Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nairobi – Get on the Wild Side

Nairobi, a cultural melting pot, makes for wonderful African sojourn. Grab one of the airlines tickets to Nairobi and treat your senses to a world of different highs. Amongst its hundreds of different attractions such as magnificent culinary concoctions including bar be cued camel, ostriches and crocodiles, sightseeing gems by way of numerous museums, and mind blowing nightlife, Nairobi’s biggest claim to fame is the wildlife safari opportunities at the destination. In fact, Nairobi is known as the Safari Capital of the world.

Nairobi Safari Walk

If you have spent money on catching flights to Nairobi, make sure that you don’t miss the experience of the Nairobi Safari Walk. Here you will get to observe forest, savannah, and wetland landscapes and their denizens. The place is home to wildlife ranging right from the famous Big Three of Africa to tamer species like rhinos, hyenas, zebras, and antelopes. My experience here was worth much more than what I had spent on booking my cheap flights to Nairobi.

Other Wildlife Spots

There is just no end to the number of wildlife attractions in the relatively cheap destination of Nairobi. The ones that have proved to be popular amongst thousands of tourists from different parts of the world include Nairobi National Park, Maasai Mara National Park, Samburu and Shaba National Parks, and Tsavo National Park. Mark my words, a safari through these parks will make you feel as if you are one of those wildlife adventure celebrities shown on Lonely Planet.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flight and Visa Tips for Thailand

Thailand may very well be a shining beacon in the world of tourism. However, like every famed travel destination, the country has its own set of rules and regulations. Here are some practical tips on the destination.

  • Most airlines operating international flights to Thailand normally connect at Bangkok.
  • Thai Airways is the national airline of the country and operates a number of flights to Thailand from UK, Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Bangkok is the hub for Thai Airways and conveniently connects other neighbouring popular resorts and destinations through domestic and regional airlines selling cheap tickets.
  • It is easier to come by cheap flights to Thailand during July to September due to monsoons in the main travel areas like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, and Ko Samui.
  • Sometimes visitors, who save hard to fund tickets for cheap flights to Thailand, end up shelling out a lot more due to ignorance of rules. For instance, British passport holders taking a flight to Thailand can stay for 30 days without obtaining a visa in advance. However, a stay beyond this period requires an extension of stay or a valid visa. Failure to adhere by this law can lead to a fine of 500 baht per day for every day of overstay except the first day and can go up to 20,000 baht.
  • With Thailand’s popularity as a tourism destination some unscrupulous visa shops and travel agents lure travellers with cheap visa deals. Note that cheap visas taken from non official and legal sources can land the buyer in jail.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

British Nationals Warned Against Travel to Bahrain by FCO

As Bahrain goes the Egypt way, the British Foreign Office warned its citizens against all but essential travel to the country. Similar kind of warning has been issued for certain sections of Libya.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has been reeling under anti-government demonstrations for quite some time now. As proceedings get murkier and violent, the FCO issued a warning asking travellers to not to book flights to the destination unless it’s absolutely necessary.

FCO was quoted as stating, "In light of recent developments, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office [FCO] has changed its travel advice to advise against all but essential travel to the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Bahrain has been emerging as a red hot tourist destination enticing travellers to book air tickets on cheap flights to the country’s international airport that is located near its capital city, Manama. Several tour operators who specialise in the Middle East packages even churn out attractive packages for Bahrain, offering tickets on cheap flights for low-cost airlines.

However, the current gloomy state of affairs in the country is surely not helping the nation to breakthrough as a truly top holiday spot among holiday makers. Many travellers might now be hesitant in booking flight tickets on airlines to the destination; especially with a travel warning being issued by the FCO.

Similar warning has been meted out by the Foreign Office for Libyan cities like Benghazi, Ajdabiya, Al-Bayda, Al-Marj, Derna, Ajdabiya and Tobruk and areas bordering Sudan, Chad, Niger and Algeria. Nearly 3,500 Britons are believed to be in Libya presently.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Times Continue for United Airlines Passengers

The popular Economy Plus seats of United Airlines are here to stay. Ever since the announcement of the United Continental Merger plan, the frequent flyers of both airlines were concerned a lot over the retention of these seats. However, United Airlines has announced that it will retain these seats and also introduce the same on Continental flights. Frequent flyers planning to book a ticket with United can enjoy their privileges like before.

