Thursday, June 13, 2013

Top 3 Natural Destinations in India Drawing Tourists in Hordes

Let’s face it! If flights tickets to India are so highly in-demand, half of the credit goes to the irresistible natural grandeur here. The country, over the years, has been alluring naturists in hordes, thanks to the innumerable natural facets available in all its corners. From scintillating beaches to enthralling wildlife and vanquish mountains to calm and peaceful waterways – it seems that the Mother Nature has settled down here with all its precious nuggets. We take you to India’s 3 most naturally rich destinations, where a holiday must be an unforgettable treat for the eyes and senses.

Kashmir: Book tickets for flights heading to Kashmir, and you shall be basking in glory of super-splendid Himalaya. Full of rolling hills, green plantations, flowery vales, orchards and glaciers, Kashmir is a place of poetic charm. What else? You will be left hypnotized by the serenity and pacificism that this so-called ‘heaven on earth’ has to offer! Truly, you’ll feel as if the time has paused for eternity.

Kerala: Think of Kerala and fascinating envisions of tranquil lagoons, swaying palms, dense forests and swarms of elephants pop-up in mind. Literally, if you want to fall in love with nature, book flights tickets to Kerala with no delay! With loads of natural sites which are amazingly beautiful, Kerala has become an authentic epitome of serenity and solace. Munnar, Kumarkoram, Alleppey and Cochin are some must-visit locales for those taking tickets for Kerala bound flights.

Himachal Pradesh: One of the hottest destinations in India among nature geeks and adventure freaks is the hill state of Himachal Pradesh. Of course, the USP of the state is its cluster of magnetic hill stations such as the quant Shimla and quiet Manali. Though, one will also be greeted by serene rivers, lovely greenery and an exquisite range of flora & fauna here. The icing on the cake is the fact that Himachal is well connected with key international gateways to India via domestic flights which have copious availability of cheap tickets!

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