Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Handy Visa Information on Travel to Egypt

Getting a visa to Egypt is probably the dream of every traveller worth his salt. After all, almost no other country in the world can boast destinations like Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada. It goes without saying spending on visa fee and airfares to Egypt are worth every penny. Check out some quick visa facts on Egypt for a hassle free experience.

British passport holders planning to take flights to Egypt should obtain a visa before travelling. However, if you are travelling to Sharm El Sheikh, Nuweiba, Dahab, and Taba resorts, you do not need a visa in advance and can confidently book cheap flights to Egypt. However, this is subject to the condition that the trip stays confined within the boundaries of these destinations and does not exceed beyond 14 days.

Acquiring a visa to Egypt and managing to get your hands on tickets with cheap flights to Egypt does not guarantee your entry into the country. The Egyptian Immigration authorities take the final decision on whether to allow or refuse entry to visitors.

Travellers should ensure that their visas are not out of date before their return. In fact, Egyptian authorities usually detain travellers whose visas are out of date by over 14 days.

Someone who has already taken one of the flights to Egypt, and wants a visa extension, needs to make an application at the Egyptian Passport and Immigration Offices.

Visa applications can be made both through post and directly. The fee for a postal application has to be sent via a postal order, while those who apply directly need to make cash payment.

More visa related information can be obtained by approaching ‘The Egyptian Embassy in London’.

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