Friday, October 15, 2010

Top Holiday Destinations for Merry Christmas

Christmas brings a smile to every face. This is the time when many people set out on long distance travel to find out how the rest of the world celebrates Christmas. In fact, one needs to be done with the booking of flight tickets well before Christmas so as to net those cheap deals. Online searches reveal the following to be the hottest Christmas getaways.


This Indian beach destination with a rich Portuguese heritage remains a classy but very economical amongst Christmas holiday destinations. In fact, most airlines offer excellent deals to Goa. Christmas holidays in Goa spell as endless sea food, electrifying beach parties, and mesmerising celebrations at the numerous churches and cathedrals.


Those looking for something flashier might want to consider Paris, the land of glamour and fashion. The French have their own set of Christmas holiday ideas and the occasion would be perfect to have a taste of French hospitality. In fact, Christmas holiday breaks in Paris have been a growing fad. Two of the main Christmas draws of the destination are the Champs Elysées lights displays and Notre Dame Cathedral celebrations.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Jerusalem and Bethlehem have their own share of ardent fans looking for Christmas holiday tours. The experience here is indescribably spiritual as one gazes at the processions passing through the Manger Square. Visiting the destination during Christmas lets one have a first hand feel of how Christmas is celebrated by Roman Catholics, Protestants, Armenians, as well as different Orthodox sects like Greeks and Syrians.

Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Bethlehem and Jerusalem quite deservedly enjoy a special status as far as Christmas holiday tours are concerned. While 25th December marks the celebrations by Roman Catholics and Protestants, 6th January comes alive with the version celebrated by Greeks, Syrians, and other Orthodox Christians.

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