Monday, October 31, 2011

Opt For Businesses Certified by Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa

Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) is a non-profit organisation that promotes and encourages fair and responsible business practice by South African tourism establishments. The organisation issues a certification programme that backs tourism establishments that meet the criteria.

South Africa is visited in hordes by tourists from all over the world. With tourist destinations like Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth, South African tourism has become a sort of phenomenon. Many look for cheap flights tickets to South Africa that land at any of its many airports to explore the myriad of the country’s attractions and charms. In such a blossoming tourism scenario, it becomes relevant that a certain organisation takes care of the working of tourist-oriented businesses and look into different aspects of it like fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing, fair operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and environment. This is where Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa comes into picture.

Tourists who book flights to South Africa and choose to stay or use the services of an FTTSA-certified establishment will make sure that their holiday travel is going to benefit local communities and economies. It will also ensure that the establishment you are dealing with is operated ethically and in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa has won many accolades with the most recent one being the winner in the 2010 Africa Investor Tourism Awards under Best Sustainable Tourism Investment category.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Qantas Strikes to Impact 10,000 passengers on Friday

More than 10,000 passengers are to be affected as Qantas Airways cancels 70 flights amid another series of strikes by its ground workers. Qantas says the rolling strikes have cost the airline A$68 million so far.

Qantas Airways cancels 70 flights as the ground workers at airports all across the country decide to go on a strike.

The cancellation of 70 Qantas flights will affect more than more than 10,000 passengers on Friday.

If one looks at the cumulative figure of passengers who have been affected by the recent months of industrial action at Qantas Airways, then the number hovers around at a staggering 70,000! Past few months have indeed been quite troublesome for Australia’s national carrier with months of strikes by unions representing aircraft pilots, mechanics, baggage handlers and caterers.

Unions have apprehensions regarding the airline’s plans to move jobs offshore. Pay and work conditions are some other concerns of the unions.

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce urges unions to put “more realistic” demands on the negotiation table.

“We urge the unions to stop this, to put to the table more realistic demands and to think about the jobs they're endangering around the country," he told the Nine Network.

"We've always said we want to do anything that will stop this disruption happening to our passengers - again I apologise to those customers that have been impacted by this."

On the other hand, unions questioned the ‘fat pay cheques’ of the management. "Engineers, like many other employees at Qantas, can't understand why plans to offshore jobs and sack 1000 people are being rewarded with cash bonuses and fat pay cheques to the CEO and management," Australian Licensed Aircraft Engineers Association (ALAEA)’s federal secretary, Steve Purvinas was quoted by news websites.

Qantas Says Strikes Have Cost A$68 million

The protracted labour dispute has cost Qantas A$68 million so far. The airline is loosing a further A$15 million per week in revenues. The situation has become really serious for the airline with a massive decline in the advance bookings on carrier’s flights.

With the peak holiday travel season of Christmas drawing near, travellers are getting wary of booking with Qantas Airways. Especially, travellers who make advance bookings in order to net cheap flight tickets are apprehensive as no one with cheap flight tickets would like to face a cancellation at the time of journey.

Qantas said that the industrial action, taken up by the engineers', pilots' and Transport Workers' unions, has cost the airline more than the Chilean volcanic ash cloud.

"This drawn-out and co-ordinated industrial campaign by these three unions is now having a major impact on Qantas," Joyce said in a statement on Friday.

"$68 million is a significant impact on the company and the costs will continue to rise."

"In comparison, the impact on Qantas from grounding aircraft during the recent volcanic ash cloud was $49 million."

ANA's 787 Dreamliner Completes First Commercial Flight

Boeing 787 Dreamliner completed its first commercial flight on Wednesday. All Nippon Airways (ANA) flight flew from Narita to Hong Kong and took four hours to reach the destination. The jet will return back to Japan on Thursday.