What makes the Economy Plus section Popular

  • The Economy Plus section seats give passengers the chance to enjoy a comfortable travel on Economy class cheap flights of United Airlines. Check out the salient features of the Economy Plus section and future plans of United here.
  • These seats provide extra legroom space by up to 5 inches and had been introduced aboard United flights in 1999.
  • These seats will be available with Continental Airlines flights from 2012 onwards.
  • More than 150 United Express® regional jets equipped with these seats as well and also offer cheap flights.
  • The Economy Plus section seats are available complimentarily for elite members of Mileage Plus® and OnePass® on all United flights. These members are not charged extra on their tickets for this facility.
  • Economy Plus seats can be booked while buying tickets. In fact, the seats are also available for on line check in and airport check in.
United has plans of rolling out the Economy Plus seats in over 700 mainline aircrafts that include the larger regional as well as the mainline aircrafts of Continental. This will give United 40,000 Economy Plus seats.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Light on Morocco

Morocco, the very name deliciously rolls over the tongue and conjures exotic images of the gleaming golden sands of the Saharan desert, seductive belly dancers, food to die for, addictive souk shopping, and countless other draws, both man made and god made. Buying airline tickets to Morocco proves to be a rewarding experience indeed. The unique contrast of the bath warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea on one hand and the freezing raw beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on the other hand refuse to fade from memory.

Magnificent Monuments of Morocco

If you are booking a ticket for one of the flights to Morocco, brace yourself for a sightseeing tour of some stupendous monuments such as Asilah, Friouato Caves, Citadel of Chellah Gardens, and Boulauane Kasbah. The Friouato Caves are supposedly the largest known cave system of North Africa and treat the beholder to the mesmerising sight of amazing rock formations like stalactites and stalagmites. Those hopping aboard some cheap flight to Morocco during springs can treat themselves to the maddeningly colourful world of the Chellah Gardens.


Being a red hot tourist destination, Morocco offers ample choice in terms of accommodation. For budget travellers, there are plenty of cheap international youth hostels in Marrakech, Tangier, Rabat, and Meknes. Similarly, there is also no dearth of fully serviced beach resorts for those looking for luxurious facilities. Hotels are graded from 1 to 5 categories. There are quite a few non graded hotels as well, which serve as the perfect option for those on a shoestring budget.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Significant Developments at Delta Air Lines Spell Higher Customer Benefits

Air travellers planning to book a ticket with Delta Airlines will be getting a new experience. Besides significant expansion, the airline is investing about $2 billion over the next three years for improving seats, entertainment systems, and renovation of airport lounges. Here are some of the latest happenings in Delta Air Lines.

Plans to Grow in Asia

The airline is eyeing Asia aviation industry as its next goal and seeks to acquire an increased share in the region. The airline has been able to show financial growth in the last year as compared to the previous losses and officials for Asia region believe that the carrier can not invest in customer service and establish itself as even more popular name in the region. The Asian aviation market is highly profitable and there are a number of premium airlines as well as low cost carriers offering cheap flights.

Revamped Premium Economy Section

Come summer and many passengers will find that taking one of the cheap flights aboard Delta’ Economy class can be a pretty comfortable experience. Delta Air Lines would equip the first few rows of its 747, 757, 767, 777, and A330 airlines with new seats. The seats aboard these long haul international flights will have more recline and give up to 4 inches of extra legroom.

Codehsare with GOL

Delta Air Lines recently announced its codeshare with Brazil’s GOL, one of the largest airlines in the country. This adds 15 new destinations in the route network of the airline in South America. The destinations are Curitiba, Cuiaba, Belo Horizonte, Florianopolis, Belem, Fortaleza, Goiania, Iguassu Falls, Joao Pessoa, Vitoria, Teresina, Salvador, Recife, Porto Alegre, and Navegantes.

