Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kerala – God’s Own Country Spoils for Choice

Kerala is a state in South India located by the Arabian Sea coast of the country and is among the top tourist destinations of India. The state has many claims to its fame including the cities of Kochi, Kozikhode, Thrissur, Kollam and the capital city Thiruvananthpuram

This state is deeply steeped in rich culture and heritage from the Aryan and Dravidian eras and features inimitable natural grandeur, rolling sea shores, verdant landscape, undulating mountains and much more. 

The beauty of Kerala, which is responsible for the flourishing tourism in the area, is reflected in the various assets that it has received from the bounties of nature. This place, though small in size has a varied geography that perhaps is its most endearing trait. Kerala has beaches, mountains, forests, wildlife, valleys, a colourful culture, cuisine, art, architecture and a wealth of 40 plus rivers that create a labyrinth of turquoise lagoons, canals and streams all through the state. The state’s wildlife preserves and the meandering backwaters are among its top draws. Infact navigating the backwaters atop the quaintly designed houseboats is what most tourists booking flights tickets to the state have as a part of their itinerary. 

The eco resorts and spas here offer world beating Ayurveda massages and are the renowned centres for alternative healing and host of other medical treatments unavailable elsewhere. No wonder, Kerala is at the forefront of medical tourism in India as well as South Asia attracting countless tourists on flights to the state. 

Kerala’s climatic condition is also a point in its favour, for it’s neither too hot nor too cold. All seasons here are winsome. However, for some reasons tourists tend to favour winters for their visit here. As a result the prices of tickets on flights and the cost of accommodation here at this time of the year are quite high. A situation that can be avoided if one plans a visit in a different season or books tickets on flights much in advance. Tickets bought earlier also save one from last minute hassles and insecurities.    

Ranked among the top destinations in the world, holidaymakers who visit the place once, take home myriad memories and reasons that compel them to book tickets to revisit this ‘God’s own country.’

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