Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Brace Up To Pay More for Using Delhi’s IGI Airport

This is no world for the poor!! Well, it surely seems the case as Delhi airport is all set to charge a new tariff from all fliers.

While India is a top holiday destination, Delhi airport is the country’s biggest gateway that handles millions of international travellers who take flights to India. The airport’s governing authority Delhi International Airport Pvt Ltd (DIAL) has come with a new tariff to ensure that an idea of cheap flights to India remains just that – an idea!

User Development Fee (UDF) is likely to be implemented soon as DIAL has requested the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority (AERA) to announce airport charge hike as soon as possible and make the hike applicable on air travel from June 15.

A DIAL official was quoted in India’s top English daily as justifying the tariff. He says the airport is suffering losses and it makes sense to announce the hike order as early as possible. A quick announcement is also needed to avoid the situation where travellers who are "booking tickets to fly to, from or via Delhi” after the applicable date will be lining up to pay the new UDF at airport counters.

Apart from levying UDF on all fliers (which so far was applicable to outbound international and domestic fliers), DIAL had earlier sought a 774% hike in airport charges payable by airlines, which is most likely to be passed onto to travellers.

The news report states that AERA sources have confirmed DIAL's appeal for hike from June 15 and the body is likely to make an announcement by this month end.


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