Boeing’s much awaited 787 Dreamliner landed in Hong Kong on Wednesday, creating aviation history. The aircraft took off from the Tokyo's Narita International Airport in the early afternoon and landed in Hong Kong after approximately four hours.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) Flight NH7871 was greeted in Hong Kong with great enthusiasm, reflected by traditional dance and music performances. World’s first charter passenger flight of Boeing 787 Dreamliner has been delayed for more than 3 years and the development would surely bring a sigh of relief from both Boeing’s as well as ANA’s quarters. The aircraft will return to Japan on Thursday.

Around 250 passengers boarded the historic flight of the airline. The list of passengers included a number of journalists as well as several Boeing and ANA executives. All Nippon Airways held a lottery for its frequent flyers to offer a chance to the travellers to buy tickets on the 787 Dreamliner. Some seats were auctioned off for charity.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is understood to be 20% more fuel-efficient than regular airliners and is also 30% cheaper to maintain. Budget travellers who prefer booking cheap flight tickets will perhaps have better chance with the Dreamliner as the fuel efficiency is more and maintenance costs are low. Apart from the brighter prospects of netting cheap flight tickets, Boeing 787 also promises a much comfortable journey to the travellers.

All Nippon Airways has announced its plans to launch domestic flights with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Nov. 1st. Long-haul flight from Tokyo to Frankfurt will follow the domestic operations.

All About Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing 787 Dreamliner is built of lightweight materials that promise better fuel efficiency. Boeing 787 is the first commercial jet aircraft made mainly of plastic-composite materials.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner will be a ‘game changer’, if some of the industry experts are to be believed. Boeing hopes to reinvent travel experience for the passengers on medium and long haul flights. The aircraft features larger windows, improved lighting, and air pressure and humidity that are much closer to that on the ground.

Boeing 787’s Delivery Schedule

With a total order of 55 Dreamliner aircraft, All Nippon Airways is the biggest customer of the Boeing 787. So far, the airline has received two jets and it is scheduled to get another nine by the end of March. ANA hopes to bring its tally of Boeing 787 to 20 by the end of March 2013. As per reports, the Boeing 787 will generate fuel savings worth as much as 10 billion yen ($126 million) a year for the carrier.

Boeing has Dreamliner orders from carriers like Air China, British Airways and Delta Air Lines. Japan Airlines has more than 30 787s on order, while United Continental will be the first U.S. carrier to fly the 787.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Qatar Airways to Launch Flights to Libyan Port City of Benghazi

Qatar Airways will start operating flights to Benghazi from November 1st 2011. Benghazi is Libya's second largest city and is a renowned economic hub of the region.

The airline will offer four flights in a week, non-stop from Doha airport.

This latest launch of Qatar Airways will take the number of destination launches by Qatar Airways to 15 in the current year.

Benghazi, Libya’s north-eastern Mediterranean port city is a key destination for trade and exports with industries like refining, food processing, cement production and tuna fishing scattered all throughout the region. Qatar Airways hopes to serve this segment of the market apart from serving leisure vacationers who go for cheap flight tickets.

Qatar Airways has a well established presence in the region with the airline serving the capital city of Tripoli for few years now. Currently, the airline has abandoned flights to Tripoli due to the political situation. However, the airline hopes to resume the flight services to the Libyan capital soon enough.

The five-star airline will ply an Airbus A320 dual configuration aircraft on the new route. The aircraft will feature 12 seats for travellers who seek the lavishness of the first class and 132 economy class seats fro those prefer booking cheap flight tickets for their travel.

Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Baker was delighted with the development and welcomed the new addition to the airline’s wide network. He spoke of Benghazi as a primarily business destination that remains underserved by airlines.

Travel Distribution Summit India 2011: An Overview

The 6th annual edition of EyeforTravel's Travel Distribution Summit India was held in Novotel Juhu, Mumbai this year from 12th to 13th of October. The conference was a great opportunity for the travel companies to gain knowledge for spreading their businesses and become unrivalled kings of the tourism industry in India.

