Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Washington DC Enamours Families and Honeymooners

Washington DC is a beautiful city that also has the honour of being the capital of the most powerful nation on the planet, the United States of America. Most believe that the latter has often overshadowed the former and DC’s full potential as a tourist hub has not been realised. This is not to say that not many people board flights arriving at the Dulles Airport. Millions do that every year. The thing is that with the kind of sightseeing charms Washington holds, the place should be right at the top with likes of Las Vegas and New York in USA. The forte of the USA’s capital is its incredible diversity that seems to impress families as well as couples who book flights tickets and land here looking for a wonderful time. 

Washington DC for the Family
Once in Washington DC, families will find it hard to leave it even if the next thing on their itinerary is to catch flights to the city of Orlando!! Washington DC’s entourage of sightseeing gems are remarkably diverse and it allows even the much demographically-varied family to enjoy their stay in the city after boarding USA bound flights. Key family-friendly attractions like the National Zoo, National Children’s Museum, Washington Monument, United States National Arboretum and the International Spy Museum must not be left out during the holiday tour. The good thing is that sightseeing is almost free in Washington DC with not many sites requiring entry tickets. 

Washington DC for the Couple
Couples on honeymoon or those looking to rekindle their romance can surely book tickets and hop aboard flights scheduled to be terminated in Washington DC. The beauty makes it an apt destination for a romantic sojourn in the USA. There are lakes, mountains, rainforests, beaches, etc. All this lends a natural magnetism to honeymoons. Then there are man-made ones like great nightlife and incredible eating out scene that makes the case even stronger in favour of the city. Grabbing flights headed for Washington shores is like holding tickets to your romantic reverie!

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