Friday, December 31, 2010

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand is certainly amongst the leading airlines in the world with 20000 flights travelling to over 178 countries in the world. The airlines has set higher hospitability standards than ever before.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
Address: Air New Zealand Ltd, 26-28 Hammersmith Grove London W6 7EN.
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Air Mauritius

Air Mauritius is a luxurious three star airline which is based out of the Mauritian Capital. The airline is famous for providing an array of entertainment facilities on board like movies and interactive games.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Air India

Air India was incepted in the year 1932 and since then it has attained a number of milestones. The word extravagant seems to be an understatement when one talks about the indulgent dining and wining experience aboard.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
Address: 1st Floor Great West House, Great West Road. Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9DF.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year 2011 in Goa: The Ultimate Party Destination

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Air France

Air France is certainly one of the leading airlines in Europe. The airline has scaled global footprints in a very short span of time by establishing operational partnerships and with a number of international carriers. 
Special Feature: Air France leaves no stone unturned in helping travellers save precious time. Guests travelling with Air France can save precious time before the scheduled departure time. One can easily use the online check in facility provided on the airline’s website. 

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.
Address: Air France, Heathrow - London Airport, Terminal 4
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy New Year 2011! Say It in Thailand This Time

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Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest full service airline in Canada and undoubtedly the most luxurious as well. The airline travels to 178 destinations at different corners of the globe. Air Canada is quite famous for Maple Leaf Lounges which are spread across various airports in Canada and abroad.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Etihad Airways Flights

Etihad Airways absolutely lives up to the standards that one can expect of an Arabian airline. The carrier has a lot to offer in terms of luxury, convenience, competitive airfares, and an overall stunning ambience.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.

Address: The ticket office is located in Terminal 4, Zone C, London Heathrow Airport.

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New Year is here. USA is calling. Go, Go, Go!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snow briefly dampened holidaymaker’s Xmas plans – Thinks looking Bright Now

The heavens opened up last week and it snowed and snowed. So much so that many of the UK airports got frozen up, especially London Heathrow Airport. Many people’s Christmas plans went for a toss as flights got cancelled. However, air ticket holders can take comfort in the fact that services are slowly but steadily being resumed. Here is a little light on the scene so far.

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow that operates quite a few cheap flights to different destinations and its closure became a major dampener. However, with the clearance of snow from both of its runways, the airport gradually resumed flights. In fact, numerous flights of different airlines that had been diverted to other airports were rescheduled to fly from London Heathrow as per original schedule. Similarly, with improved conditions in other airports such as Gatwick, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, passengers can look forward to smoother travel.

British Airways Suffers Millions in Losses

British Airways is one of the most adversely affected airlines. Analysts speculate that the airline lost about £8m to £10m everyday due to cancellation of flights. Passengers who had booked early tickets to get cheap flights with the airlines had to face a lot of disappointment. However, things have started to look better. In fact, the airline is hopeful of operating its full long haul departure schedule from Heathrow on 23rd January (today) and 24th January (tomorrow), besides operating usual schedules at Gatwick and London City airports.

According to latest media inputs, British Airways has even commented that it had to unnecessarily axe many flights because British Airports Authority failed to provide timely information on the progress of clearance work at the runway.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

USA Christmas Holidays: Symbolised Best by Florida

Christmas holidays in the United States of America offer you a chance to experience the convergence of customs that merge together to form a distinctive Christmas tradition that symbolise the true Christmas spirit.

Christmas in USA is a magical time for people of all ages, groups and interests. People from all across the globe catch flights to USA to find out how the most powerful country in the world celebrates the most popular festival of the world.

Plan your Christmas holidays as 2010 drifts away in the oblivion of time and 2011 dawns on the horizon just like the early morning Sun. Witness the glorious American traditions and celebration in person and in detail. Christmas holidays is perhaps the most ideal time to spend some special moments of life with your loved ones and there are very few places better than the US to do that in.

American cities offer a wonderful opportunity to the holiday makers to experience excellent shopping options, rich architecture and heritage, wonderful beaches and splendid mountain ranges.

USA is a huge nation with extreme geographical diversity and it is indeed difficult to list down top Christmas holiday attractions. However to state that Florida is one of the most sought after Christmas holiday destination among families might not be something that may raise many eyebrows.

Christmas in Florida
If North Pole is engulfed by the phenomenon of the Global Warming, then Florida will be perhaps the top contender for being Santa Clause’s new home. Ask your kid to name different American states, chances are Florida will be on the top of their list! Amazingly popular among kids, Florida and especially Orlando is the ideal place to be with your family on these Christmas holidays just as 2011 peeps in.

Let your kids enjoy the Mickey’s Very Merry Disney Party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, regarded by many as the ultimate Christmas party. The celebration feature live entertainment, remarkable fireworks and wonderful holiday parade.

The SeaWorld at Orlando allows you to enjoy the season and create festive memories that will be with you all throughout your life. The festive decorations at the park surpass all expectations as it turns into a mesmeric holiday wonderland. A fantastic holiday fountain, exceptional yuletide shows and enchanting live holiday music make this place a must visit for all holiday travellers to USA.

Hop onto the Polar Express Experience to enjoy once in a lifetime journey that will definitely transport you to the vivacious spirit of the season.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Chaos Continues To Hit UK Airports

Christmas season this year is turning out to be a nightmare for travellers stuck in the different UK airport as snowfall disrupted flight movement across Britain.

London Heathrow turned out to be the worst-affected with the airport cancelling all of its incoming flights on Sunday. The chaos continues to pervade the airport with fresh flight cancellations on Monday and Tuesday.

