Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Indian Govt Launches ‘Incredible Tiffin’ To Promote Tourism

In a bid to promote tourism and to entice foreign tourists to book flights to India, the Union Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has come up with ‘Incredible Tiffin’ campaign. Under the project, ethnic India food will be offered in tiffins to people outside India.

Incredible Tiffin’, an initiative of the Indian Ministry of Tourism, aims at increasing the foreign tourist inflow to India. The campaign will promote Indian cuisine all over the world and will acquaint people with the rich variety in Indian food.

‘Incredible Tiffin’ campaign, an enterprise of the Cuisine Society of India, was launched at ITC Maurya, New Delhi. Under the scheme, local ethnic food will be offered in tiffin (colloquially referred as ‘dabba’ in the country) to people outside India, allowing them to sample the different culinary treats that await them after booking flights to India.

The initiative is a part of the ‘Incredible India’ campaign that was launched by the Indian tourism ministry to attract higher number of foreign tourists.

India’s Minister of Tourism, Subodh Kant Sahai launched the campaign. He highlighted the contribution of Indian cuisine in making foreigners look for those cheap flights to India. The minister also expressed hope that with the ‘Incredible Tiffin’ being launched, five million more tourists will book airline tickets to India.

V Sunil, the Creative Director of ‘Incredible Tiffin’ concept is of the opinion that India as a tourist hub cannot simply keep promoting the usual attractions. India needs to keep reinventing itself a holiday destination in order to continue attracting people to book flights to India. He said the concept needed to be something “which had contemporary packaging with local connect and appeal.”

With all its aromatic flavours and wonderful diversity, Indian cuisine is highly popular world over and is a must-have experience on holiday tour in the country. Different states and territories of India have their own spread of delightful local delicacies, attracting tourists seeking culinary pursuits to grab tickets on cheap flights to India to discover the country’s inimitable gastronomic concoctions.

Manisha Bhasin, Executive Chef, ITC Maurya, New Delhi was also quoted in different online sources. He said foreign travellers are not very familiar with Indian cuisine as it keeps on changing every 100 kilometres and with each region and community.

"Incredible Tiffin" offers a carefully packaged spread of local delicacies, suggesting what the visitors should look for in Indian food when they travel to India.

The first to roll out under the project is the Delhvi cuisine.

Food from Delhi will have two categories - Farmaishi (royal) cuisine and Saadgi (common man's) food. News reports revealed that a sample Delhi tiffin will have four well known cuisines from Kayasthas, Vaish, Muslim and Punjabi communities.

Under the campaign, the authorities are also planning to celebrate Indian food weeks all over the world. One would be able to buy memorabilia such as tiffin boxes, food maps, books and pamphlets at such events.


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