Saturday, February 12, 2011

BA Crew to Vote Again On Strike Ballot

British Airways seems to have won a minor battle in the war between the airline and the crew members. The crew union, Unite was forced to scrap its plans for the impending strike after BA challenged the legality of the union members’ ballot that took place in January.

Unite had no other option but to cancel its plans of fresh walk-outs as BA warned its crew members of dismissal if and when they become part of any such ‘illegal’ strike. This comes as good news for holiday makers who have winter travel plans and have landed with cheap tickets on BA’s flights. Given the havoc past BA crew strikes have caused on airports and the number of flights that have been grounded, it surely is a battle won for the British Airways.

However, not everything is hunky dory for the UK’s national airline that offers flight tickets for many destinations all over the world. As Unite’s January ballot becomes inconsequential, the union plans to go for fresh ballot to decide strike action. And with the royal wedding coming up, BA has all the fears in the world that its crew will stage a walkout during the wedding, which is supposed to be a peak business time for the airline. Even travellers who hope to take advantage of public holidays during the time by booking cheap tickets on flights to different holiday destinations seem to fear the same.

BA however is trying every trick in its book to stop the union from going on a strike during the all-important royal wedding.

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