Airport officials cautioned that it could take as long as next week before the backlog of flights can be cleared and normal operations can resume.

Travellers’ Trouble
Travellers who got their tickets and were hoping to spend some quality time with their families during the holiday season got a reality check with thousands of them still at the Heathrow waiting for the flights to take off. Passengers who were lucky enough to book early and grab cheap tickets on flights proved to be not so lucky after all as LHR was inundated with stranded holiday travellers.

Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond promised an inquiry into the matter and acknowledged the public indignation as travel plans of thousands went for a toss.

Airlines Grounded

British Airways, the national airline of the United Kingdom, grounded 70 of 130 departures at Heathrow, and 89 of its 133 arrivals on Monday. The airline expects more cancellations for Tuesday.

"Severe weather continues to cause significant disruption to our operation and will do so in the run up to Christmas," the airline said in a statement released on Tuesday.

Budget airline Ryanair, popular for cheap flight tickets, was among those which were grounded at different airports.

News Source: Southall Travel News

Monday, December 20, 2010

It’s Time for Thailand Style Christmas

At last, Christmas is here! Or at least it will be here in another week or so! People of all ages in different parts of the world have been waiting for perhaps the most famous date in the world, the 25th December. Christmas has to be the most popular festival around the globe with almost half of world’s population immersing themselves each year in the intoxicatingly wonderful seasonal spirit. Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! But how about experiencing the magic of Christmas holidays in some foreign far-off land? What about exploring the festival’s excitement and thrill in a different manner against an equally different backdrop?

Christmas in Thailand

Welcome to Thailand! If crazy celebration is what you seek; then my friends, that is what you will get at this wonderfully unusual place.

No one parties like the Thais and celebrations for Christmas in Thailand are no exceptions. Being a Buddhist-dominated nation, it is indeed pleasantly surprising to see Thailand ‘forested’ with beautiful Christmas trees and echoing with clanging of jingle bells.

You will notice while on holidays during Christmas in Thailand that the festival has almost nothing to do with religion. It’s more about fun and excitement. Tickets on flights to Thailand are tickets to a land of perennial thrill and excitement, an incredible place that brims with celebratory fervour and zeal. With Christmas along with the fast approaching New Year 2011, the celebratory mood in the nation surely knows no bounds.

Shopping malls in the nation celebrate the blissful occasion by playing Christmas songs and having individuals dress up as Santa Claus. Brilliant festival decorations will greet you everywhere you go!

A visit to Thailand’s jazziest city, Bangkok is a must on your Christmas holidays in the country! With Christmas and New Year 2011 coming up, one might find Bangkok packed with tourists and locals but the city is never over loaded and is still capable of dazzling and delighting visitors with its incredible array of shopping attractions and mesmerising decorations.

Check out the magnificent palm trees in front of the Siam Paragon – a huge mall boasting superb decorations. The Peninsula Plaza also features some of finest decorations and displays that are surely capable of delighting and amusing the child that is inside every one of us.

Lumpini Park is another place which screams Christmas at top its voice through jazzy decorations and preparations.

For those of you who are looking to try and capture some traditional Christmas spirit, Bangkok features a number of Churches, like Christ Church Bangkok, Evangelical Church of Bangkok and International Church of Bangkok.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

BA Cancelled long haul and short haul flights

Due to bad weather conditions in whole of the UK and specifically in London, British Airways has cancelled certain long haul as well as short haul flights from London Heathrow and London Gatwick Airports which were scheduled to depart between 10 am and 5 pm GMT.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Egypt Beaches

Egypt Resort Beaches Open with New Security Measures‎

Egypt authorities lifted the ban that they imposed upon the beaches of Sharm El Sheikh that has been beleaguered by a series of shark attacks over the last two weeks.

The beaches were closed after several attacks over the past week that culminated in the death of a German woman.

"We have allowed the beaches to reopen on condition hotel owners adhere to new controls to ensure the safety of foreign tourists while diving or swimming," South Sinai Governor Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha told reporters.

Regular sea patrols along with rigorous beach shoreline monitoring are few measures that the authorities hope to implement. Tourists are also advised to remain within designated areas.

Tourists who landed up with cheap tickets on flights to Sharm El Sheikh faced disappointment after loosing out on the opportunity to enjoy the region’s popular diving spots. The ban relaxation will surely bring a smile to the faces of such tourists as well as local shop keepers.

Attacks spell downturn for Sharm El Sheikh’s Tourism
Sharm El Sheikh is a popular tourist destination that attracts travellers and entices them to book cheap flights and travel to the region. A number of airlines operate regular flights from UK to Sharm El Sheikh, and cheap tickets on such airlines are big in demand.

The Sharm El Sheikh International Airport has witnessed less frantic activity as opposed to the normal times. Tourists are willing to wait and get more information before actually grabbing tickets on flights to Sharm El Sheikh.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Reasons to Book Indirect Flights

Many travellers make dedicated online searches for indirect flights owing to some unique benefits available with such flights. Other than being cheap, indirect flights have certain exciting trappings of their own. Here are some of the advantages one gets to enjoy by booking these flights.

Economic Air Travel

The most common reason compelling people to book indirect flights or more specifically connecting flights is the fact that such flights are cheaper than direct ones. Travellers split up their journey into different legs and make their own choices for selecting the different carriers serving that particular sector. This allows them to compare the fares of different airlines and narrowing down the search for cheap tickets.

Chance to Experience Different Airlines

Making indirect flight bookings is a wonderful way to fly with different airlines during the course of one’s journey as opposed to direct flight, which restricts you to just one particular airline. For instance, if you take a direct Emirates plane from London to India, you will only get to see what Emirates has to offer. On the other hand, someone who flies with different airline from London to Dubai or Abu Dhabi and thereafter boarding a connecting flight to Delhi will get to experience two airlines.

