Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egypt Crisis – British Tourists Stuck at Cairo Airport

Cairo International Airport was the scene of extreme chaos last night as heaps of British travellers got stuck at the airport after different flights were grounded.

Heeding the advice of the Foreign Office to leave Egypt, a number of Britons decided to travel to the international airport yesterday only to be told that their flights have been cancelled as the airport staff got engulfed in the crisis sweeping across the country. As many as 30,000 British national are reported to be stranded in Egypt.

Authorities had previously grounded all UK to Egypt flights and holiday plans of those who landed up with cheap flights to the popular holiday destinations were wiped out.

Tempers were also running high among the British tourists amidst the reports that British Airways and few other airlines were trying to cash in on the situation by escalating ticket prices. However BA refuted the charges and insisted there were no increase in tickets costs. BA’s spokesman was quoted by online resources as stating, "Tickets are selling at a normal price, we have made no changes to our fares policy."

BA’s spokesman also added, "We are trying to operate normally, but we have had to amend plane times to comply with the curfew.

BMI, popular airline among Britons for cheap flights, is hoping to air its UK-bound flights on Monday.

British Foreign Office's response to the crisis was also criticised as reports of countries like India and United States organising special flights for their citizens trickled in.

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