every one of these ‘millions’ require a place of stay in the city. While some go for the luxury Singapore hotels, others prefer the budget accommodation. Travellers who make reservation with cheap flights to Singapore are more likely to opt for hotels that are affordable. However, it must also be added that there have been cases when people try to save money by booking on cheap flights to Singapore just to splurge it on the lavish city hotels! Of course, such cases are rare and those who have a limited budget will definitely avoid the expensive Singapore hotels.

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia and Raffles Hotel Singapore are two of the most luxurious hotels in Singapore that beguile the affluent to board flights to Singapore and land up in the city to enjoy the many world class facilities and amenities that they have to offer.

The Fragrance Hotel and Bayview Hotel Singapore are the ones that attract the budget travellers. Both of these hotels feature most of the contemporary facilities and services, and are highly popular among tourists who make reservations with airlines offering cheap airfares on flights.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reasons A Galore For People to Book Flights to Perth

Perth remains one of the biggest tourist destinations in Australia. A small city in size by Australian standards, Perth is replete with different kinds of allures and charms that make it a tall name in the field travel and tourism!

The city’s natural splendour is perhaps the biggest delight that awaits tourists who book tickets on flights to Perth. The glowing beaches coupled with wonderful weather surely make Perth an infinitely charming holiday destination for the vacationers! The city is a big hit among the Britons as a winter sun holiday destination and thousands of them are found rummaging through different websites for cheap airfares on flights to Perth.

Wildlife is one big allure that attracts people towards Perth. The city is flooded with enthralling options for animal lovers. There is a massive city zoo and then there is the Caversham Wildlife Park that is home to multiple varieties of animals and birds.

Australians are renowned all over the world for their prowess in all kinds of sports, be it cricket, tennis, rugby, soccer or swimming. Tourists to Australia will be able to enjoy live action of different sporting activities at national as well as international levels at almost every part of the year. Sports action is in fact one of the biggest reasons that make airlines that operate flights to Australia so popular all across the globe.

Do not miss out a visit to the Swan Valley, one of the world’s oldest wine growing regions! It is an incredible place that features wineries, boutique breweries, art galleries and restaurants.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Charming Cities Make Flights to South Africa Hugely Popular

Astonishingly beautiful and charmingly attractive, South Africa perhaps takes the crown of being the most diversified country of the world. The nation’s immense natural splendour peeps through its majestic mountains, lush forests and brilliant beaches. The regions’ contemporary allures are equally potent with world class hotels, restaurants, nightlife and shopping options available to the tourists. Not surprisingly, a number of airlines that are operating flights to South Africa are doing a profitable business!


Johannesburg is one of the largest cities in South Africa and is one big reason people scram like crazy for cheap airfares on flights to South Africa. The natural attractions of this city compete for attention with the locale’s shimmering skyscrapers, wonderful Indian bazaars and ancient architectural wonders. Johannesburg Zoo, Apartheid Museum, Gold Reef City and Mandela Museum are some of the gems that decorate the land of Johannesburg!

Cape Town

Cape Town is extremely fun loving and enormously beautiful! The region is renowned for its fun spirit all across the continent and this is the exact reason that entices the younger crowd to book tickets on flights to South Africa and land up at the Cape Town International Airport. Its architectural marvels make the city all the more popular among vacationers.


Visit Durban and you will think that you have stumbled upon some charming Indian city! This South African city has a large population of Indian descent and this lends a very multicultural character to the city. Durban’s tourist charms include Alayam Hindu Temple and Natural Science Museum.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grab Flights to South Africa & Explore a Gourmet Paradise

Some people live to eat and some people eat to live, but when you are in South Africa even those who are following the latter start contemplating a change to the former! This incredible country turns on its full radiance when it comes to food and eating. Does it surprise you that thousands of travellers who book cheap tickets with airlines offering flights to South Africa are most attracted by the scrumptious delicacies waiting for them?

South African diversity is legendary and it is this diversity that has ensured that even the food served here smacks of wide variety of influences and flavours. From the European to Indian to Chinese – the delicacies offered to the diner in South Africa is surely going to remind them of all kinds of international influences. Wildlife may be the biggest allure that entice people into buying flights to South Africa, but let’s there be no doubt about the fact that if cheap airfares on flights to South Africa are revered all across the globe some credit also goes to the yummy, lip-smacking hot & spicy food of this incredible country!

Cape Town leads the nation when it comes to featuring top class restaurants and hypnotizing foodies into booking cheap flights to South Africa. Cape Town’s eating joints like Azure and Buitenverwachting are award winning dining establishments that ‘force’ even the most discerning diner to smile gluttony from ear to ear. Not without a reason a number of flights to South Africa land up at the Cape Town airport!

Johannesburg is also replete with stunning restaurants that serve wonderful food in enchanting settings.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Singapore Airlines Extends A380 Charm to Los Angeles

Passengers of Singapore Airlines will now be able to enjoy the charm of Airbus A380 while travelling to the North American destination of Los Angeles. The major Asian airline launched its inaugural A380 flight to Los Angeles via Tokyo on Friday with around 400 passengers on-board.

Singapore Airlines will offer a daily flight to Los Angeles airport on the superjumbo. Being the world's largest passenger jetliner, A380 aircraft is easily the most popular aircraft all across the aviation industry. The popularity of this massive aircraft has meant great business for the Singapore Airlines in the past as it has been recorded that almost every travel route that is being served by A380 witnesses huge passenger traffic.

Bigger aircraft means more economy class seats and more economy class seat means better chance for people to land up with cheap flight tickets. Indeed, the launch of A380 operations on a popular Singapore Airlines route is set to benefit travellers who are on restricted budget and who look for cheap tickets on flight. Furthermore, the better design of A380’s economy class seats ensures better comfort level for the travellers.

In another development, it has been announced that the Singapore Airlines will be expanding its fleet size by leasing 15 new Airbus 330-300 aircrafts. These aircrafts are scheduled to be delivered to the airlines between 2013 and 2015. Singapore Airlines announced that these new aircrafts will be operated in Asia, as well as to some Australian and Middle Eastern destinations.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Grab Flights to New York & Explore Impressive Attractions

New York City is an incredibly popular city that charms tourists with its myriad of attractions and delights. The city truly reflects the grandeur and magnificence that is so often associated with the United States of America. The popularity of NYC has ensured that a lot of people are always willing to book cheap flight tickets on the airlines to New York.

Popular Attractions

The attractions of the New York City are truly iconic – be it the massive Empire State Building or the stunning Statue of Liberty! Millions board flights to New York every year to check out glittering charms of the city. While Empire State Building is a testament of the United States’ fortitude during the troubled times of the Great Depression, the Statue of Liberty speaks eloquently of the country’s cordial relations with France.

Other allures that make cheap flights to New York such a wonderful preposition are the Central Park, Times Square, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Rockefeller Center and Madison Square. Each of these famous landmarks has ensured that every seat is taken on every flight to New York!

Popular Festivals

Festivals are considered a kind of window that offers a peek into the souls of a society! Therefore it is not a bad idea to plan for your cheap flights to New York during the major festivals that take place in the city.

December is perhaps one of the busiest tourist seasons in New York City as this city celebrates festivals like Christmas and New Year with utmost vigour and pomp. Just make sure that you book your air tickets to New York as early as possible as airfares can soar steeply during the festive period.