Friday, October 21, 2011

Tourism Australia Attracts All

Australia is top holiday destination and is frequented by millions of vacationers each year. The country is laden with terrific tourist charms – both man-made and natural!

With so many delights and attractions, it is not surprising to know that a fair number of travellers are always on a lookout for cheap flights to Australia. Tourism does play a very important role in the Australian economy. Tourism contributes more than 2.5% to the Australia's GDP and employs nearly 500,000 people in the country. Tourism Australia leaves no stone unturned to promote tourism and entice people to plan holidays and book flight tickets to Australia.

Tourism Australia is known to participate as well as organise a wide range of international shows and events in a bid to promote Australia as a leading travel destination all across the globe. A good portion of such shows are held in the European continent with special emphasis on the United Kingdom, which is key market for Australia tourism. A number of Britons vie to grab cheap flights to Australia each year and most of them succeed as a number of airlines such British Airways and Qantas ply between the regions’ airports. In fact, Tourism Australia has partnered with Qantas on several promotional programs to attract British long haul travellers to grab flights to Australia.

Over the years, Tourism Australia has adopted different consumer campaigns, most of them bringing delightful results for the government. “There’s Nothing Like Australia” is the latest campaign fashioned by the Tourism Australia. The campaign involves Australians because it is believed that they were eager to promote their country and who better than the natives to tell what makes their country so unique!

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