India’s travel industry is flourishing and has attained great heights in the last few years. The significant reasons for such rising tourism in India are improved infrastructure including better airports, top class transportation facilities, superior technology and economic growth. But what next? Till what time the tourism industry in India will retain this position? Well, this question was the hot topic of discussion at the travel distribution summit India 2011 where the experts gave their views and shared their knowledge about tourism in India.

Millions of travellers booked flights to India to be a part of this significant travel event. Many travel agents and even regular travellers booked advance tickets to grab cheap flights to India to avoid missing the event. It is reported that representatives of several travel related organisations attended this conference including Azran Osman Rani (CEO, AirAsia X), Speaker TBC (IndiGo Airlines) and Sanyukth Sridharan (CCO, SpiceJet) to name a few.

The main topics covered under Travel Distribution Summit India 2011 event are:

  • Rising trends in the Indian travel industry.
  • Implementing efficient marketing and revenue policies that may help in increasing business and maximizing profits.
  • How technologies such as mobiles and Internet are altering the mode of communication for the customers who book tickets via these technologies to plan their holidays.
  • How technology is developing and how it can affect the tourism sector for its betterment.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tourism Australia Attracts All

Australia is top holiday destination and is frequented by millions of vacationers each year. The country is laden with terrific tourist charms – both man-made and natural!

With so many delights and attractions, it is not surprising to know that a fair number of travellers are always on a lookout for cheap flights to Australia. Tourism does play a very important role in the Australian economy. Tourism contributes more than 2.5% to the Australia's GDP and employs nearly 500,000 people in the country. Tourism Australia leaves no stone unturned to promote tourism and entice people to plan holidays and book flight tickets to Australia.

Tourism Australia is known to participate as well as organise a wide range of international shows and events in a bid to promote Australia as a leading travel destination all across the globe. A good portion of such shows are held in the European continent with special emphasis on the United Kingdom, which is key market for Australia tourism. A number of Britons vie to grab cheap flights to Australia each year and most of them succeed as a number of airlines such British Airways and Qantas ply between the regions’ airports. In fact, Tourism Australia has partnered with Qantas on several promotional programs to attract British long haul travellers to grab flights to Australia.

Over the years, Tourism Australia has adopted different consumer campaigns, most of them bringing delightful results for the government. “There’s Nothing Like Australia” is the latest campaign fashioned by the Tourism Australia. The campaign involves Australians because it is believed that they were eager to promote their country and who better than the natives to tell what makes their country so unique!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two More Aircraft Grounded By Qantas

For every traveller who thinks he will be able to net cheap tickets on Qantas flights in the current scenario, there is a flight that is being cancelled!!

Indeed, problems just keep on mounting for the Qantas Airways as the airline today decided to ground two more aircraft in response to the continuing industrial action from the Australian Licenced Engineers Association (ALAEA). The industrial action has caused a backlog of maintenance on the Qantas fleet forcing the carrier to ground airplanes. The grounding of two more aircraft will result in cancellation of 80 domestic flights and reduction of some 20,000 in the airline’s capacity.

With holiday travel season just around the corner, the timing of the industrial action, that begin in September, could not have been worse for the travellers who wish to seek cheap flight tickets. With heaps of flights getting cancelled and massive reduction in seating capacity, cheap flight tickets with Qantas currently seem like a utopia for the budget travellers.

As a result of the ban initiated by the ALAEA on overtime and work to rule, Australia’s flag carrier has been forced to scrap seven aircraft and cancel approximately 500 flights.

Alan Joyce, Qantas Chief Executive Officer, stated that the backlog of maintenance is a direct consequence of the continued union action. He said that the industrial action has resulted in the deficit of more than 60,000 man hours of maintenance and this is what has caused the grounding of aircraft.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sydney Beaches Complete Sydney Holidays

One of the most incredible metropolises of Australia, Sydney offers everything a holiday maker craves for. The city embraces vibrant cultures, satiating shopping scene, intoxicating nightlife, scrumptious cuisines and not to forget an overwhelming natural splendour through its pristine beaches. Millions around the world travel to Sydney beaches from far and wide. It’s the lively ambience of Sydney beaches which make one’s trip all the more rewarding.

