Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reasons Aplenty to Grab Flights to Malaysia

The wonders and splendours of Malaysia baffled me! This country is truly a holiday maker’s delight because it offers a wonderful blend of traditional and modernity. Millions book flights on airlines to explore the various gems of the country.

The charming traditions of Malays, Chinese, Indians and the Europeans merge to bring out a culture that is absolutely unique and charming. If the effervescent culture doesn’t get you, you will be taken in by the splendid display of luxury and opulence at many of the region’s resorts and hotels. And if even that is not enough to satiate you, then it is time to bring out the ace – the beaches! Beaches in this part of the world are extremely beautiful and are one of the reasons that make flight tickets to Malaysia sell out fast!

While it has be said that it is Kuala Lumpur that triggers a kind of frenzy among vacationers looking for cheap airfares on flights to Malaysia, it is also true that Penang and Langkawi have their own set of ardent admirers.

Penang might just be one of the world’s most beautiful spots. Attractions like Penang Hill and Fort Cornwallis accentuate the beauty of Penang and make it more alluring. Penang Butterfly Farm and Tropical Spice Garden are two other popular tourist haunts.

Langkawi is popular as a beach holiday destination. Apart from the beaches, it offers incredible range of other options for leisure holiday makers, such as superb historical attractions, first-rate diving opportunities, energetic nightlife and duty-free shopping.

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