Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cabin Crew of British Airways Vote for Strike Yet Again

British Airways’ problems are set to be compounded as its cabin crew backed yet another wave of industrial action. This is the fourth time in two years when the cabin crew of the national carrier has voted overwhelmingly in the favour of industrial action.

The dispute which began in 2009 has already cost millions of pounds to the airline and the airline is set to loose much more as travellers get wary of buying of tickets on BA flights.

The results of the ballot could not be more ill-timed for the BA as Easter holidays and royal wedding are just around the corner. Thousands of holiday makers have travel plans and booked tickets on cheap flights to avoid spiralling cost later on. However, it seems that many who bought tickets with BA may ultimately be disappointed as any strike during holidays is sure to affect flight operations. Finding cheap flights during holiday season is certainly not a walk in the park and now with hampered flight operations, it is going to get more difficult. Last year 22 days of strike has been witnessed by the nation that brought along with it chaotic situations at various airports as many flights of the airline got cancelled.

Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite, asked BA to be more considerate of the demands of its cabin crew. He was quoted as stating, "This vote shows that cabin crew remain determined to win justice. We urge BA's boardroom to see this as a clear message that they must think again about how to regain the trust and confidence of a significant part of their cabin crew operation."

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