Sydney has a lot to offer in terms of beaches. Cheap flights to Sydney have remained the most admired commodity among beach lovers, surfers and swimmers. Holidays to Sydney are incomplete without an expedition to Sydney beaches. However, the demand for cheap tickets on flights to Sydney doubles up during festivals like Christmas, New Year and Boxing Day. The lively ambience becomes all the more breathtaking at Bondi beach, Coogee beach, Manly Beach, Freshwater Beach, Palm Beach and Cronulla Beach. And the best part is that every beach offers distinctive experience to the holidaymakers who travel to Sydney.

Revelries at the Sydney Beaches during Christmas have always prompted many beach lovers to rummage through airlines looking for tickets on cheap flights to Sydney. Qantas and British Airways are seen as popular options for international travellers. While for those landing in other Aussies cities, cheap flights to Sydney can be easily available with Jet Star Airways, a low cost domestic carrier.

While city sightseeing tours in Sydney are made convenient by the comfortable and convenient transport options, Manly Express Airport Shuttle makes your trip to and from Northern Beaches to the Airport highly convenient.

If you haven’t booked your cheap tickets to Sydney for Christmas and New Year bash at its beaches, rush now.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Qantas Expands DFW – Sydney Flight Services

Qantas Airways, Australia’s flag carrier, is all set to increase its flight operations on the on the Dallas/ Fort Worth (DFW) – Australia route from July 2012.

Currently, the airline offers four flights per week on this route. This will be increased to six flights per week from 15th January 2012 and to seven per week from 1st July 2012.

Qantas offered first connection to DFW in May 2011, making it convenient for Australians to travel to different American cities via DFW, one of the United States’ leading hub airports.

Qantas Airways ‘oneworld alliance’ partnership with American Airlines will make it even better for the travellers. A number of code share options will sprout up and travellers who look for cheap flight tickets can opt for the one that suits them the most. One is likely to find better deal when more options are available. Qantas and American Airlines also have the approval of the ACCC for a joint business agreement (JBA).

Qantas has also announced a special fare sale to promote the connection. Travellers can book cheap flight tickets till 10th October that will be good for travel between 15th January and 31st August 2012. This indeed is the right time for budget travellers to experience the excellence of the Qantas Airways in a ‘cheap way’.

Apart from making North America and Australia more convenient, this rise in flight frequency will have an economic impact of $200 million annually, as per DFW Airport estimates.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello, Says Johannesburg to Emirates A380

Johannesburg, South Africa’s economic hub is the latest to join the exclusive set of destinations served by Emirates A380. On Saturday, 1st October, the city greeted the first ever Emirates A380 flight that landed up at the O R Tambo International Airport from Dubai.

The development made Johannesburg the first African city to be served by Emirates A380 and 16th in the world. The flight was welcomed with a traditional water cannon salute at the airport.

Emirates is a pretty popular airline in South Africa. The airline is reported to have carried some 900,000 travellers across three South African gateways – Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg in the past one year.

A special reception was organised at the O R Tambo International Airport to celebrate the landing of first Emirates A380 flight in Johannesburg. Guests invited at the event were offered an opportunity to explore the A380 aircraft. The aircraft plying between Dubai and Johannesburg will feature almost 400 economy class seats. It sure is good news for travellers who want to revel in the glory of A380 but are more inclined to pay cheap flight tickets. Indeed, budget travellers who seek cheap travel tickets on flights between Dubai and Johannesburg will be the happiest lot with the development. Apart from being an economic powerhouse, Johannesburg is a top holiday destination and lures many from the Middle East.

Emirates is the largest operator of the A380 aircrafts in the world. The airline currently offers A380 services to destinations like London Heathrow, Manchester, Bangkok, Shanghai and Sydney. Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Lufthansa, Air France and Korean Air are other airlines that operate A380 services.

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