Monday, March 7, 2011

Tips for Travel to the Land of Oz

Australia, a global name in the world of tourism, has been luring visitors year after year. Here are some tips to consider before booking a ticket to this world famous travel destination.

Tips on Flights

Cheap flights to Australia are more readily available with airlines serving Melbourne and Sydney as most airlines operating cheap return flights to Australia cover these two cities.

Cheap flights to Australia is more likely to be available in Sydney and Melbourne sector as these two cities are covered by the majority of the airlines operating cheap return flights to Australia.

Booking flights to Australia with ‘the flying Kangaroo’ or Qantas can help save on ticket prices. Qantas has extensive partnerships with many international airlines and passengers can fly part of the way with a partner airline and complete the remaining leg of travel with Qantas or a domestic airline.

Overview of Climate in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney
Melbourne, a prominent name in the Australian tourism sector tends to be cheap during late Autumn and early Spring as the climate tends to fluctuate a lot. October, supposedly the wettest month is perhaps best for a cheap visit to the destination.

Perth is good for a year round visit as the destination has sunny Mediterranean climate throughout the year. The winters in Perth are short and mild.

Sydney has chilly and damp winters, which translates as a good opportunity for grabbing cheap deals to the destination. Summers are pleasant with temperatures usually hitting about 35 °C.

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