Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Must-try Street Food in Mumbai

Mumbai, India’s entertainment capital regales its visitors with an awe-inspiring range of culinary delights and sets millions of epicureans on a quest for cheap flights tickets and holiday deals. And to top it all, dining in the city is no longer restricted to the classy restaurants, given the alleys here filled to brim with gourmet stalls offering a delicious variety of fare. Dining at these street stalls is not just delectable and inexpensive, but it also lets one to wallow in varied cultures and tastes this beautiful city of India has to offer. Here are some popular street dishes that tourists buying tickets on flights arriving in Mumbai must savour, at least once. 

Pao Bhaji: This much loved item is cheap, delicious and most importantly easily available in every corner of the metropolis. The dish involves steamed mixed vegetables cooked in spices and butter, and is eaten with pao. Cheese and paneer is added for a better taste. Epicureans, both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, who spend on tickets for Mumbai bound flights, should try it for a real flavour of India. 

Fish and Prawn Curry: These two dishes trace their root to the very early days of this Indian city. A variety of fish including surmai, bombil and pomfret (highly popular among locals) are used to make coconut-based curry that can be best enjoyed with boiled country rice. It is widely served here, even at the five star restaurants. But the hot curry perhaps tastes best off the roadside! 

Kheema Pao: Mumbai’s Keema Pao is another mouth-watering dish that leaves holidaymakers gloating over their decision of booking tickets aboard India flights. Soft mutton is cooked with onions, garlic, tomatoes and chillies to prepare the simple form of Kheema. With a crisply fried egg on top, it becomes kheema single fry. Both these are best eaten with pao bun.

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