Exploring Different Countries

Most people love to travel to foreign lands and booking long haul indirect flights goes a long way towards satisfying this wish. For instance, travellers who fly from London to Sydney get the chance to take stopovers in alluring Far East destinations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok. However, you would need a long stopover to explore such destinations and also comply with the entry requirements of that country.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Etihad Adds Sheen to Manchester Airport with New Premium Lounge

UAE’s national airline, Etihad Airways has offered a Christmas gift to its premium class passengers by inaugurating a luxury lounge at the Manchester Airport’s Terminal 1.

The opening ceremony of the lounge was hosted by Manchester City Football Club’s Manager, Roberto Mancini; Garry Cook, MCFC Chief Executive; and Mike Summerbee, MCFC ambassador. Manchester Airport’s lounge also features a specially designed gallery that showcases memorabilia of the Manchester City Football Club.
It must be noted that Manchester City Football Club has been sponsored by Etihad Airways since 2009.

Earlier this year, Etihad Airways increased its operations in North West England leading to an availability of 2,100 additional seats per week on the route. The increased number of seats has benefited holiday travellers looking for tickets on cheap flights as well as for business travellers who seek premium class tickets.

With world class facilities at the Manchester Airport lounge, the airline is making sure that premium class ticket holders are comfortable throughout their travel.

Etihad Airways has been operational in the city since 2006 and provides connecting cheap flights from Manchester to Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow through BMI. The airline also offers flights from Manchester to Isle of Man, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Southampton and Inverness via Flybe.

The Lounge - Amenities & Facilities
The ultra-stylish lounge at the Manchester Airport boasts of several incredible business services and amenities. The lounge features wonderful dining facilities, a highly advanced business centre, a family room and luxurious bathrooms and shower facilities for passengers boarding flights from the airport.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Explore the Royal City of Lucknow

If you are embarking on a trip to India then Lucknow is one heart warming destination, which has often been sidelined by some of the more talked about tourist spots of India. With a rich legacy of the Raj days and Nawabi traditions, the city hides charming architectural wonders.

Perhaps the biggest attraction of Lucknow is the Bada Imambara complex famed for its magnificent ceiling, without a single supporting pillar. This hall is supposed to be the largest such oddity in the world.

A graceful mosque called the Asfi mosque straddles the Bada Imambara’s courtyard. Definitely worth checking out is the Bhool Bhulaiya maze atop the Imambara. One is extremely unlikely to find the way out without a guide’s assistance. The Bada Imambara complex also boasts a magnificent 5 storied step well known as the Shahi Bawli. Three of the stories lie submerged in water.

In fact, Lucknow is full of architectural jewels like Rumi Darwaza, Moti Mahal, the Jama Masjid, and Chhattar Manzil.

The revolt of 1857 seems to come alive as one visits the Residency, a stately colonial construction. Almost every wall bears evidence of heavy artillery attack. Other dazzling colonial reminders are the 221 feet tall clock tower, the hauntingly beautiful La Martiniere School.

For bargain hunters, the Aminabad market proves to be a happy hunting ground offering goodies like chikan garments and silver jewellery. Lucknow is also the gourmet’s paradise with kingly delicacies. This magical city definitely merits a consideration for everyone who books flights to India. Although, direct flights to India for Lucknow airport are not available presently, the city is well connected with local flights, railways, and cabs.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kerala Appropriately Crowned the Best Asian Holiday Destination

Kerala holidays is an enchanting experience with eye-catching landscapes, brain drifting backwaters, incredible mounds, wonderful wildlife parks and sanctuaries and dazzling sun-kissed beaches. The region offers a host of opportunities for the travellers who are looking for adventurous getaway along with serene natural beauty.

A mesmerising blend of multiple cultures, traditions and notions, Kerala is a holiday destination of a lifetime. The place incorporates everything that charms and appeals to the most astute of travellers. Be it the wonderful beaches, misty hill stations, spiritual pilgrim centres or grand historic monuments – just one visit to the God’s own country and you will know why Kerala has all the lovely epithets associated.

The capital of the state, Trivandrum is a popular destination with palm fringed beaches, virginal lagoons, undulating mountains, verdant tropical greenery and captivating sunsets. Trivandrum flights continue to transport an ever increasing number of tourists to Kerala as the state has made an indelible mark on the world tourism map.

In a poll carried out by an independent online travel magazine ‘Smart Travel Asia’, Kerala has been voted by travellers as the best Asian holiday destination beating the likes of Bali, Phuket and the Maldives. Nearly 60 percent of voters who took part in the poll are based in Asia, while 20 per cent live in UK/Europe and 20 per cent in North America.

Last month, Trivandrum also hosted the first Indian edition of the British Hay on Wye Literature Festival which saw a number of literary enthusiasts of international fame heading towards the God’s Own Country.

Most international travellers booking flights to India for the first time pick Kerala for their holidays. Flights to Trivandrum are available from many UK airports however Heathrow is a preferred airport to depart from for a great choice of flights and timings.

Despite many accolades and natural grandeur that is not to be found anywhere else, the state is considered as a pocket friendly destination with a number of cheap flights and some of the best hotels in India.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Qatar CEO Severely Reprimands Air France

Qatar, along with other Gulf-based airlines is in a mad race to develop the Gulf as a major airline hub. This necessitates a high number of planes for these airliners at a brisk pace. However, friction with traditional European players has become a dampener. Media sources revealed that Mr Akbar Al Baker, the Qatar boss, came down heavily upon Air France for not cooperating to resolve the issue. He was quoted as saying ‘The hand of friendship extended to Air France has not been reciprocated and this is not conducive to relations between our countries’. Other comments included ‘People have to change their perception of Arab carriers. We have to make money. Our governments have made it clear we have to stand on own feet or shrink’ and ‘We don't have an oil well behind our headquarters to fuel our growth’.

