Monday, May 7, 2012

Air India's Dreamliners – Deployment on Short-haul Routes First

The national carrier of India, Air India is contriving to deploy its new Boeing 787 Dreamliner to operate domestic routes and short-haul international air travel starting from the second week of June. The decision has been taken by the airline to expand enough crew resources. 

Amidst the dark clouds haunting the Indian aviation sector, the news comes as music to the ears of the holiday makers planning domestic travel or taking tickets on short-haul international flights to India. 

Air India is contriving to deploy Dreamliner on one of its scheduled return flights from Delhi to Mumbai and Hyderabad which are currently operated with another aircraft. Whereas the short-haul international destinations served by the airline’s new aircraft will be Singapore and Dubai. India remains a popular holiday destination and people in such cities would definitely like to explore the charm of the country by flying on the world’s most fuel-efficient aircraft and who knows they might even land up with cheap flights to India!

Air India has become the third international airline to receive the Boeing 787 after All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines. The aircraft has capacity to accommodate up to 210 and 250 passengers on routes of 14,200 km to 15,200 km. 

As per the news reports, the training for Air India’s crew depends upon the number of landings they undertake with the Dreamliner and it may become a long-drawn-out course if the airline decides to operate its aircraft on international long-haul routes such as Europe, Australia and the United States.


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