Friday, February 4, 2011

Travel Solo – Get on Your Flight of Fancy

Solo travel is like breaking away the monotony of life to find refuge in an outer bigger world where no one knows you! It is like taking birth once again into a world that is foreign and completely unknown to you!

Solo holidays are highly popular in the modern times where people like to leave their lives and worries behind. People tend to gain on confidence and self-belief as they face the real world all by themselves. Solo travel can in fact be real confidence boosters for some and can totally change their lives. However, it has to be said that most do not look for confidence boost when they embark upon a journey all alone; they rather do it to have some fun. No wonder number of single leisure travellers seeking cheap flights tickets to different corners of the world is increasing day by day.

Asia - Popular Solo Travel Destination

Be it Thailand, India, Nepal or Indonesia – solo travelling to Asian countries is truly fulfilling and satisfying as most believe it is the ‘real’ world. Cheap flights to India are highly popular among single tourists as the place is breeding ground of spirituality and different religious studies. Flights to India takes travellers in a country that for centuries has assisted people in getting in touch with their inner self. Flight tickets to Nepal and Thailand are also extremely popular among solo travellers.

With basic safety and health precautions, Solo travel can be really fun and enlightening for travellers.

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