What the Tussle is all about

European carriers are apprehensive that if there is a rise in the number of Gulf based fleets, they will lose out on their share of the pie. The scenario can prove beneficial for customers as there are chances that such a development would increase cheap flight options. However, European and the US carriers have stated that the credit rules are unfair. The credit rules allow sanctioning of export loans for Gulf-based airliners if they buy planes from Airbus or Boeing. However, if some airline is based in the country, where Airbus and Boeing are manufactured, it is not eligible for the export loan.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Etihad Airways Flights

Etihad Airways absolutely lives up to the standards that one can expect of an Arabian airline. The carrier has a lot to offer in terms of luxury, convenience, competitive airfares, and an overall stunning ambience.

Official Website: The website of the airline, provides detailed information on matters like booking status, deals, packages, fares, reservation, and direct and indirect flights.

Address: The ticket office is located in Terminal 4, Zone C, London Heathrow Airport.

Qantas to Resume Airbus A380 Service

Qantas has announced that the airlines will restart Airbus A380 operations from Saturday, 27th Saturday.

The announcement comes three weeks after one of the A380 engines exploded during a flight to Australia. Following this explosion, the airlines grounded its whole fleet of A380 planes.

Earlier this month, Qantas Flight QF32 was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore following an explosion in one of its Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines. The decision to restore A380 services comes close on the heels of the intensive inspection that was carried out in consultation with Rolls Royce and Airbus. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) was also consulted during the inspection.

The news comes as a great respite for those travellers who had booked cheap flights well in advance and were looking forward to fly aboard the popular A380 of Qantas, the national carrier of Australia.

Initially, Qantas will run a single A380 on routes between Australia and the United Kingdom. As other A380s become functional, the airlines will gauge how to best position them.

A380 planes for flights to Melbourne and Sydney from Los Angeles will remain grounded for indefinite period of time. It must be noted that Los Angeles to Melbourne is one of the most popular flights of Qantas.

In keeping with its conservative approach to operational safety, the airline is terminating A380 services on routes that call for the use of utmost certified engine thrust.

The company said in a statement released yesterday, “Qantas is now satisfied that it can begin reintroducing A380s to its international network progressively. As more A380s become serviceable, Qantas will assess when and how best to deploy them, consistent with its conservative approach over the past weeks.”

The media reports, quoting the investigation into the matter had indicated last week that it could take as long as December before problems sorted out for A380s to take to the skies again. Many people who managed to net cheap flights to travel aboard A380 with Qantas were disappointed and anticipated trouble with their travel in the last couple of weeks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Qantas Offers Next Generation Check-In

Qantas has officially launched its Next Generation check-in for passengers at the Sydney and Perth Airport. With this step, the premier airline hopes to slash waiting time for domestic travellers.

Keeping the domestic market in focus, Qantas also announced the launch of a new food and wine program for domestic travellers. The offerings in business class on domestic flights will now be almost as good as international business class. That means flights to Sydney from Perth will now feature food and wine that will be aligned to flights to Australia from United Kingdom.

Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO, believes that different enhancements across the domestic network will surpass customers’ expectations.

“Next Generation Check-in has now opened in Sydney and Perth and is already dramatically reducing domestic check-in times for customers allowing them to move through the check-in area with increased speed and ease,” Mr Joyce was quoted in the company’s press release.

“In addition to Next Generation Check-in, Qantas has made changes across the entire domestic experience with the most significant changes to the Business Class offering, both in flight and on the ground,” observed Mr Joyce in the company’s news release.

“Qantas invented Business Class travel in 1974. We have set standards both nationally and internationally and we’re now raising the bar once again,” added Alan Joyce.

Qantas is one of the world’s leading long distance airlines. Qantas is also recognised as one of the biggest brands in the Australian market. The airline, along with its code share partners, operates elite as well as cheap flights to more than 180 destinations in nearly 45 countries. Qantas additionally has a large domestic network that operates cheap flights throughout Australia.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Grounding of Qantas A380 Fleet May Spell a Little Inconvenience

On 4th November, the Sydney bound Qantas A380 that had to make an emergency landing in Singapore may have exploded in mid air, media reports have revealed. The flight, which took off from Singapore, was one of the six A380s owned by Qantas. All these planes are fitted with the Rolls Royce manufactured Trent 900 engines. According to investigators, the problem arose because there was leakage of oil which caught fire leading to the heating of the metal parts and bursting of the engine. The explosion churned out metal parts, some of which cut through the hydraulics and an engine control line located in the wing of the aircraft. The pilots were forced to land in Singapore as the second wing and approximately half of the brake flaps of the damaged wing spun out of control.

Alternate Arrangements

Taking serious note of this potentially fatal incident, Qantas has grounded its entire A380 fleet until safety issues are addressed completely. The airline indicated that this may take up to 7 weeks. Passengers who had made meticulous travel plans and had fulfilled their dream of buying a cheap flight ticket for the A380 are likely to be a disappointed lot. However, Qantas has assured that there would not be much inconvenience. The airline has a huge fleet that includes 14 A330s and 26 B747s along with 30 other aircrafts. This entire fleet can be used for making alternate travel arrangements for the affected passengers.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Etihad Airways offers from London Heathrow and Manchester

Etihad Airways offers from London Heathrow and Manchester

Jet Airways Launches Daily Colombo to Delhi & Mumbai Flights

Jet Airways, one of the leading international operators in India, launched daily flights from Colombo to Delhi and Mumbai. This new service is being operated with the state of art Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The international airline will offer an early morning service to Delhi and a late night departure to Mumbai from Colombo.

