Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top Markets to Visit in Hong Kong

The vibrant marketplaces in Hong Kong are best for true-blue shoppers! Air heavenly drenched with intoxicating consumerist culture and lanes brimming with avalanche of vendors, these ever bustling marts are more than capable of offering satiety. The wonderful open-air marketplaces are visited by tons of tourists seeking a destination to make the most of their money spent on tickets for flights and holiday deals. Have a look at some of the glorious ones!

Mongkok Ladies Market
Located on famed Tung Choi Street, it is an apt destination for enjoying the best of retail therapy and Chinese culture. With shops inundated with tats, handbags, toys and souvenirs, Mongkok catches the fancy of almost every women tourist. Despite its name, it offers a vast collection of clothing for men as well. Haggling is the name of the game and the most foolproof way to get a great deal. No wonder, spending some time at this enchanting place is well worth the bucks invested on buying tickets aboard flights and taking Hong Kong holidays

Temple Street 
This is another irresistible bait that tickles the fancy of global shopaholics grabbing tickets for flights and taking Hong Kong vacations. As the sun fades away, the place transmutes into a happy hunting ground for epicureans and shoppers. It is packed with stores and shops selling vast range of gadgets and electronic items including mobile phones.

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