Monday, August 26, 2013

Mizoram: India’s Hidden Treasure

Travellers are drawn to India in droves during the holiday season in part due to the country’s unmatched diversity. This diversity is evidenced from the backwaters of Kerala to the barren mountains of Ladakh and from the sands of the Thar Desert to the evergreen rolling hills of the North East. For adventure seekers buying tickets aboard flights to the country, Mizoram, a state in the North East of India, is the perfect pick. Visitors from across the world who have come to this lush green locale have been all praises and the numerous positive reviews have caused the demand for air tickets to soar. 

A majority of the populace practices the Christian faith and they speak English, hence there is hardly any language barrier for those who visit from overseas. The capital city is Aizawl, a major commercial centre and the location of a domestic airport. This airport handles flights of key airlines that operate within the country. Other urban settlements of note in this part of India include Champhai, Thenzawl and Lunglei. 

Key attractions for nature lovers buying air tickets to this region of India include the Dampa Tiger Reserve and the Murlen National Park. The mountain peak of Phawngpui is globally renowned for the numerous species of naturally occurring orchids and rhododendrons. Among urban favourites, the Bara Bazar is a hot favourite for purchase of memorabilia, while popular attraction like the Mizoram State Museum can help one gain a better understanding of Mizoram’s customs and norms. The lush green mountains in this region of India are home to many picturesque falls and among these the Vantawng Falls are the most famous. Gourmands boarding flights to reach Mizoram are sure to find the local cuisine and the local brew of grapes grown in Champhai delectable.

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