With this step, Jet Airways hopes to provide a seamless connectivity through the two major hubs to other Indian cities, as well as to various destinations across North America and Europe. The launch of daily flights to Delhi and Mumbai from Colombo complements the already existing double daily Chennai- Colombo – Chennai services which started in 2004. Now, the availability of flights to India from Sri Lanka will no longer be a problem for people looking for top class airlines or leisure travelers looking for cheap flights to India.

Sudheer Raghavan, the Chief Commercial Officer of Jet Airways, is pleased with the development and expressed his delight in the company’s press release. "Jet Airways is delighted to provide direct links from the financial and the national capital to the Emerald Isle, which is fast emerging as a highly rated global tourism destination. We are happy to offer seamless connections to several destinations to our guests from Colombo across our Global network through our two important gateways of Delhi and Mumbai.”

Mr Raghavan also emphasised on the company’s focus on the SAARC region. “We are also happy at the same time to strengthen air connectivity to destinations within the SAARC region with convenient connections to both Kathmandu and Dhaka via Delhi,” he observed.

Jet Airways’ is offering eight premiere class and more than 160 economy class seats on Delhi and Mumbai bound flights.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kingfisher Airlines Fishes out More and More Awards

Kingfisher Airlines, the only Five Star airline from India, bagged five Frequent Traveler Awards for its loyalty programme King Club. Kingfisher Airlines is the only airline from India, which won from the Middle East and Asia/Oceania region. The different awards are Best Redemption Ability, Best Earning Promotion, Best Elite Program, Program of the Year, and Best Loyalty Credit Card.

Importance of the Awards

The airline is based in Mumbai and remains a natural choice for millions of Britons who seek luxury flights to Mumbai. Besides Mumbai, from time to time, Kingfisher also advertises special deals and cheap flights to India in general. By winning this award, Kingfisher has again managed to hog limelight. Voting was carried out by frequent flyers across the globe and reflects the immense popularity of the King Club programme. In fact, more than a million travellers from over 200 countries voiced King Club as their favourite programme across different segments during 2009.

Future Prospects from the Awards

These awards are truly democratic in nature as travellers get to rate hotel and airline programmes from their very own perspective. Going by the popularity of the programme, it is logical for anyone who frequently takes flights to India, especially Mumbai flights, to sign up for the King Club programme.

Kingfisher also bagged awards across the following categories:

-The Best Earning Promotion
-The Best Redemption Ability for the guests ability to redeem free flights on Kingfisher Airlines and Partner Airlines
-The Best Loyalty Credit Card for Kingfisher First American Express Credit Card
-The Best Elite Program for King Club Platinum Tier benefits

Awards Venue

The announcement of the awards took place at the Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX. The ceremony was attended by more than 125 representatives from the sectors of loyalty, credit cards, hotels, and airlines.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Early Christmas for Delta as it Expands Operations to Heathrow

Delta Air Lines got its Christmas gift early this year with both the U.S. Department of Transportation and the European Commission giving its nod to operate new daily, year-round flights between the London's Heathrow and Boston and Miami international airports. Delta will start operating new flights from March 27, 2011.

Delta Air Lines, which is in a transatlantic joint venture with Air France-KLM and Alitalia, will operate the new flights within the scope of its joint venture. With the move, the number of transatlantic routes operated by the member airlines from Boston rises to four and the figure goes up to five for routes offered from Miami.

Glen Hauenstein, Delta's executive vice president for Network Planning, Revenue Management and Marketing, was quite pleased with the news and expressed his appreciation for the authorities in the company’s press release, "Delta appreciates the efforts of the U.S. Department of Transportation and the European Commission to expand competition between the U.S. and Heathrow by making slots available for new entrants on these routes."

In the early part of the year 2010, Delta applied for the approval to operate flights to Miami and Boston from London; and on 10th Nov 2010, Delta got its wish. The fact that Delta’s global alliance – SkyTeam – holds the smallest percentage of slots at Heathrow seems to have worked for the company. Delta Air Lines started operations in Heathrow following the conclusion of an Open Skies agreement between the U.S. and the E.U in 2008. Currently, the carrier has seven daily round-trip flights in the Heathrow market.

News Source: Early Christmas for Delta as it Expands Operations to Heathrow

BAA Numbers Soar as Business Travellers Return

The biggest airport authority in the UK, the British Airports Authority (BAA) reported an increase of 3.4% in passenger air traffic in October, thanks to an upswing in the business travel division. BAA stated that all of its six airports collectively handled nearly 10 million passengers in the last month. The 1.2% increase in the number of flights in the region also contributed to this impressive growth in travellers’ traffic.

The London Heathrow Airport reported an increase of 6% in its flight traffic along with a rise of 7.2% in passenger numbers which is up by 410,000. Buoyed by the impressive numbers, BAA believes that 10.6% rise in Heathrow’s European travel can be an indicator of improving things after the traumatic economic depression.

Long-haul flights between London Heathrow and China improved by 16.1%, which is a phenomenal number given the fact that the hub serves only two Chinese destinations. The number of flights between BAA airports and North America increased by 7.5%, while long-haul flights from UK to other destinations spiralled up by 3.2%.

Colin Matthews, the Chief Executive of BAA is pleased with the reported numbers and stated in a press release that “Passenger growth is good for the economy with thousands of people across the country employed in aviation, international trade and tourism. We are continuing with our £5 billion Heathrow investment programme – the biggest private investment project in the UK – providing thousands of jobs as we modernise facilities to improve everyone's experience of the airport.

