Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Singapore Airlines and Jetstar Cut Flights to Tokyo after Demand Falls

As nuclear crisis deepens in Japan, Singapore Airlines and Jetstar Airways cut down its services to the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Both airlines blame the reduced demand for flights to the stricken-Tokyo as the cause of the slash.

Singapore Airlines, which is one of the largest airlines in the world, has decided to do away with one of its two daily flights to the Tokyo’s Haneda Airport from March 27th. The airline is witnessing a steep decline in the demand for tickets on Tokyo-bound flights after the massive earthquake hit Japan and initiated the resultant tsunami and a major nuclear crisis. However, the airline has announced that it will continue to run four daily flights to Narita Airport, one of Japan’s major gateways. Singapore Airlines’ website also announced that the company is going to postpone its plans of introducing the Airbus A380 superjumbo between Singapore and Los Angeles via Narita airport.

Jetstar Airways, a low-cost offshoot of Qantas Airways, also announced that it is slashing its services to Tokyo by half. Jetstar is a massively popular airline among travellers who are in a constant lookout for tickets on cheap flights. However, in the current scenario that budget airline is finding it difficult to sell tickets even on its cheap flights to Tokyo. Majority of passengers who travel with Jetstar are Japanese citizens who do not seem to be keen on Australia tour anymore after the unfortunate natural calamity in their country.

Indeed, the times are trying for airlines around the world as a sharp decline in the demand for flights to Japan is witnessed.

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