Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Times Continue for United Airlines Passengers

The popular Economy Plus seats of United Airlines are here to stay. Ever since the announcement of the United Continental Merger plan, the frequent flyers of both airlines were concerned a lot over the retention of these seats. However, United Airlines has announced that it will retain these seats and also introduce the same on Continental flights. Frequent flyers planning to book a ticket with United can enjoy their privileges like before.

What makes the Economy Plus section Popular

  • The Economy Plus section seats give passengers the chance to enjoy a comfortable travel on Economy class cheap flights of United Airlines. Check out the salient features of the Economy Plus section and future plans of United here.
  • These seats provide extra legroom space by up to 5 inches and had been introduced aboard United flights in 1999.
  • These seats will be available with Continental Airlines flights from 2012 onwards.
  • More than 150 United Express® regional jets equipped with these seats as well and also offer cheap flights.
  • The Economy Plus section seats are available complimentarily for elite members of Mileage Plus® and OnePass® on all United flights. These members are not charged extra on their tickets for this facility.
  • Economy Plus seats can be booked while buying tickets. In fact, the seats are also available for on line check in and airport check in.
United has plans of rolling out the Economy Plus seats in over 700 mainline aircrafts that include the larger regional as well as the mainline aircrafts of Continental. This will give United 40,000 Economy Plus seats.

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