Among other BAA airports, Edinburgh’s passenger traffic rose by 3.5% while Southampton mounted up by 1.0%.

News Source: BAA Numbers Soar as Business Travellers Return

Thursday, November 11, 2010

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Three Major Airlines Announce Transatlantic Venture

American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia have announced a joint business partnership after procuring an approval from the travel regulatory authorities. The joint agreement enables these three major airlines to work together commercially on flights between USA, Canada and Mexico and the EU, Switzerland and Norway.

This trilateral business collaboration is great news for travellers as they will have access to more benefits than they presently do through these member airlines individually. In turn, the alliance is in much better position to compete aggressively with its rival alliances across the Atlantic.

This alliance means more destinations, extra flights and cheap tickets for business as well as travellers on holidays.

The combined route network of American Airlines, British Airways and Iberia will expand to more than 400 destinations in more than 100 countries throughout the world with nearly 5,000 daily departures. By functioning jointly, the three airlines will also increase options for customers by supporting routes that may not be economically feasible for a single airline.

In addition, the airlines announced new flights to Budapest from New York JFK, London Heathrow to San Diego, Madrid to Los Angeles and Chicago to Helsinki.

Additional Customer Benefits

• Better access to an extensive option of fare deals
• Suitably timed flights
• Customer transferring support teams at London Heathrow, New York JFK, Chicago, Madrid and Miami
• Convenient online check-in and boarding pass printing from your home or hotel
• Flights information on each of the three airline’s website
• Enhanced prospects of earning and redeeming frequent flyer benefits
• Comprehensive account management for corporate customers

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Codeshare Agreement between Jet Airways and Alitalia

Italian visitors to India and Indian travelers to Italy would be interested in knowing that Jet Airways and Alitalia have entered into a code share pact. The two airlines signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) yesterday to operate codeshare flights in the winters of 2010.

The codeshare is a common practice between airlines for better penetration in the new markets and is often used to extend the route network of the airlines. The codeshare between Jet Airways and Alitalia spells advantage for both the airlines as well as their customers booking flights to India and Italy.

Jet Airways customers will be able to fly to more Italian destinations which are served by Alitalia flights and in turn the Alitalia customers will benefit by direct flights to India from Italy. It is reported that Jet Airways will operate direct services between Milan and New Delhi with effect from Dec 5 2010 on a daily basis.

As a part of the code share policy, Jet Airways will use its code ‘9W’ on the selected services which are operated by Alitalia and Alitalia will use its IATA code ‘AZ’ on the select services of Jet Airways including the airlines’ flights between India and Italy.

Alitalia is a member of SkyTeam global airline alliance and the agreement is likely to benefit the alliance by further contributing to its growth in the Far East sector where the alliance already has a strong hold position.

The codeshare agreement between the two airlines will cover the frequent flyers program as well as the ground activities and cargo services.

Jet Airways is one of the largest carriers of India and has Mumbai as its base while Alitalia is the national airline and the largest carrier in Italy.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Southall Travel Featured in the Sunday Times Top Track 250 League Table

travel company in Sunday times top track 250 2010London, 18 October 2010 - Southall Travel, one of the leading travel agencies in the country, has been listed in the Sunday Times Top Track 250 list of the UK's most successful mid-market private companies. The Sixth Annual Sunday Times HSBC Top Track 250 awards dinner was held at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel in London on the night of 14th October and was attended by owners and directors of country's leading mid-market private companies. The sixth annual Top Track 250 league table supplement was published in The Sunday Times on 17 October 2010 with HSBC as the title sponsor.

Southall Travel Featured in the Sunday Times Top Track 250 League TableThe award was received by Mr. Jaymin Borkhatria, Director of Sales for Southall Travel Ltd.

Showing up amongst some of the most well known mid-market brands, Southall Travel is the only travel agency in the UK to be included in the influential league table. The agency recorded astounding sales of £203.1 million for the year ending March 2010 and was ranked at 148th place.

Mr. Kuljinder Bahia, Managing Director of Southall Travel's expressed his pleasure with the listing. "This is the first time we've been ranked in the Top Track 250 and I'm extremely proud to be the only travel agent to make the list," he said.

Mr Bahia commended the entire team of Southall Travel and applauded their fruitful efforts. "Trading conditions have been difficult this year for the whole industry but we have a talented team in place and we have worked hard to innovate through online marketing, new technology, broadening our product range and call centre productivity." Mr Bahia stated.

"The listing is a great accolade for us and something we can use within our own marketing. We sit alongside some leading brands such as Harrods and Weetabix but also other outstanding businesses in their field." he said on the occasion.

Expressing his gratitude towards the agency's suppliers and customers, Mr. Bahia observed, "I'm thankful for our strong relationship with our suppliers and to our customers, many of whom book with us time and time again."

It must be noted that Southall Travel was also listed in the Sunday Times Fast Track 100 list in the year 2005.

Official website:

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Southwest Rink at Skyline Park in Downtown Denver

Downtown Denver is all set to add a further dash of spice to its winters. Yes, we are talking about the Southwest Rink at Skyline Park, which will come up in the grassy area of the Skyline Park next to the Southwest Porch at Skyline Park and the Daniels and Fisher Clocktower. The ice rink had been at the top of the wish list of Denver residents, hotel establishments and other businesses. It will become another reason for travel to the destination. The rink is slated to open on 26th November and skating here would be free of cost. Visitors can either bring in their own skates or pay a cheap rent for hiring a pair.

