Monday, April 9, 2012

More Hotels for Budget Travellers Taking Flights to India in 2012

Joining the ranks of those looking towards India for growth, Accor SA has announced its plans to increase the number of hotels in India by almost doubling them in the year 2012!

Currently, the hotel group operates 12 hotels in India. The number is expected to go up to 23 as 11 more properties will open their doors for the guests in the current year.

The announcement is one of the many in the series made by global hospitality companies, vis-à-vis India. Lebua Hotels & Resorts and Swiss International are couple of such hotel groups that have announced plans to set up/expand properties in India. India is seen as a hot tour and travel market with as many as almost 6 million travellers booking flights to India every year. However, the country’s hotel industry leaves much to be desired with a wide gap between those taking airline tickets to country and that of the number of hotel rooms. This is the void the hotel chains are hoping to fill.

Talking about Accor, the company will set up five hotels in April under the brands Ibis, Formula 1, Pullman and Novotel. The remaining properties will open by the close of the current year. Nine out of 11 hotels that are expected to come up this year will be budget and economy hotels, catering primarily to domestic holiday makers and those international tourists who go for cheap flights to India.

Out of Accor’s already set up 12 hotels in India, one-third are in the budget and economy segment, clearly indicating the company’s focus towards that segment.


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