Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Cheap Flight Domestic Airline for the Indian Skies

In what may seem a silver lining among dark clouds for Indian aviation sector, a new airline might just take to India skies in the near future! Captain G R Gopinath, the man who gets the credit of kick-starting the concept of low-cost travel in India, is back! After nearly five years after the former army man-turned-businessman sold his Air Deccan Vijay Mallya (Chairman, Kingfisher Airlines), the rumour mills are rife with reports of the man getting back to the skies!

Air Deccan was launched in 2003 and was sold in 2007. However, the UB Group put an end to the low cost brand Kingfisher Red (erstwhile Air Deccan) and turned it into a full-service carrier.

While the well-equipped can argue whether the new airline launch has anything to do with the sudden demise of Kingfisher Red or not, the fact remains that country’s struggling aviation industry could well might get a short in the arm! And if rumours are to be paid heed to, then it is once again going to be a low-cost business model.

No wonder, budget travellers in the country are happy! With the prospect of availability of cheap flight tickets, who wouldn’t be! Even international tourists, who book flights to India and look to complement their cheap flights to India with cheap domestic travel in the country, can afford to smile as the current aviation scene in India does not inspire much confidence as far as getting cheap airfare deals is concerned!

A no-objection certificate (NOC) has already been secured from the Indian Civil Aviation Ministry to start the new airline.

Reference: http://www.southalltravel.co.uk/news/India/90402122/Indian-Skies-May-See-a-New-Airline-Soon.html

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