Combined Effort behind the Rink

The rink has been the result of a combined effort of Southwest Airlines and Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc. Southwest Airlines is one of the most famed airlines in USA offering irresistibly low priced flight tickets and deals across the country. The Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc. is a non profit oriented business organisation involved in the creative planning, management and development of Downtown Denver as a robust urban core in the Rocky Mountain region. The fact that growing numbers of families are opting to spend their holidays in Denver reveals the success of Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc. Denver is also popular for the availability of plenty of flights to Las Vegas, especially as a weekend getaway. The present skating rink had mainly been the initiative of Downtown Denver Partnership, Inc. and Southwest Airlines provided all the necessary support for this project.

Other Initiatives by Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines takes keen interest in Denver and has also carried out other joint initiatives for the development of Denver. These include Friday afternoon concert series and Saturday evening movie series. Southwest Airlines also rolled out a fleet of pedicabs offering free rides through Denver.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Advance Flight Booking - The Early Bird gets the Worm

It is one of the cardinal travel rules of many a jaded traveller to book their flight tickets well in advance. Online research also reveals this to be the most favoured option for booking tickets. Here is a small sampling of what makes advance booking a highly popular travel mantra.

Airlines inflate ticket prices as the take off date draws nearer. Advance flight booking does ensure cheap tickets most of the time. Although, some airlines do sell attractive last minute deals, it is very risky to wait for such offers.

Besides cheap fares, an early booking also allows gives you more choice. For instance, if booking flights from London to Dubai, you can pick your favourite from plenty of airlines, most suitable departure time, besides choice of direct and connecting flights etc.

In case of overbooking which is a usual practice, airlines look for early bookers to volunteer to give up their seats and travel on a later flight. Often such volunteer acts of travellers are rewarded by the airlines with some great incentives, goodies and discounts on future flights.

Booking early provides travellers an opportunity to do online check-in and print their boarding passes and confirm their seats well before flight departure instead of a much rushed affair of a last minute deal traveller who often are unable to get by without the help of a customer agent.
Book in advance and you can plan your itinerary down to minutest details like arranging your transfers to and from the airport, finding the perfect parking place as well as some relaxation, entertainment and shopping opportunities at the airports.

Source of Information

Friday, October 15, 2010

Top Holiday Destinations for Merry Christmas

Christmas brings a smile to every face. This is the time when many people set out on long distance travel to find out how the rest of the world celebrates Christmas. In fact, one needs to be done with the booking of flight tickets well before Christmas so as to net those cheap deals. Online searches reveal the following to be the hottest Christmas getaways.


This Indian beach destination with a rich Portuguese heritage remains a classy but very economical amongst Christmas holiday destinations. In fact, most airlines offer excellent deals to Goa. Christmas holidays in Goa spell as endless sea food, electrifying beach parties, and mesmerising celebrations at the numerous churches and cathedrals.


Those looking for something flashier might want to consider Paris, the land of glamour and fashion. The French have their own set of Christmas holiday ideas and the occasion would be perfect to have a taste of French hospitality. In fact, Christmas holiday breaks in Paris have been a growing fad. Two of the main Christmas draws of the destination are the Champs Elysées lights displays and Notre Dame Cathedral celebrations.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Jerusalem and Bethlehem have their own share of ardent fans looking for Christmas holiday tours. The experience here is indescribably spiritual as one gazes at the processions passing through the Manger Square. Visiting the destination during Christmas lets one have a first hand feel of how Christmas is celebrated by Roman Catholics, Protestants, Armenians, as well as different Orthodox sects like Greeks and Syrians.

Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Bethlehem and Jerusalem quite deservedly enjoy a special status as far as Christmas holiday tours are concerned. While 25th December marks the celebrations by Roman Catholics and Protestants, 6th January comes alive with the version celebrated by Greeks, Syrians, and other Orthodox Christians.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Southwest Airlines to Take Over AirTran

Southwest Airlines announced plans to take over AirTran for a consideration of about $1.42 billion. The transaction would bring together two of the largest carriers known for their cheap tickets across the USA. The acquisition would increase Southwest’s market penetration into as many as 37 new cities. The largest in the circuit is Atlanta. In fact, the Hartsfield-Jackson International airport of Atlanta is the busiest in the country and a major business travel hub. In addition, Southwest would get a bigger market share of cities like New York, Boston, Key East Coast – the areas where the airliner has been on an expansion spree.

Passenger Benefits

Besides getting the combined benefits of both the airlines, passengers can look forward to further attractions. For instance, Southwest does not plan to retain AirTran’s bag fees. AirTran charges $20 and $25 for the first and second checked bags of passengers. Charges for the same service by big carriers like American Airlines and United Airlines is about $25 and $35. For Southwest, it translates as the possibility of adding customers of such airlines to its own portfolio. Furthermore, the new airline would be serving more than a 100 airports offering a slew of flights to over a 100 million passengers. The deal also has the potential to further boost the tourism sector as visitors booking flights to USA in the future would get the full advantage of this transaction. In fact, similar path breaking developments in the hotel industry coupled with such major decisions in the aviation sector constantly add value to the US holiday market.

Time frame of the Deal

The takeover requires regulatory as well as shareholder approval and is expected to be over within the first two quarters of 2011. The complete merging of services is expected to take place in 2012.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hong Kong Flooded with Shoppers in Golden Week

This past week Hong Kong was flooded with large crowds of shoppers. The city experienced and witnessed a tremendous shopping spree that remains matchless in the recent history. It was the famous Golden Week of Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has reported that more than 600,000 people arrived from mainland China on the initial six days of Golden Week, which is the highest number in almost five years.

