Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Travel Distribution Summit India 2011: An Overview

The 6th annual edition of EyeforTravel's Travel Distribution Summit India was held in Novotel Juhu, Mumbai this year from 12th to 13th of October. The conference was a great opportunity for the travel companies to gain knowledge for spreading their businesses and become unrivalled kings of the tourism industry in India.

India’s travel industry is flourishing and has attained great heights in the last few years. The significant reasons for such rising tourism in India are improved infrastructure including better airports, top class transportation facilities, superior technology and economic growth. But what next? Till what time the tourism industry in India will retain this position? Well, this question was the hot topic of discussion at the travel distribution summit India 2011 where the experts gave their views and shared their knowledge about tourism in India.

Millions of travellers booked flights to India to be a part of this significant travel event. Many travel agents and even regular travellers booked advance tickets to grab cheap flights to India to avoid missing the event. It is reported that representatives of several travel related organisations attended this conference including Azran Osman Rani (CEO, AirAsia X), Speaker TBC (IndiGo Airlines) and Sanyukth Sridharan (CCO, SpiceJet) to name a few.

The main topics covered under Travel Distribution Summit India 2011 event are:

  • Rising trends in the Indian travel industry.
  • Implementing efficient marketing and revenue policies that may help in increasing business and maximizing profits.
  • How technologies such as mobiles and Internet are altering the mode of communication for the customers who book tickets via these technologies to plan their holidays.
  • How technology is developing and how it can affect the tourism sector for its betterment.

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