Saturday, June 15, 2013

Air India Aims Big As its Dreamliner Expands Wings Once Again

With its Dreamliners back in skies, India’s national airline, Air India is now looking to expand its global flights operation. The airline is banking upon the Boeing 787 aircraft to increase its service of flights world over. The Indian Civil Aviation Minister even termed B787s as “game changer for Air India.”

Boeing 787 went back to the skies again last month after the aircraft were grounded for few months following reports of several battery fire incidents.

India’s state-run carrier re-launched commercial Dreamliner flights between Delhi and London on May 22 and is now planning to commence full-blown global operations and to offer tickets on flights from Delhi to Dubai, Paris and Frankfurt. The Indian operator is also connecting Delhi with Birmingham and Sydney-Melbourne from August. Additionally, tickets on flights to Rome and Milan and tickets on services to Moscow will also be offered with 787s. All these services are being planned by the Indian carrier for the near future.

Domestically, the airline has already started flights using the airliner from Delhi to Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai, allowing passengers who book tickets on the routes to experience the charm the Dreamliner. It is also reported that there has been a huge response by the passengers and many are indeed seeking tickets for the 787 services.

Out of six 787s Air India has, two have been already modified following the battery fire incidents and others are expected to run flights pretty soon. Another eight planes will be delivered by Boeing to the Indian carrier by end of this year.

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