Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New Zealand: An Important Weather Guide for Holiday Makers

New Zealand is a beautiful country that thrives on its natural splendour and counts on its almighty blessings to lure in travellers to book tickets on flights to the country. New Zealand remains a popular country in the global tourism circuit and the various titbits regarding the various aspects of the country are much in demand among avid travellers.

New Zealand’s weather is highly conducive to different sorts of tourist-centric activities. While summer is perfect for beach frolics, winter is the best to board flights in order to enjoy snow sports like skiing. Naturally, demand for air tickets for flights to NZ remain much in demand all round the year. Take a detailed look at New Zealand’s various seasons and the related attractions. 

Summer (Dec to Feb)
Summer is unarguably the peak season for tourism in NZ. A number of tourists plan on booking tickets aboard flights to the country from different parts of Northern Hemisphere to escape biting winters back home. Cheap flights and affordable hotel rooms are hard to come by during the months. Visit NZ during summers and enjoy exploring beachside and indulging in water sport activities like swimming, sunbathing, surfing, etc., in areas like the Bay of Islands, The Coromandel, Nelson and Marlborough. 

Autumn (March to May)
A number of people also invest on air tickets for a travel during autumn months, which is not a bad time to spend time in New Zealand. While most of the summer lures are still there, the autumn offerings are added to the platter. It is thus a hugely popular time to board NZ bound flights. To take in the autumn spectacles, a visit to Central Otago and Hawke's Bay is recommended. 

Winter (June to Aug)
Tourists book tickets on flights that land in New Zealand in June, July or August for the region’s ski areas to enjoy activities like skiing and snowboarding. South Island is the place to be during the time. 

Spring (Sep to Nov)
Spring is the time for those who are booking tickets for New Zealand flights to check out the nation’s floral charms. Taranaki, Hamilton and Christchurch are the places to enjoy flower display in the nation during spring.

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