Endless SkyMiles

SkyMiles with Delta Airlines will no longer expire if members don’t operate their accounts for over two years. The year will bring more facilities to passengers ‘including significant improvements to such as an upgraded award travel calendar, improved booking process and better flight information display’.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visit Bali and Bali will Haunt your Dreams

Want to visit the ‘Island of the Gods’? No, you don’t have to die and go to heaven for that. Simply pick up your airline tickets to Bali as the destination has earned the epithet of Island of the Gods. While spectacular natural views like volcanic hilltops, verdant tropical jungles, and gently rolling rice terraces soothe the sense of sight, a world of global and local culinary delights turn puritans into gourmets. Everything about Bali is unforgettable, be it the mind blowing massages at Kuta and Legian, checking out the centuries old Pura Ulun Danu Bratan temple, getting high on adrenalin at the Blue Lagoon, or just gazing at the marvellous Jimbaran Beach Sunset. A cheap trip to this Indonesian heaven will breathe new life into you.


If you are shopaholic and have decided to book flights to Bali, be prepared to pick up some cheap but exquisite Indonesian souvenirs such as artworks and crafts. Those who love bargain hunting should definitely try out the shops in Ubud. Similarly, the beach shops also overflow with quite a few easily affordable goodies. However, shopping is just one reason for catching some cheap flight to Bali. The destination is also a marvellous sightseeing place.


Although, there is no dearth of sightseeing opportunities in Bali, the destination is a major draw with beach birds and offers ample nesting opportunities at the beach towns of Pemuteran, Lovina, and Amed. Similarly, there are scores of adventure treks as well with a hot favourite one being the Mt Batur volcano trek. Bali will definitely satiate the mind, body, and soul of the most jaded traveller.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Romantic Ideas for a Seychelles Trip

The Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, seems to be a place straight out of some fairytale. Rare exotic wildlife, gleaming virginal beaches, divine wining and dining, bath warm waters of the sea, and quite a few cheap but luxurious resorts all make Seychelles a compelling destination for romance. In fact, with its raw natural beauty and delightful sense of isolation, Seychelles plays host to dozens of honeymooning couples. A good research about outdoor activities is advisable before deciding the duration of your trip and booking your airline tickets.

A Long Drive

Travellers, especially honeymooners and couples are likely to be captivated by the immense natural appeal of the place as soon as they disembark from their flight to Seychelles. And almost like a reflex action, many consider hiring a car for a drive through Mahé and heading straight to Victoria. Once there, pleasantly tired couples try to absorb the serenity of the unhurried pace of life in Seychelles by aimlessly roaming through the streets hand in hand and treating each other to souvenirs from the quaint boutique shops.

A Nature Walk

If a trip to Seychelles has been a dream for you and your partner, and if you have made painstaking efforts planning your holiday and booking cheap flights to Seychelles, then ensure that you keep aside a day or two for exploring any of the numerous tranquil nature trails here. Without these, your romantic getaway to Seychelles may remain incomplete. If you are lucky, you will probably walk for miles without encountering a living soul and the only sights would be the magnificent flora and fauna Seychelles has been blessed with.


Although, snorkelling sounds more like adventure, numerous couples plan to include it in their itinerary to Seychelles. Try out any of the famous snorkelling spots like Silhouette or Baie Ternay Marine National Park and treat yourself and your partner to the sights of colourful underwater life forms like tropical reef fish, lion fish, parrotfish, sea turtles, and damsel fish. Finally, call it a day by watching a glorious beach sunset and take a candle-lit dinner under the stars.

Monday, February 14, 2011

BA Strike Update – Unite Likely to Miss Royal Wedding

Unite has no plans of ruining the festive mood of the Britons during the royal wedding as there is very little chance of the union going on a strike during the mega public event if the strike ballot authorises them with industrial action.

Unite a union that represents British Airways’ cabin crew, has been entangled with the airline in a perennial dispute over conditions, pay and the removal of staff perks. So far the dispute has caused £150 million to the national airline apart from creating utmost discomfort to the travellers. A number of flights were cancelled during past strikes and airports witnessed complete chaos as BA cabin crew staged walkouts.

