Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Grab Flights to Singapore and Get Ready to Shop, Shop and Shop!

All set to have a time of your life in Singapore? Even if you are not, don’t worry because Singapore will make sure that you do have one ‘helluva’ vacation in the city!

Singapore is full of charming attractions and scintillating beauty but one thing that is majorly responsible for making cheap flights to Singapore such a popular phenomenon all over the world is its shopping. Well, who doesn’t like good bargains on quality products?

Shopping remains a favourite time pass of holiday makers who buy flights to Singapore and descend upon its shores! From designer collections to street side quaint items, tourists in the city have no dearth of options as far as shopping is concerned. There is almost a flood of shopping malls and arcades in Singapore that sell everything under the sun (and moon!). With so many choices, a shopping excursion in Singapore can sometimes get confusing and baffling. All that one of my friends could manage on her first shopping trip in the city was a bad mood and a glowing tan!. But gradually the radiant city of Singapore made sure that her bad mood turned into joie de vivre and her glowing tan turned into…well, into more glowing one!

Orchard Road and Tanglin Road is the place to be in Singapore for a gratifying shopping session (something my friend came to know later). Some of the popular shopping centres in this area are the Centrepoint, Far East Plaza, Plaza Singapura, Paragon Shopping Centre, Orchard Towers, Lucky Plaza and the Tanglin Shopping Centre. So, enjoy Singapore and enjoy shopping in Singapore even more!

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