Friday, October 1, 2010

Europe Hit as Austerity Sparks Strike in Spain

Spain is truly in pain as it faces its first general strike in eight years. The strike is expected to rock the nation as two of the biggest workers unions participate in the agitation. As the demonstrators plan to march towards Brussels, the administrative centre of the European Union; the protestors in Spain disrupt the broadcasts and transportation in the nation.

The unions across the country are protesting against the various austerity measures implemented by the government of Spain. The Spanish government aims to control budget deficits with the help of such measure. The Government has implemented deepest budget reductions in nearly 30 years and has weakened the job security of employees in an effort to bring down the unemployment rate, which is the highest in Europe. The socialist Prime Minister of Spain has affected these changes under pressure from other European nations and investors to thin down the budget deficit.

People are bound to suffer as a result of the strike. Just about a quarter of local train services will be operational during the strike. Even the bus and truck movement will be affected.

The strike will also spell doom for Holidaymakers who are expected to travel to and from Spain as number of flights will be cancelled or delayed. The tremors of this strike are expected to be felt throughout Europe as several flights from London to Spain are cancelled or delayed. The Cardiff Airport at UK has announced the cancellation of numerous Spain-bound flights. Various airlines have advised travellers to check respective websites for more information.

Please read the detail about first general strike in eight years

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