Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Multi Leg Flights

Exploring world’s different popular holiday destinations on a single trip remains one fantasy that has captivated the imagination of many a traveller at some point or other. A range of holidaymakers, be it backpackers, couples, singles or group of friends, hope to embark upon an expedition that may encompass a single continent, multiple continents or even the much sought after round the world travel. While multi stop flights are inherent to every round the world trip, even those on a point to point long haul sojourn can benefit from the flexibility that these multi-stop flights have to offer. Multi-leg flights enable travellers to explore some of the globe’s incredibly fascinating destinations that one has so far only dreamt of. Imagine a London to Sydney travel itinerary that bestows upon the traveller a chance to discover enchanting Asian or Far Eastern destinations like India, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. The choices and perks are unlimited for those who can afford an extended break from their work! Our extensive partnerships with airlines on the global scale and our expertise in chalking out the cheap multi stop flight itineraries ensure that you can embark on a world tour without burning a hole in your pocket.

Why Book your Multi Leg Flights or Round the World Travel trip with us?

Southall Travel has teamed up with global airlines for maximum penetration to destinations spanning across various countries and continents

Not just flights, get an all inclusive package tailored for your round the world or multi continent expedition.

We have expertise in planning and booking complex multi leg itineraries at the cheapest costs.

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