Most of the Hong Kong’s malls were converged with humanity. The popular designer stores such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel saw massive crowd that was managed by security guards and barriers. And all this madness makes sense as there is no sales tax or other taxes in the region which enables people to indulge themselves into a variety of luxury goods.

Most shoppers land up in Hong Kong with huge empty suitcases which they stuff up with their purchases. It is almost a steal for the shoppers given the affordability of some of the most luxurious brands in the world.

The retailers in Hong Kong also do their part by offering exclusive discounts and organising promotional events. Additionally, for the convenience of mainland shoppers, the retailers put up signs in simplified Chinese rather than traditional Chinese used in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is one of the world’s most popular destinations for year round holidays and has also emerged as one of the world’s best places to shop. Shopping, travel and hospitality businesses including Hotels in Hong Kong do brisk business during such events. Founded in 1999 to promote domestic tourism in China, Golden Week occurs twice in a year. Golden Week is one of the times when the country’s tourist destinations see a surge in travel activity and are at their colourful best. Golden week is one of the two 7 days national holiday periods and coincides with the nation’s national day on 1st October.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Backpacking Tips To Ensure Your Safety And Fun

Backpacking can be lot of fun if you follow right guidelines and are familiar with basic skills. Right information can truly augment the sense of adventure on your backpacking trip.

Backpacking tips can also offer a sense of security and safety to fellow backpackers and also individuals on solo travel tours. Get acquainted with such skills and tips before venturing into the wilderness of the wild or trekking the mountains.

First and foremost, decide the destination where you would like to have your adventurous holidays. Some factors that may assist you in determining the location of your choice can be the geography of a place (mountains or forests), the time you can afford (a week in Europe or a month in Africa) and the weather (the Caribbean in monsoons may not be such a good idea) in which you intend to travel. However, backpacking in off-seasons can surely get you some cheap deals.

Before actually booking your airline tickets for the destination of your choice, it is highly recommended that you should check online resources for latest and correct information for that particular region. Several parts of the world experience instability at some point or other and it is surely not a good idea to visit these places in such times.

Etiquettes like not littering and defiling the beauty of the nature is appreciated and backpackers must take care of that. Also the fundamental knowhow of first aid is indispensable as it can turn out be life saver for you. First aid knowhow is very essential and even for regular frequent flyers these travel tips are beneficial.

These are simple guidelines that will ensure your safe and enjoyable trip. Majority of these tips are plain commonsense, however few of them are quite crucial.

Find the complete Backpacking Tips here

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Auckland’s Rocking Food Scene

Whoever said that New Zealand is a sleepy country with dull culinary knowhow surely missed his cheap flight to Auckland. The nation’s largest city is as cosmopolitan as it gets and believe me when I say that Auckland is truly blessed with a first rate dining and drinking scene, one that makes London restaurants seem absolutely mediocre. The city’s subtropical climate, uncontaminated waters teeming with fishes and multi-ethnic buzz come together to craft a top-notch dining scene.

Prego, a famous restaurant in Auckland, is known for its delicious pizzas, seafood pastas and grilled fish. The eatery features a wine list that truly is a wine drinkers’ paradise and at prices that will almost convince you to pack your bags and shift your base to Auckland from London. Dine, another equally popular eating joint in the city screams class and dynamism. Across the road, Bellota is a Spanish-themed restaurant that is the sexiest and flirtiest bars in the region. If you are looking for a friendly crowd with a noisy environment then you can chill at The Fridge (no pun intended). And for casual, Italian/Mediterranean food head to Coco's Cantina and experience the scrumptious delicacies.

All these restaurants are the living and thriving proofs of Auckland’s rocking dining scene. After reading this yummy piece of writing on equally yummy New Zealand food, if you have the slightest inclination to buy Auckland flight tickets, then the period of mid-September is highly recommended as the Auckland’s annual Coffee Festival will be held shortly. Trust me after gorging on all the tasty food; you will surely need a coffee to wash it all down.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New York is ready to Rock You. Find Out How

The empire state of New York is well worth a visit anytime of the year. Be it lip smacking culinary delights or legendary shopping and a galaxy of amazing sightseeing wonders – there are plenty of reasons to jump aboard flights to New York. The destination counts amongst the most popular hot spots in USA. In case, you are planning to travel in the recent future, there are some additional charms to look forward to.

On 19th September, Harlem’s wide boulevards will play host to the gala annual African American Day Parade. Watching this parade is a very cheap but exhilarating way to while away the time. This colourful spectacle of humanity complete with jazzily attired dancers swaying to heart thudding music snakes its way from 111th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard to 142nd Street and onwards to Fifth Avenue.

The Catskill Mountain Thunder in East Durham’s Blackthorne Resort is an epic motorcycle festival and will definitely add a thump to your holidays. Bikers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New England, and New York, all converge here to participate in the event. While the bikers are up to their dare devil antics, the onlooker may simply indulge in safe flights of fancy from the sidelines. The festival spells as four days of endless fun and excitement packed with numerous events from 16th to the 19th September. Two of the major highlights are a delectable Sunday pig roast accompanied with free beer and an antique motorcycle display.

Another forthcoming attraction is the world famous New York Fashion Week from 9th to 16th September, which will see gorgeous models decked up in spring collections setting the catwalk on fire. Menswear dominates the first two days. After that it is an all out time for women’s wear. The venue is Lincoln Center and the top names from the world of fashion would gather in New York. This is also the time to steal magnificent hotel deals in New York. Book your flights to New York right now to enjoy the extraordinary fun and lifetime holiday experience.

Summary Points: Empire State in New York, sightseeing in new york, popular hot spots in USA, Annual African American Day Parade, motorcycle festival, New York Fashion Week 2010