Reports that the union is unlikely to go on a strike during Royal Wedding will surely please holiday makers who booked their tickets on flights well in advance in order to make sure that they won’t have to loot a bank for their flight tickets later. Cheap tickets on flights will surely be a utopian concept in the peak travel period later on.

Speculations were rife that strike will indeed take place during the royal wedding when Len McCluskey, Unite’s general secretary, refused to rule out the royal wedding as a possible action period. However, now it is believed that Unite wants no disruptions during the major event.

"It is a bank holiday. I doubt whether many of our members will want to take strike action," McCluskey was quoted as stating in an interview given to the BBC this month.

Fuel Price Hike Translates as Higher Airfares

The surging prices of fuel have also resulted in spiralling airfares. In fact, United Airlines and Continental Airlines have been reported to have increased their round trip ticket fares by about $20 to $60. As per the Associated Press, travellers booking ‘first class and instant-upgrade tickets’ would be effected by the rise in fares’. The Associated Press further reported that such travellers ‘are less likely to put off or cancel trips because of rising prices’. In fact, leisure travel since mid December has become more expensive as price hikes have been implemented four times within the time frame.

Qantas Also Plans to Hike Fares

Flights with Qantas are also set to become more expensive with the airline announcing plans to increase the price of tickets in the trans-Tasman, regional, and domestic sectors by up to 5%. This will come as a major dampener for quite a few travellers looking for cheap flights with Qantas. The airline, with one of its major hubs in Sydney Airport, blamed the rising average prices in Singapore Jet Fuel (SJF) and West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil (WTICO).

Comments from Qantas CEO

Mr Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas said ‘Airlines in Australia and around the world continue to monitor oil and fuel prices very closely, and many have already responded to the current high prices with changes to their surcharges and fares’. He further commented
‘Domestic, regional and Tasman fares have been under review and, while we have been absorbing higher fuel costs for some time, this increase is an appropriate response to this significant and additional cost to our business’.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

BA Crew to Vote Again On Strike Ballot

British Airways seems to have won a minor battle in the war between the airline and the crew members. The crew union, Unite was forced to scrap its plans for the impending strike after BA challenged the legality of the union members’ ballot that took place in January.

Unite had no other option but to cancel its plans of fresh walk-outs as BA warned its crew members of dismissal if and when they become part of any such ‘illegal’ strike. This comes as good news for holiday makers who have winter travel plans and have landed with cheap tickets on BA’s flights. Given the havoc past BA crew strikes have caused on airports and the number of flights that have been grounded, it surely is a battle won for the British Airways.

However, not everything is hunky dory for the UK’s national airline that offers flight tickets for many destinations all over the world. As Unite’s January ballot becomes inconsequential, the union plans to go for fresh ballot to decide strike action. And with the royal wedding coming up, BA has all the fears in the world that its crew will stage a walkout during the wedding, which is supposed to be a peak business time for the airline. Even travellers who hope to take advantage of public holidays during the time by booking cheap tickets on flights to different holiday destinations seem to fear the same.

BA however is trying every trick in its book to stop the union from going on a strike during the all-important royal wedding.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Discover the best of Asia – Get on Flights to Colombo

Sri Lanka is well-renowned among tourists for offering great diversity in everything there is to experience and Colombo, its capital city, is perhaps the perfect illustration of the diversity that the country so proudly and rightfully boasts of!

An extremely amazing holiday destination, Colombo is as diversified as it gets – be it culture, food or people! Grab flights to Colombo and experience the multiplicity of cultures yourself! Find ancient, grand colonial structures standing next to the glamorous and trendy contemporary architecture as you traverse the city.

Apart from its very apparent diversity, Colombo is known for its startling beauty that is portrayed brilliantly though it’s verdant greens. In fact, you might be even surprised by the pockets of greenery that adorn the land even as the industrialised Colombo rides the tide of development. The Fort, Dutch Period Museum, Buddhist and Hindu temples and beaches are few of the major Colombo attractions that make cheap flights to Colombo as popular as the city itself.

