Thursday, December 31, 2009

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Travellers offered winter flu advice

Travellers booking cheap flights to Thailand and other popular destinations have been offered some advice on how to keep the sniffles at bay this winter.

Catching a cold or the flu can put a serious downer on holidays. However, according to one publication, there are a number of steps people can take to prevent the spread of germs.

Writing for the Mirror, Nigel Thompson noted that passengers should carry a bottle of hand sanitiser with them, which should be applied liberally and at regular intervals.

"Use antibacterial wipes. They can help in disinfecting anything you may rest your hands on, such as your tray table and arm rests," he added.

Travellers are also advised to point overhead air vents away from their faces.
A recent survey by TravelZoo revealed that 55 per cent of Britons plan to take more trips abroad in 2010 than they did in 2009.

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Thailand 'offers great value for money'

Brits hoping to take a bargain long-haul break in 2010 may wish to consider booking a flight to Thailand.

According to Travelmood, it is one of the best value destinations for British travellers.

Rad Sofronijevic, the company's managing director, said 2009 saw a rise in the number of people making late bookings and noted that, as a result, airlines and hotels are offering great deals for 2010 in order to encourage early bookings.

"Thailand is definitely more affordable for 2010 than it was this year because of the great, value-added deals around," he commented.

Mr Sofronijevic added that flights to Australia and New Zealand are also becoming more affordable for Britons.

Speaking earlier this month, Chris Lee, marketing advisor for the Tourism Authority of Thailand, said the country is much more than a beach destination and has a fantastic cultural heritage, with plenty of attractions for travellers to explore.

Travellers 'are likely to find good flight deals in 2010'

Travellers are likely to find some excellent deals on flights to Thailand and other popular destinations next year, it has been claimed.

Simon McNamara, director of industry affairs for the European Regions Airline Association, said the past 12 months have been tough for most carriers.

However, he noted that this is likely to benefit holidaymakers and business travellers.

"What could be advantageous for customers may be the fact that airlines will be discounting tickets, in order to attract the numbers in terms of demand once again," Mr McNamara commented.

He added that airlines will be hoping to inspire some consumer confidence over the coming year and said there could still be some "good deals to be had".

In related news, Travelmood recently claimed that Thailand is an excellent destination for Brits looking for a bargain long-haul getaway.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best Travel Agent in UK

Southall Travel, UKs premier travel agency has been awarded the accolade of Best Overall Travel Agent 2008-09 by Jet Airways for the second consecutive year at an exclusive travel do held in London last week. The biggest award of the event was presented by Mr. Raja Segran, Sr. Vice President of Jet Airways to Mr. Jaymin Borkhatria, Director of Sales for Southall Travel. Also present at the event was Ms. Lydia Nazareth, General Manager Sales UK & Ireland for the airline amongst other prominent whos who of the air travel fraternity.

Speaking about the award, Mr. Borkhatria said "Its a real breakthrough to have received the highly distinguishing award from Jet Airways. Southall Travel awarded the Best Overall Travel Agent AwardThe award is very significant in that it was amongst many travel agents in the UK that the airline considered us to be the deserving ones. It's a real honor for the dedication and professionalism shown by our people.

Southall Travel is a renowned travel agency with booking of flights, hotels and holiday packages for business and leisure clients as its main line of business. The agencys extensive experience in travel along with the backing of its highly motivated and professional human resource is the sole basis of its success, praised Mr. Borkhatria.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pop-ups and road trips 'are hot tips' for Sydney in 2010

The New South Wales (NSW) tourist board has come up with some suggestions of how to spend holidays in Australia.

According to the organisation, one of the hottest new trends next year will be the pop-up.

Described as a new breed of venue - ranging from restaurants to cinemas and even galleries - pop-ups are temporary structures that appear for a short time around the city.

Tourism NSW advised travellers to "keep a close eye out for them". Shipping containers, warehouses and vacant lots are particularly popular locations, it said.

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Cricketing legend offers tips on best South African attractions

People who are heading for holidays to South Africa may be looking for inspiration when it comes to activities to try during their break.

If this is the case, then they may be interested in one famous South African cricketer who has offered some suggestions for the best tourist destinations in his home country.

Speaking to the Times, Clive Rice - the first man to captain the nation post-apartheid - described the Stellenbosch region just north of Cape Town as "stunning".

The town, which is known for its wine production, is a quiet place to have a break once the university year has ended, he said.

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Perth launches indigenous tour

Perth already has plenty to offer holidaymakers, however one travel operator in the city has launched a new tour to give visitors a different perspective.

