Friday, June 17, 2011

Luxor International Airport: A Brief Overview

It is not surprising to know that the Luxor International Airport is one of the busiest airports in Egypt! After all, the wonderful city of Luxor is one of the top holiday destinations around the world. Millions travel to Luxor and millions visit the Luxor International Airport!

Luxor Airport is a modern facility that features information signage at appropriate points offering tips and instructions to the travellers and thus making navigation around the airport pretty convenient. Especially, individuals with special abilities would do well to follow signs at the Luxor Airport that will guide them towards appropriate facilities and amenities.

Talking about information, the official website of the Luxor Airport is another helpful guide for passengers looking for some useful information. The website,, is an attractive tool that is laden with Luxor Airport information.

The Luxor International Airport is replete with all kinds of services for travellers. Be it food, duty free shopping, money exchange and other business services – almost every kind of amenity is provided at the airport! The airport also features a VIP Lounge, a mosque and a missing baggage office for the convenience of the travellers. The Luxor International Airport additionally maintains a first-aid unit that offers emergency health services to the passengers at the airport.

Luxor International is served by airlines from all over the world - be it an award winning full-service carrier, a low-cost budget airline or a private charter. A number of airlines that have code share alliance with various carriers across different continents also use the airport for destinations in the Middle East and African continent.

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