Thursday, April 4, 2013

Authorities in Maharashtra to Set up Kiosks for Tourist Info

While few can dispute the India’s matchless bounty in terms of culture, history and nature, it is also a fact that the country still hasn’t gotten a place in the world of tourism it should. When compared to global tourism, only a fraction of foreign tourists grab hold of tickets on flights to the country. However, authorities in India are slowly and gradually working to turn around its fortune as a tourist hub. Latest stab at the same is from the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, which is planning to set up 300 electronic kiosks at different tourist venues across Maharashtra, the western Indian state that’s popular among tourists bagging India flights.

As per reports, the MTDC will launch these informational booths at government offices, railway stations and airports, much to the convenience of out-of state visitors booking flights landing at the province. Those who are indeed planning on booking tickets for flying to India would soon find that these are useful tools that offer reliable information about attractions of the state in English as well as the local language. In addition, these booths will facilitate the booking of MTDC resorts and railway tickets, much to the delight of leisure vacationers on India bound flights!

The MTDC also operates the Deccan Odyssey luxury train service. Recently, the body organised a special 7-day tour that offered discount on the tickets of this luxury train journey.

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