Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mauritius Receives ‘Kudos’ at Indian Ocean Travel Ceremony

Travellers booking flights tickets to Mauritius have few more reasons to be happy about. Now they will be booking tickets to a nation which has been designated as the Indian Ocean’s top honeymoon destination and the best diving site. The island nation, which is already acclaimed to be a paradise for newlyweds and divers, has now officially won the prestigious awards in these two segments at the World Travel Award Indian Ocean Ceremony 2013.

In the ceremony, held at the Paradise Island Resort & Spa, Maldives, the country was designated as the most sought after destination among the newlyweds as well as the scuba divers. The reason behind the success is undoubtedly the promotion of the niche segments. It is expected that the further development and promotion of honeymoon and diving facilities will make the demand for Mauritius holiday packages and flights tickets to the country to surge up.

Mauritius has always been a resplendent lure among backpackers for its legendary beaches and astonishing coral reefs. It serves as an ideal getaway for those seeking a serene or romantic escape in nature. Sandy beaches, tranquil lagoons, exquisite cliffs and a pleasurable potpourri of myriad cultures – booking air tickets to this heavenly place ensures the couples memories of a lifetime.

The island nation, set in turquoise sea, is also an oasis for adventure enthusiasts, offering an opportunity to engulf with a plethora of water sports including diving, snorkelling and surfing. The blossoming of Mauritius as an International tourist hub is not only a happy news for extravagant flyers from the UK, but it also brings smiles to the budget travellers seeking cheap tickets for flights landing in the country.  

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