Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Top Shopping Destinations for Holidaymakers Visiting Orlando

For a majority of travellers booking tickets on Orlando bound flights, its amusement parks are its top rated and must-visit attractions, but its also an amazing destination for those seeking a memorable retail therapy experience. Following are some of the best places for a unique shopping experience in case one is booking tickets on flights to this thriving city in Florida State of the US.

Florida Mall
Billed as the largest among all the glitzy shopping centres that dot the city of Orlando, the Florida Mall boasts of serving over 20 million visitors annually. Conveniently located only a short drive away from the international airport, it is easily accessible by anyone who lands aboard flights terminating at Orlando’s airport. The entire property is spread across an area that exceeds 1.8 million square feet and is home to over 200 stores and restaurants that include top names in the retail industry. Truly a paradise for shopaholics, this establishment also features a conference centre and hotel accommodations within its expansive premises. 

The Mall at Millenia
For holidaymakers visiting Orlando, after booking air tickets onboard long haul flights, this is a must visit destination convenient located downtown. Apart from being a truly world class retail therapy destination, its contemporary architecture is also quite alluring and has contributed to its popularity among legions of travellers. Boasting a truly global clientele, this establishment offers not just designer stores for visitors of all ages but also a range of specialized services. Such services include an in-house concierge, valet parking, travel advice kiosks, money changers capable of handling multiple currencies as well as a fully functional US Postal Service office. Perfect place for a day trip in case one is contemplating reserving air tickets to visit sunny Orlando.

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