Friday, February 4, 2011

FCO Announces a New Charter Flight as Egypt Descends Into Violence

FCO’s special charter carrier is set to take off from the Cairo International Airport amidst growing tension in the country. Meanwhile, FCO announced another flight for its fellow citizens stuck in the country that just witnessed a gruesome attack on anti-government protestors by a mob of pro-government supporters in Tahrir Square.

Foreign Office’s first charter that is slated to depart today is carrying out nearly 180 Britons out of the country. Passengers on the special flight are required to shell out £300 per air ticket, which is approximately the same amount for an air ticket with a commercial airline would cost, a move that has been criticised by many.

FCO defended its decision of not offering cheap tickets on the flight as it does not want to undermine commercial airlines by offering tickets in much a cheap flight.

FCO also advised travellers to get out of Cairo as early as possible as political heat is set to rise in the region.

"The situation in Cairo remains unpredictable, and the FCO advises all British nationals to leave the city unless they have a pressing reason to stay," FCO spokesperson was quoted by online resources.

"A large team remains on the ground, including significant specialist reinforcements sent in the course of the last week from London and other British Embassies in the region.

"Staff who is not immediately involved in responding to the crisis or helping British nationals are being temporarily removed in line with our travel advice," the spokesperson further added.

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