Air Services to Colombo

There is no shortage of airlines offering services to and from Colombo. Sri Lankan Airlines, the national carrier is perhaps one of the most preferred ones by the travellers. Flights to Colombo are available from different parts Europe, United States, Southeast Asia and China. Qatar Airlines and Emirates are other popular options among European travellers. Holiday makers who plan early and conduct proper research can land up with cheap tickets to Colombo, special travel packages and other exciting deals.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Tips for Slick New Zealand Travel

New Zealand remains one of the most familiar names in the sector of travel and tourism. The country has managed to retain its virginal beauty despite being a hot bed for tourism. However, an ignorance of certain rules can ruin one’s holidays to the country. Here are some travel tips on New Zealand.

Booking Flights

  • Booking tickets for flights departing for Christchurch or Auckland from Heathrow can be a good bet for bagging cheap flights to New Zealand. Tickets on these itineraries often prove to be cheap.
  • Popular airlines for flights to New Zealand include Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Malaysian Airlines, and Singapore Airlines.
  • The months of May and June offer better prospects of cheap flights to New Zealand as business slows down during these two months. Visitors can also expect to find cheap hotel deals during these months.

Entry Requirements
  • British passport holders without a visa can go ahead and book their flights to New Zealand as they can enter the country on arrival as visitors. They are allowed to stay without visa for six months subject to certain conditions.
  • There are strict immigration laws in New Zealand, especially regarding employment. Travellers planning to book their flights to New Zealand in search of employment need to be sure that they have a visa, which allows this.
  • The New Zealand High Commission in London is the right place for detailed information on immigration for anyone planning to buy tickets to the destination.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Travel Solo – Get on Your Flight of Fancy

Solo travel is like breaking away the monotony of life to find refuge in an outer bigger world where no one knows you! It is like taking birth once again into a world that is foreign and completely unknown to you!

Solo holidays are highly popular in the modern times where people like to leave their lives and worries behind. People tend to gain on confidence and self-belief as they face the real world all by themselves. Solo travel can in fact be real confidence boosters for some and can totally change their lives. However, it has to be said that most do not look for confidence boost when they embark upon a journey all alone; they rather do it to have some fun. No wonder number of single leisure travellers seeking cheap flights tickets to different corners of the world is increasing day by day.

Asia - Popular Solo Travel Destination

Be it Thailand, India, Nepal or Indonesia – solo travelling to Asian countries is truly fulfilling and satisfying as most believe it is the ‘real’ world. Cheap flights to India are highly popular among single tourists as the place is breeding ground of spirituality and different religious studies. Flights to India takes travellers in a country that for centuries has assisted people in getting in touch with their inner self. Flight tickets to Nepal and Thailand are also extremely popular among solo travellers.

With basic safety and health precautions, Solo travel can be really fun and enlightening for travellers.

FCO Announces a New Charter Flight as Egypt Descends Into Violence

FCO’s special charter carrier is set to take off from the Cairo International Airport amidst growing tension in the country. Meanwhile, FCO announced another flight for its fellow citizens stuck in the country that just witnessed a gruesome attack on anti-government protestors by a mob of pro-government supporters in Tahrir Square.

Foreign Office’s first charter that is slated to depart today is carrying out nearly 180 Britons out of the country. Passengers on the special flight are required to shell out £300 per air ticket, which is approximately the same amount for an air ticket with a commercial airline would cost, a move that has been criticised by many.

FCO defended its decision of not offering cheap tickets on the flight as it does not want to undermine commercial airlines by offering tickets in much a cheap flight.

FCO also advised travellers to get out of Cairo as early as possible as political heat is set to rise in the region.

"The situation in Cairo remains unpredictable, and the FCO advises all British nationals to leave the city unless they have a pressing reason to stay," FCO spokesperson was quoted by online resources.

"A large team remains on the ground, including significant specialist reinforcements sent in the course of the last week from London and other British Embassies in the region.

"Staff who is not immediately involved in responding to the crisis or helping British nationals are being temporarily removed in line with our travel advice," the spokesperson further added.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dubai Summer Special Offer

South African Airways Special

Three Marvellous Las Vegas Holiday Stopovers

Las Vegas travel is usually associated with gambling. Although, many visitors make their airline bookings to experience gambling, which is the mainstay of tourism here, there are quite a few other lures in this world famous travel destination as well Read on for some of the other tourism jewels of Las Vegas that makes countless airlines operate cheap flights to the city.