The Swan River Dreaming experience comprises a boat trip down the river and a walking tour in King's Park.

According to Rottnest Express and Indigenous Tours, the company behind the attraction, tourists will be "taken back thousands of years to a time in the Dreaming when giant serpents owned the blue seas and gods walked the red earth".

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Virgin Atlantic offers bigger planes on flights to Delhi

Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will operate a fleet of larger aircraft on certain routes over the Christmas period to help passengers who will encounter travel difficulties as a result of industrial action at a rival airline.

Flights to Delhi are among those that will use a larger aircraft, along with several major transatlantic routes, such as those to New York and Washington.

An additional 68 seats will be provided on each flight, as the airline will use an Airbus A340-600 rather than the A340-300 model.

Commenting on the disruption to services at the other carrier, Sir Richard Branson said: "It is a nightmare for passengers and you have to feel for them at Christmas time."

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Christmas cheer comes to Sydney

People taking holidays in Sydney during the festive period may find it strange to be in the sunshine while the UK freezes.

A free event in the city's Botanical Gardens may be just the thing to get travellers in the mood for Christmas.

Carols in the Domain is a giant, outdoor, candle-lit carol service followed by fireworks over the distinctive skyline.

More than 100,000 people attend the event each year - which is broadcast on television - to sing along to well-known tunes.

Stars such as Ronan Keating and Katherine Jenkins will be headlining the show, which raises money for the Salvation Army and its Oasis Youth Support Network.

The celebrations kick off at 12:00 local time on Saturday December 19th.

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Airline award winners announced

Singapore Airlines was the biggest winner at the Official Airline Guide (OAG) annual awards this week.

The Asian-based carrier picked up four gongs, including the title of best international first class airline.

Additionally, Singapore Changi was voted the best airport in the world by the registered OAG members and frequent fliers who took part in the ballot.

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Holidays to India 'a top choice' for 2010

Anyone booking flights to India next year may be pleased to hear that the country has been chosen as one of the ten best places to travel to in 2010.

World Travel Guide highlighted Delhi as a particularly good choice as the city is set to host the Commonwealth Games in October next year.

As a result of the forthcoming sporting event, authorities have made a number of improvements to city's infrastructure and have resolved to teach basic English to workers in the hospitality and transport industries.

The online guide also recommended that visitors looking to escape from the chaotic urban environment should take a trip to the seaside state of Kerala.

"Away from the urban sprawl, this is a vast and diverse land, with tranquil beaches, parched deserts and fresh mountain retreats," the website stated.

The Commonwealth Games, which are taking place between October 3rd and 14th, will showcase international athletes in events such as archery, cycling, wrestling and table tennis.

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Thailand offers 'a completely different experience'

People booking holidays to Thailand can expect much more than a traditional 'drop and flop' break, it has been claimed.

"[Thailand] is about culture, nature and heritage," Chris Lee, marketing advisor for the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), commented.

He added that there is an extensive programme of events - particularly for the north of the country - that draws tourists to the region.

"We have got all the elephants up there in the elephant camps, a bit of the Himalayas with some beautiful scenes, butterfly farms, orchid farms and heritage trails in ancient cities," Mr Lee elaborated.

Last month, TAT announced that its campaign Amazing Thailand, Amazing Value generated 46 per cent more bookings between October and December this year than experienced in the corresponding period in 2008.

The TAT figures showed that, on average, tourists stay in the country for 13 nights.

Earlier in the year American Express Global Foreign Exchange Services reported that UK demand for currencies from long-haul destinations such as Thailand increased in the second quarter of 2009 as holidaymakers travelled further afield to find value on their breaks.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Five destinations to travel in India

No holiday to India would be complete unless you take a tour of the Golden Triangle encompassing a sightseeing expedition of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. Golden triangle tours take tourists to the magnificent Taj Mahal in Agra and numerous other places of tourist interest in Delhi and Jaipur.

The temple town of Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh offers visitors an insight into India's medieval past when women led liberated lives. Sculptures engraved on the exterior of the temples in Khajuraho highlight the eternal truth that the union of a man and woman is the most glorious of all pleasures.

Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner are just some of the destinations in the desert state of Rajasthan which offer holiday makers a glimpse into the state's regal past. Goa with its perfect symphony of sun, sand and surf complimented with authentic Goan food and the lilting Goan music is idyllic for water and food enthusiasts. Kerala exhibits inviting backwaters and lagoons and is aptly called 'God's Own Country’ for its unscathed and unmatched natural splendour and appeal.