Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turkey to Enhance Connectivity with India

Since Turkey is mulling to improve its air connectivity with key cities of India, business tourists and leisure travellers seeking tickets for flights operating between the destinations will find more options.

The transcontinental country is contemplating to boost the number of services from Delhi and Mumbai in a bid to improve trade and investment relations and provide more choices to leisure travellers who remain on a quest for tickets aboard flights running between the destinations.

Turkey wants to double the frequency from Delhi and Mumbai. It is also hoping to begin services to more destinations of India for boosting tourism sector in both the countries, revealed the Ambassador of Turkey at an event held in India.

Currently, tickets for seven flights running from Mumbai and Delhi are available for passengers seeking connections with Turkey. With the launch of more services, there will be more choices and flexibility for these fliers.

With great prospects of business and tourism, tickets for flights running to the transcontinental country remain revered commodity for both business as well as leisure travellers. Industry experts believe that nation’s initiative of improving connectivity and new operations from India is going to favour all kinds of passengers who look for tickets on flights operating between the destinations.

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