Bellagio Fountains

If you are booking a flight to USA, Las Vegas, make sure to visit the Bellagio Fountains. The waters rocketing up to a height of some 460 feet make for a magnificent sight. The Bellagio Fountains also doubles up as a spot for famed musical themes like One Singular Sensation and Con Te Partiro. Book early if you are looking for cheap flights to USA. The tickets are usually cheap during the summers.

Show in the Sky

The ‘Show in the Sky’ at the Rio will make your flight to USA, Las Vegas all the more worthwhile. There is no end to music and dance performances and buying tickets at the box office also entitles guests to gyrate away on the float with the performers. Spectators don’t have to pay anything. The performances include numbers like Vogue, Work It, Naughty Girl, and Sexy Back. Show in the Sky will definitely go a long way in justifying whatever you paid while booking your cheap flight to USA.

Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience is an unforgettable part of a Las Vegas trip. The hottest attraction of Fremont Street is the frenetic the Viva Vision canopy and light show. The Fremont Street is a wonderful place for some cheap souvenir hunting as well.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheap Flights to India – Getting Hotter in 2011

Travel to India to experience the extremities of natural beauty reflected through beaches, mountains, forests and deserts, or to enjoy the modern day amenities symbolised through hotels, restaurants and malls. India tourism is sure to be big thing as the year 2011 rolls on and different Indian facets egg on tourists to book cheap tickets on different airlines to India.

India is going through a splendid era and many experts believe that India is going to one of the countries that shine the brightest in the coming future. India tourism is at all time high with travellers from every part of the globe hoping to grab cheap flights to India. Travel to India in 2011 and feel the pulsating, vibrating energy that sizzles though the entire nation. Flights to India are in huge demand as the country gets ready to co-host the Cricket World Cup 2011. Travel agents are rolling out great holiday packages to capitalise on the frenzy created by this incredible country.

Delhi Beckons Cricket Lovers

Delhi is one of the biggest reasons cheap flights to India have a kind of popularity that remains unmatched around the world. In 2011, the city just adds to its list of attractions and is almost ‘forcing’ tourists to grab flights to India. Apart from the Cricket World Cup, the world class facilities of Delhi ensure that tourists who embark from different airlines have the best of times in the finest of settings.

Goa and Taj Mahal are other major Indian attractions that entice travellers to look out for cheap tickets of airlines to India in 2011.

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Egypt Crisis – British Tourists Stuck at Cairo Airport

Cairo International Airport was the scene of extreme chaos last night as heaps of British travellers got stuck at the airport after different flights were grounded.

Heeding the advice of the Foreign Office to leave Egypt, a number of Britons decided to travel to the international airport yesterday only to be told that their flights have been cancelled as the airport staff got engulfed in the crisis sweeping across the country. As many as 30,000 British national are reported to be stranded in Egypt.

Authorities had previously grounded all UK to Egypt flights and holiday plans of those who landed up with cheap flights to the popular holiday destinations were wiped out.

Tempers were also running high among the British tourists amidst the reports that British Airways and few other airlines were trying to cash in on the situation by escalating ticket prices. However BA refuted the charges and insisted there were no increase in tickets costs. BA’s spokesman was quoted by online resources as stating, "Tickets are selling at a normal price, we have made no changes to our fares policy."

BA’s spokesman also added, "We are trying to operate normally, but we have had to amend plane times to comply with the curfew.

BMI, popular airline among Britons for cheap flights, is hoping to air its UK-bound flights on Monday.

British Foreign Office's response to the crisis was also criticised as reports of countries like India and United States organising special flights for their citizens trickled in.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Swiss Air

If most hospitable airlines of the world were about to be listed then Swiss Air would certainly rank on the top. Swiss Air has redefined hospitality in Europe and attained new heights.

Official Website:
The website is a useful guide for searching booking information, airfares and the different cheap airfare offers put up by the airline at frequent intervals.

London Heathrow Airport, Ticket Desk, Terminal 1, Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 1EW

Find cheap flights offers of Swiss Air from UK Airports.